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George St Kitts Sets The Record Straight

Posted by auroracitizen on November 26, 2010

The following has been reprinted without editing. The original can be seen here.

Submitted on 2010/11/26 at 2:14 pm | In reply to George St Kitts.

Yes it is George St. Kitts. I don’t wish to respond to those who don’t have the courage to show themselves and hide behind the title anonymous or some childish pen name. Aurora does not belong to you and you few who have nothing better to do than trash people are not a true representation of an Auroran. You are entitled to your opinions as are everyone else. I will be wherever I wish to be – we live in a democracy. if you are a true Aurorian, why not proudly post your name? Why are you hiding?

NO, I did not vote for that Buck Woman, so like it or not it’s not Councillor Buck to me. Respect is earned and she is the one starting such a mockery of my wife’s good name. I think I hit a nerve!! She is and shall always be that Buck woman to me.

You bloggers and the anonymous people who run it have gone way to far in trashing good people without any evidence or truth. We are not going to account to you – who do not even have the courtesy to show yourselves! Who the heck are you? We have been transparent…you consistently accuse the innocent of what you actually, openly practice – not transparent, dishonest and bullying – which is the true purpose of this blog.

This site posts comments about me and my wife that are absolutely untrue and which are aimed to cast aspersions on our character. I had to take a stand. However, it appears no one on this site can handle the TRUTH.

The Christmas Dream is what it is a Dream to help people. The Aurora Dream Team is the volunteers that help. I don’t see how this is confusing. Bottom line we are helping people in Aurora – King City – Richmond Hill – Newmarket – who cares maybe in Afganistan. We do so with integrity and with the charities involved pending the dream.

The Canada Day Parade was revived largely due to the hard work of my wife and her team of Red Hot Canadian volunteers. This has absolutely nothing to do with The Dream Team. This was a gift of 3 years of volunteer hours, promotion as so much more which directly benefited the Town of Aurora and its citizens and for which Sher has never received financial compensation. Bringing nearly 30,000 to Aurora for the parade is also good business…

Aurora jazz+ Festival has nothing to do with the Christmas Dream except my wife and I are involved. Do you see a pattern – it appears my wife and I have been bringing good things back to Aurora (including a thriving market – like it or not!), the Canada Day Parade, a new music festival and much more. We have supported the Aurora Cultural Centre, several Churches and charities, the Seniors Association, the Legion, the Salvation Army, the Street Festival, the Chamber… this list goes on – so we really don’t understand what this witch-hunt is all about. Go find yourselves a new football – or do something positive with your time and stop wasting ours.

Be careful what you blog about us as we are keeping records.

Why would any true Auroran have a problem with what Sher and I have been doing in Aurora? It was a gift, Sher did the last parade waiving an offered fee of $5000 and yet you wish to try to say she took some money. Get the facts. What is wrong with you bloggers on this site – jealous maybe?

Blogging Off – never to return
George St. Kit

39 Responses to “George St Kitts Sets The Record Straight”

  1. Alex said

    Who Is George St Kitts ? Look at all these posts, can a citizen (is he a citizen of Aurora?) be more hated?

    • sharon said


      Alex, I’m not sure many people know Mr. St. Kitts personally, so hate is a very strong word to use here. Let’s let this settle down. Even if I don’t like their grandstanding, or comments about other people, I don’t need to mouth off about them. What goes around comes around, and the St. Kitts will get their just rewards. My mother taught me that ” If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Words we can all live by.

  2. Winter's comin said

    … well folks, after much to do, no answers to the mysterious expenses. Poor EB and GG! This is like searching for a diamond ring at the bottom of Bond Lake. After churning up the muck for awhile can anyone remember what it looks like? Is there a ring really down there? A refresher of the facts at hand would be helpful (the facts Mam/sir, just the facts)? If not, the Season is over, the pond is frozen over. Winter’s comin! …wc

    • Robert the Bruce said

      I wonder if there is anything there myself. This was March 2009? Have the auditors not closed the books for FY 2009? Was anything untowards brought up then or are the auditors being paid off by the Dream Team too?


