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Thoughts for Consideration

Posted by auroracitizen on November 19, 2010

We’d like to start some new discussion threads on the Aurora Citizen focused on “What we want and what we believe?”

The premise is that there are some topics we should discuss as citizens of the Town of Aurora.  These are questions about how we want our town to grow and how we want our tax dollars spent.  How should the budget reflect what we want?

It’s one thing to say we want lower taxes, or value for our taxes, or even that we are willing to see our taxes increase if it benefits the community.

It’s another thing to say we want support for the most vulnerable in our society, or that we want wonderful infrastructure for community programming, or that we want to recognize our Aurora heritage.  We might want to support youth programs or seniors programs because they help families in our Town live better lives.  On the other hand, who pays?  How deep are the taxpayers’ pockets?

There are things we “want” and there are things we “believe”.  If we discuss them, we can find the things we know will benefit our community.  Then we can tell Council. We are hopeful the new Council will read this blog and consider the opinions expressed.

Let’s try an use this online channel to start a genuine debate and conversation.

So look for subject headings intended to start a discussion and join in.

Also, please send in suggestions of other topics you don’t see here.

One Response to “Thoughts for Consideration”

  1. Pay as you go said

    There appears to be a need in our community for recreational facilities at a pace far greater than our ability to finance these. The same comment can be made with reference to medical facilities, from doctors to clinics to hospitals, that can provide the care to which we feel entitled.

    While the concept of “user pay” or privatization seems to be generally unpopular, it might be realistic for us to consider some form of “pay for facility” or “pay for service” – even a relatively nominal amount.

    What do you think?

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