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Mayor Elect Says No Means No

Posted by auroracitizen on November 22, 2010

On November 17, 2010 @8:29 pm in the post Recount Results,  “Anonymous” stated;

“Humfryes, Ballard, Gaertner, and Gallo should be a good check on Dawe, to make sure he doesn’t sell out the town to developers, and gut the new official plan.

I’m looking forward to seeing Dawes financial report to see how much developer backing he has.”

I was originally going to simply respond with a comment, but then I decided to submit a stand-alone post and see if we can’t have some fun with it.

First, to reiterate, I stated during the campaign, that I would not accept donations from developers. I said this a number of times and I was quoted (accurately) in the paper. So, that fact is very much public, and I fully expect it will be verified with my audited returns.

As I used to have to say to my kids, what part of NO do you not understand.

Should the audit show that I did unknowingly receive a donation from a developer, then I will

  1. return that donation, and;
  2. personally donate an equal amount to the Aurora Food Pantry.

HOWEVER, should the audit show that I indeed DID NOT receive donations from developers then I ask Anonymous to make a donation to the Aurora Food pantry – say $100.00.

What say you, Anonymous? Are you up for this challenge? Are you ready to make a positive difference to life in Aurora?

Let me know.

Geoff Dawe – Mayor Elect

28 Responses to “Mayor Elect Says No Means No”

  1. Robert the Bruce said

    Geoff, how are you going to find anonymous to get him/her to pay up? Are you going to use Phyliss’ lawyer after he unmasks the other Anonymous posters?


    • Geoff Dawe said


      I guess I am just going to have to trust Anonymous to do the right thing!

      Perhaps that’s part of the change we are going through here in Our Town 🙂

    • Thank you Geoff for demonstrating your style of respectful problem resolution.

      There is no doubt in my mind that Aurora will be well served under your leadership.

      Your response reminded me of a Winston Churchill story that seemed fitting to share:

      At a lavish party for Commonwealth dignitaries he spotted a fellow guest take a solid silver saltcellar. Churchill was in a real dilemma: He wanted to avoid an undignified contretemps but he didn’t want to let the guy get away with it. He picked up the matching pepper spot and held it inside his jacket. He walked over to the guy in question, put the pepper pot on the table and whispered, “I think they’ve seen us. We better put them back.”

      Aurora is a tight community, and positive engagement like this will put the Aura back in Aurora, and the Aurora back in everyone.

      Maybe even some of the sore losers.

    • Anonymoose said

      Thanks for that Chris. That’s a good story.

      His response reminds me of a Boy George story also.

      Boy George was supposed to sing live but he wouldn’t get out of the van. His band had set up, but he was having a hissy fit. The drummer had the unenviable task of trying to persuade him to get out. It was a cold night. The van doors were locked and the windows rolled up. He didn’t know what to say. He drew a simple heart shape on the window and walked away. A couple of minutes later the singer came into the studio.

    • Mr. Spock said

      Mayor (elect) Dawe,

      Pleased to see you take the proper initiative from the start.
      But be careful of taking too high of a road, it can be a long fall…

    • Kelli said

      Mr. Spock, “MAYOR” Dawe may fall from time to time, but believe me, there are several bodies already at the bottom of the barrel to break his fall!!!!!

    • Anonymous said

      Mr. Spock.
      “High road” sounds like “higher ground” that was churned out over and over again at council and in the paper during the last few months by a certain non-resident of Aurora. Hmmmmm. Could it be? Noooooo, she and the ex-mayor don’t participate in negative comments.

    • Hey Bullwinkle

      We missed you at council last night.

      The whole thing moved along very well in your absence, concluding at 9PM, which must be some kind of record.

      Kind of puts to bed the argument that councilor Buck is the one to blame for the ridiculously long meetings.

      We all know who is responsible for that.

      With no shouting at members of the audience from the council table the audience definitely appreciated the civility that was restored since the last one where you stole the show.

      But I’m sure you’ll be able to get all of this from the notes your husband took for you.

      Better off anyways I guess as I’m sure it is a chore to get those antlers of yours through the doors at town hall.

      Or does Mr. Spock let you use the teleporter from time to time?

    • Mr. Spock said

      Mr/Ms/Other Anonymous 5.33 pm:
      Please, do not trouble yourself with guessing who I may be.

      I chose this appellation some time ago in response to an other poster, not simply to try to hide my identity.
      It served the pupose at the time,
      But now it stays because I like it.
      In part because it’s driving ol’ Buck nuts.

      No, I am not the former (?…-when does the new term start anyway?) mayor, nor any current or elected (or former either) member of council.

      Patience, padawan, the truth may soon be revealed.

      In the meantime mayor(!) Dawe, tread carefully, your new “friends” have a disturbing habit of quickly turning on theirs…

    • Someone who think Watts is nuts said

      I think that it is time for the people that monitor this blog to put a muzzle on Mr. Watts ever-increasing rude posts. The election is over, time to cool the rude posts about councillors. He’s not funny. He’s becoming an embarassing member of this community.

    • Sarek said

      “Please, do not trouble yourself with guessing who I may be.”

      *yawns* Who cares?