    • Anonymous said

      To Robert the Bruce:
      I doubt that we will ever know if there was anything. However, as far as auditors go the Ministry of Health sent in a team of forensic auditors to an agency I once worked for and they couldn’t find anything to nail the executive management on even though everyone, including the ministry was damn sure that the books were being fiddled. The books are as good as the skills of the fiddlers regardless of the auditors. Just relaying my experience.

  3. Stephanie said

    Well, finally, a “voice of reason” has posted! Thank you, George! Normally, I would be more courteous, but of course, you’ll understand that I am calling you “George” rather than Mr. St Kitts. You see, I didn’t vote for you.

    But I want to thank you for your insightful suggestions. I mean, wow, I hadn’t thought of this before: You see, I own property in another province. I also happen to know the mayor of a neighbouring town there. Until I read your post here, it never would have occurred to me that these facts alone might qualify me to set out the criteria needed to declare who is and who is not a “true citizen” of that town. Now I know, and for that, George, I am most grateful.

    I also appreciate the tip about keeping records. I looked at your own blog a few moments ago and noted a few things that might be worth keeping records of, as well. So you keep your records and I’ll keep my records, and then gee, next year at this time, we can compare notes.

    Again, thanks so much for posting here, George. It was quite informative. Now I know enough about you to rationally decide that I never want to buy any of your albums. I appreciate the education.

    • Richard Johnson said

      I have a copy of at least one of Sher’s e-mails as well.

      Could be of interest to George.

    • fed up said

      let’s face it–both George and Sher are losers–they have no idea how to contribute to a community for the betterment of the community–they have no idea of the concepet of “giving back”–they are only interested in contributing if it benefits them personally–there are hundred of citizens of this town who contribute and never seak the limelight–they do it becasue it is the community thing to do–to make the communtiy a better place than when they arrived here–personally, I am sick and tired of them both prancing around town as if they own the town because they volunteer–that’s not what volunteering is all about–but they do not realize reality–so what, your were in the Lion King–big deal–nobody cares–what are you doing to make this town a better place to live?–causing nothing more than confict is not making Aurora a better place

  4. evelyn.buck said

    With the deluge of intemperate language of last week,the original question of George Gonsalves has once again been buried under a heaping steaming pile.

    What were the proceeds and their disposition from the March 24th 2009 July 1st Parade fundraiser held at the Aurora Legion?

    Why does the question always trigger the same response but never the answer?

    • Christopher Watts said

      It was my understanding that the town returned an F.O.I request on this matter to a citizen some time ago. No doubt it has all been forgotten.

      I will endeavor to get a copy of that document (I assume there is a more expeditious way) and if it is inconclusive than a request to council for the information after December 14th should hopefully be met with some more success.

      Not wanting to bog down the new council with the burden of requesting a full forensic audit, but for this outgoing council to have championed such transparency and openness there seems to be a significant amount of accounting outstanding, and I can see where it would be warranted.

  5. Winter's comin said

    Anybody go to camp? … Remember the song – “There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza … ” Well, Aurora Citzen, the rules for each blog need to call for, at very least positive reinforcement and constructive criticism. Aurora Folk can do better than this. We definitely need to work on integrity. OR should we go back to Momma’s technique of washing our mouths out with soap? No exceptions to newbies? … wc

    • Moose and Vulcans said

      Exceptions to that rule; would be people telling truths, and demanding answers.

      What part of THERE ARE CONCERNS, do you not get.

      The concerns are valid.

    • Winter's coming said

      M&V… no objections to your thoughts, concerns are definitey out there. How we deal with them creates the hole in the bucket. The answer we’re looking for will eventually surface or the situation owner will evaporate over time. Be patient, my man. Think before writing. Make the message palatable to all, is all that is being asked. Should I order in a supply of soap bars just in case? … wc.

  6. veritas said

    I think “Another Anonymous” of November 28 at 11:54 hits the nail on the head.
    One doesn’t necessarily discount what St. Kitts may or may not do for charity. What is so distasteful about it all is the constant seeking of limelight and pats on the back and “hey, look at me and how great I am” for simply doing what thousands of volunteers do everyday, quietly and without a big fuss.

  7. Oscar Wilde said

    You know George, it’s great that you are trying to set the record straight here. However, I wonder if the damage to your career because of your wife’s interference has already been done. Do a Google search of your name with the word “review” after it. The first 2 pages of stuff that comes up is all of the dirty laundry and crap that has been spewed by your wife in blogs and newspapers. Clearly she has gotten your name out there but with that sort of baggage, I would be relunctant to hire you.

  8. Winter's comin said

    The negatives in this part of the blog, in my opinion, are small town, small mindedness. Mr. and Mrs. St. Kitts are indeed welcome here. Face it friends, they have brought class to the community. Perhaps there is learning for all of us and G&S STK are still listening and learning. More importantly, perhaps we need to understand what’s happening here. I thought we were working on Aura rather than litigation as of Oct 26. Our new mayor’s goal is going to take alot of work to install it. GD you have your hands full. Speaking of Aura in Aurora, PM, GD, StK’s and SC looked lovely in the parade last night. Would you agree? … wc

    • Offended enough said

      Dear Moderator:

      Can you not remove this entire post/commentary?

      Welcome as the plague!

    • Anonymoose said

      Yup, nothing is going to change on this site in the next four years. My only surprise is that the honeymoon seems to be over before the new council has even taken their seats. It sure didn’t take very long to get back to the mud slinging insults around here. Way to go guys!

  9. Anonymous said

    I guess those e-mails your wife sent out during the election were a way to show us how someone should carry themselves??? or should we reprint them so you can see the vile and crude comments that your wife spewed???

    Yeah that’s right……NO RESPONSE (i don’t expect one from you)

    if you do, you will do just like someone that is wrong….and that is to deflect to another topic….

  10. One who Knows said

    How is it that almost every one involved in community service by donating their time to the cause, whether it be the Optimists ,Rotary , Lions , Food Bank Volunteers and many more individuals never appear to stand out of the crowd, They continue to go quietly about their business with little or no fan fare , They are rarely if ever scrutinized by anyone in the community and never seem to seek the lime light. In fact the opposite is the case, they stay well below the radar and they like it that way. These type of people expect nothing more than the satisfaction in knowing they have made a positive difference in a fellow Human beings life, You won’t find anyone in these ranks that needs to be stroked or publicly championed for their efforts and they avoid the spot light like the plague. Perhaps one needs to consider this when they feel bitter and hurt and feel the need to cast blame on everyone but themselves, Very sad when any good work that might have been done for the community is over shadowed by doubt and ridicule

  11. He's Singin' the Blues said

    “NO, I did not vote for that Buck Woman, so like it or not it’s not Councillor Buck to me.”

    And others are being called “childish”?!

  12. […] George St Kitts Sets The Record Straight […]

    • Anonymous said

      Hey! George has commented on AC comments:

    • KA-NON said

      Oh my.

    • Kelli said

      So he says he is not going to spend anymore time on this site or responding and yet he has a whole section to us “bloggers” and responds to us individually, in an absolute insane and immature way – this man and his wife are psychotic – is there anyway we can take away their “Auroran” status and ship them back to King City (let them deal with them vs. us) – oh wait my friend who has lived there for 38 years does’nt want them either, or their “charity show” – oh I mean work…… now that does say something ….. whomever wrote the narrcasistic blog was SOOOOOOO on the money – he and his wife need the charity – somone needs to donate some time for them to stay in the looney bin!

      And here is the best thing – he insults me back on the blog I wrote and yet when I see him in town with his wife they are all over me like puppies – tooooooooooo funny!

  13. Anonymous said

    First, thank you George and Sher for trying to make Aurora a more interesting place. Volunteer work is thankless and you have both dedicated uncountless hours of your personal time.