    • Luckywife said

      To Someone Who Thinks Watts Is Nuts:

      What is there about the concept of “free speach” that people not understand? Chris Watts has as much right to hold and express an opinion as anyone else, including you. If you find him offensive then exercise your right to ignore or rebut. Suggesting that someone can, or should muzzle the opinions of others is, IMO, far more offensive than anything Chris Watts says.

    • Free Speech Proponent said

      “Someone Who Think Watts Is Nuts said…”

      Whereas your chosen pseudonym isn’t rude?!

    • Anonymoose said

      I think that anyone who is rude and insulting to other people is just a stupid idiot.

      The only thing I hate more are all those prejudice bigots out there. I hate all of them.

    • Matt Maddocks said

      I don’t think about Watts’s nuts. We’re friends, but not that way.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    • Getting bored said

      Dear Moderator:

      I think it’s time you arranged for a good sized central location facility, totally unfurnished, with washable walls and floors and good drainage, and for many, many dozens of left-over and slightly spoiled once-edible items, and announced the FIRST ANNUAL AURORA ALL AROUND CHAMPIONSHIP FOOD FIGHT, Admission $25 per person, limited to the first 100 people.

      Aurora Citizen bloggers with appropriate name and balaclava to be among the first admitted as they will have earned the right to participate.

      Profit, which should be substantial, as weaponry all to be donated, to a charity of choice as selected by majority of comment from AC contributors. In the event of a tie donation to be split equally to top two charities.

    • I’m not sure why all the interest, but I hear Gunderson’s makes some good nuts:

      Of course because they are un-shelled you may need to use Thompson’s Teeth, or any of these other fine products to eat them:

    • Kelli said

      Getting Bored – looks like you just threw the first pie! Good job!

  2. Kelli said

    Mayor Dawe you just keep getting better and better!!!!!

  3. Winter's comin said

    JD (our mayor-elect) Bravo!! AND your idea should go farther. ALL Councillors-elect (includes returning Councillors) should “air” their financial reports. Searching the donation laundry will give the Clothesline Police in Aurora something to do. The $100 donation to the Food Bank, per developer found, sounds reasonable to me. … wc

  4. fed up said

    interesting read in The Auroran this week in which Gaertner, Gallo and Beaton all claim in searate letters to the editor that they have never been in a coffe shop as suggested by Mr. Sargaent prior to the last council meeting–what’s going on here?–someone is having trouble telling the truth–I, for one, would like to get to the bottom of this one–either Sargaent is trying to discredit these people or they three can’t remember where they were or who they were with (to much caffeine)

    • Winter's comin said

      … Fed up, sounds to me like the place to view “Aurora’s who’s who” is ON THE BEAN!! Even JD has been seen there! Great atmosphere, great coffee. Anyone spotted you there? … wc

    • Robert the Bruce said

      In reading the letters, I think the three of them got together (maybe over coffee at Tim’s) and agreed to send in letters. 🙂


    • Anonymoose said

      JD? [blink]

      Who is JD?

      I know of a J. D. Salinger. Definitely a “who’s who” but not of Aurora, and he’s been dead for most of a year anyway

      Could be John Doe. He is certainly an active person. Even on this website according to recent legal papers, but no one seems to actually know who he is.

      What about John Deere? Naaa, who ever say a tractor in a coffee shop?

      Juris Doctor? No, too many lawyers in this town already.

      Oh well, I’ll keep my eye out.

      BTW, I think I heard that our new mayor’s been spotted there too.


    • Out of convenience I grabbed a couple coffees from ON THE BEAN yesterday morning around 9:15 AM.

      I too was interested to see who adorned the furniture but was sad to see the only ones I recognized were the Tomlinsons. Whose “JD”?

      The atmosphere is nice, and the serviced was great but the coffee is nothing to write home about. I tried mine black, and had the darkest roast of the selection and it didn’t impress. Certainly not at $2.50. A larger cup of Sumatra from PetroCanada is not only cheaper but tastier.

      I’ll probably stop in, like I did last year and get coffees while waiting for the Santa Claus Parade, but in my opinion there is little incentive otherwise to chose this over any other coffee shop.

      Has anyone tried the new Tea/Coffee place that recently went in the core?

    • October Came, Thanks were Given said

      Some people spell it Jeff and others Geoff. The new mayor is one of the G guys.

      As my father used to say, ‘just don’t call me late for dinner’.

    • Winter's comin said

      To Anonymoose, My appologies to Geoff – the reference should have been GD. Sorry to awaken your inner soul. The time you spent on your bla bla perhaps could have been put to better use?

      To Someone who loves this town … poor you.

      … wc

  5. evelyn.buck said

    I would be interested to know if any candidate in the recent election was approached by a developer with an offer of contribution to their election campaign.

    Insinuations of wrong-doing were a sporadic feature of the last Council from the terrible twins.

    I’ve always thought of it as a last ditch effort born of desperation

    To respond was pointless and might even give a measure of credence simply by giving attention to the shot.

    I wondered if all that was really necessary to damage another’s reputation was a mighty proclamation of righteous hypocrisy

    Like a Code of Conduct.

    I believe the election result settled the question.

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