    However, in my opinion (and it seems a lot of people in Aurora) you made a huge mistake getting involved in politics. There was no need for it and if you had refrained you could have been the most popular and appreciated people in this town.

    The next move is up to you. You can continue to be bitter about the recent results for your so called friends or you can pretend its 4 years ago and bring incredible non-political efforts to making Aurora a more interesting place to live. If you do the later you will find a very forgiving and appreciative town.

    • KA-NON said

      There is nothing wrong – au contraire, there is everything right – with volunteerism and, in fact, there is nothing wrong with politics. Combining them, however, can be tricky business, especially if the volunteer in you is prone to excessive self-congratulation. When you endlessly pat yourself on the back, which excessive thanking of your co-volunteers effectively amounts to btw when you have already made it perfectly clear that YOU are running the show, people’s arrogance antennae go way up, and the inevitable Newtonian response happens. Some people don’t get this, and in fact in the face of criticism (which is usually vocalized well past the point where people are already fed up), they “double-down” on the self-contraulations, thereby multiplying the public disdain. There is a real possibility that in the coming days/weeks/months, the doubling down may become truly exponential.

    • Elizabeth Bishenden said

      This discussion shouldn’t be “volunteer vs volunteer”. That’s a no win scenario.

  14. Anonymous said

    So he does have a voice! Too little, too late! Let us usher in a new era, and that includes COUNCILLOR Buck!

  15. Sprite said

    Well said, Christopher. You might yet garner an honorary psychology certificate.

    We are now in the post victory stage following a long and arduous battle. The vanquished have not yet relinquished their posts; just a few days left.

    We are still a bit giddy after the enormity of our accomplishment.

    But there are still people out there compiling lists. It was a list that resulted in a law suit against three of our own.

    Could we all be careful not to do the same stupid thing, now that the ones with the lists are being delisted?

  16. Broderick epps said

    Bye George and hopefully bye Sher.
    To qoute you “never to return”.
    One can only hope.

    • Mr. Spock said

      Hey Broderick old boy,

      Try being nice for once in your life…
      You might even start to like people, maybe even yourself.

  17. You too? said

    “Be careful what you blog about us as we are keeping records.”

    This is one of the most odious statements I have seen on Aurora Citizen.

    You and your wife seem unable to grasp the difference between appearance and reality.

    For her to act the constant Siamese twin to the soon-to-be ex-mayor goes far beyond running a parade or fencing off public washroom access in a town park. It is a form of psychosis.

    The fact that you state: “Blogging Off – never to return” warms my heart.

    Do you think you could get your wife to make a similar statement with reference to all forms of media?

    • Another Anonymous said

      I have to ask…are you keeping records so that you too will perhaps in the future sue the facilitators of this blog or the people who happen to post here?

      Please, just take a bow along with your wife for all the good things you have done for Aurora and then fade into the background like everyone else who does good things for the town of Aurora.

  18. Kelli said

    Wow – pot – kettle? If you are so opposed to this site and what is “blogged” on it then why even bother to share one bit of what you just did? You talk of disrespect and yet you do it several times in your own comments. For the record – the “I brought Canada and Aurora” back to the parade statements are getting old – we know already, and thank god you did because I don’t know that I could have lived a moment longer in a town without a Canada Day parade (phew)! Final point – all of these wonderful things you and your wife have done for this town (Aurora right not Snowball Corners) I just happen to volunteer at (usually via the Rotary Club) who does a phenomenal job of representing Aurora and yet you never see them waving their own personal flags and ramming their good deeds down everyone’s throats, these people do it because they want to do it, and without recognition (they fade in to the background) vs. needing to steal the accolades to promote their own insecure need to be recognized and wanted.

    So farewell dear George – I am sure I speak for many when I say – “blog off old chap”!!!! You will be gone and forgotten!

  19. fed up said

    sorry George–the voters have spoken and it is “councillor Buck”–whether you like it or not

  20. Richard Johnson said

    “Blogging Off – never to return”

    Hope springs eternal…

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