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More Dirty Politics in Aurora

Posted by auroracitizen on October 24, 2010

The last couple days has seen 2 separate emails distributed that bring to mind the type of dirty politics usually associated with US campaigns. Information that deliberately distorts the truth — or in some cases is a complete fabrication.

It also demonstrates who the Morris camp is worried about as the key challenger to their re-election ambitions.

Both emails are loosely based on the actual facts from campaigning at the GO Station on Friday — but they have made assertions that are not grounded in reality of what truly happened.

The facts are:

  • The GO Station is private property and campaigning is not allowed without a permit from GO.
  • Geoff Dawe followed the rules and applied for and received permits to campaign on the platform on 2 dates.
  • No other candidate had followed the rules — so were asked by GO personnel to leave the property
  • The Morris camp is upset that GO personnel asked them to leave on Friday when Geoff had the only permit
  • These are GO rules, not Geoff’s.

The issue here is who followed the rules versus who thought they were above the rules.

Yet Morris and her supporters are trying to hide the critical fact they didn’t follow the rules and were held accountable by claiming that they have been unfairly treated. Their second point — which we especially like — is that because they never followed the rules in the past, they shouldn’t have to follow them now.

The first troubling email was from incumbant Councillor Evelina MacEachern.

It seems ludicrous that a publicly funded facility could be permitted to one candidate and block other campaigners from greeting people and passing out their literature. We were shocked with this restriction of our democratic rights.

instead they prefer to use intimidation and bullying tactics to try and silence our present Mayor and her supporters who have as much right to be seen and heard as they. Is this the style of leadership Aurora wants?

Speaking of leadership — the last 4 years we have seen the Morris/MacEachern type of leadership.

We think leadership that follows the rules is exactly the type of leadership we want in Aurora — not the kind that expects them to be modified to suit their own purposes.

Sher St. Kitts also sent out an email with the following comments.

It felt as if we are living in a 3rd world Regime.

Bullies in Yellow – the Yellow Shirts headed by Jack, I mean Geoff Dawe – what does this remind you of?  Is there truly freedom of expression in Aurora without fear – why is this allowed to happen.  Jack Dawe boots might be available soon here in Aurora.

Be aware and be sure to vote on the 25th for those who can work together with others of different opinions and platforms.  Do you want to have a communistic state here in Aurora – all ruled by one voice, one idea, one company?

Sher St. Kitts – still shocked at this behaviour in this day and age in our town….

Of particular note was the title of one of Sher’s email’s “Subject: Help with Campaign – Help Yourself *Help Sher & George;Help Aurora“. How “typical” — Sher puts herself front and centre. What makes her think the citizens of Aurora want to help her and George?

The facts are simple — GO policy states that if you want to campaign on private GO property a permit is required.

Geoff made the effort to get one, the others chose not to and were asked to leave by GO personnel.

As experienced campaigners, both MacEachern and Morris should know and abide by the rules. Yet clearly they feel they don’t have to.

In our mind — no one is above the law.

If you agree, then support Geoff Dawe in his bid to bring new leadership to our town.

41 Responses to “More Dirty Politics in Aurora”

  1. Ronald said

    Dirty Politics in Aurora:

    We the people follow the law and rules of this Country. That includes Aurora.


    Leadership that follows the Law and rules is exactly the type of leadership we want in Aurora.

    Leadership WILL NOT MAKE THEIR OWN LAW. I do not care who you are or what you are. NO EXECPTIONS.

    Obey Law of this land.


    Not with me you don’t. You’re OUT.

  2. A Sign of the Times said

    Apparently, this morning a bylaw officer had to remove election signs that contravened this regulation:

    “NOTE: In accordance with The Municipal Elections Act, election signs shall not be placed or located on any polling location property. Election signs placed on or adjacent to the polling location may be removed by the Town and will be subject to the retrieval fee of $20.00 per sign.”

    Of note, no gold/yellow signs needed to be taken, although some of those advertising candidates with “experience” were.

    • Anonymous said

      Couldn’t town works not do their grading until tomorrow, and not near the polling station in Regency Acres?

  3. Stephanie said

    I saw the letter to the editor of the Banner noting that members of one candidate’s team has been phoning residents and implying that the Aurora Seniors’ is endorsing the candidate. Does anyone here know who’s engaging in such poor conducts? I’m not looking for mere speculation — that’s too easy — but I’d be interested to know if anybody who frequents this blog might have received such a phone call.

    • anonymous said

      Something similar went out from the Aurora Soccer Club for Morris — but it was never confirmed who sent it.

  4. I hate when those in power like to break the rules.
    Have seen it a lot in the corporate level, and trust me that power does not last for a very long.

    On the side note, I been trying to understand who is Sher St. Kitts, and why is she so important in the whole campaign. On the other side note, is this real name too?


  5. EYE ON THE PIE said

    I have lived in Aurora for close to 50 years. Doesn’t Ms. St. Kitts know the Town of Aurora existed – beautifully – before she came on the scene? The self-promotion is a bit much.

    Our beautiful parks are there because, in the past, we had good Councils, Norm Weller and Jim Tree.

    She would also do well to note that public funds in the control of volunteers MUST be properly accounted for. Believe it or not there have been instances in this town, and many others, where this hasn’t happened. Wasn’t there one that the person “invested” public funds because he was so sure he could grow the value???

    Where public funds are involved, We have the right to know how much was collected and exactly how it was spent.

  6. walt said

    The saddest tweet in the world:

    Gqkitts George St. Kitts
    @Gqkitts Remember to vote for Phyllis Morris Aurora Oct 25 and not for the hijackers that took over the GO (cont)

    Not just the St. Kitts woman, but the man himself is apparently a fervently deluded individual who does not understand the rules.

    Poor baby.

    • anonymous said

      To all 8 followers no less. A powerful force in Aurora politics.

    • Anonymous said

      He tweeted this one, as well:

      “Gqkitts George St. Kitts
      Geoff Dawe supporters take over Aurora Aurora GO station…. Wow can you believe these clowns”

      Aurora Aurora? He must have been rehearsing a Duran Duran or Mr Mister song when he tweeted it.

    • Anonymous said

      Deluded? Nahhh!Very talented entertainer! But obviously as ignorant as his significant other. Sher wears the pants, that’s obvious. She will do for him what she did for Phyllis.

    • Anonymous said

      Could this just be Sher “borrowing” her husband’s twitt account?

    • Misdirection? said

      From Chris Ballard via Twitter:

      “This election is really about one thing — saving the Oak Ridges Moraine from development. No wonder it’s such a nasty race.”

      Um, that’s certainly not the first issue – nevermind the “one thing” – that comes to my mind.

    • Anonymous said

      “Gqkitts George St. Kitts
      @Gqkitts hey big up to the aurora citizen for the free publicity – you guys rock
      25 Oct ”

      It’s all about the ‘pub’ for the Snowball Snowball Self-Promoters.

  7. Anonymous said

    The Banner covered this too.–go-station-battleground-for-mayoral-candidates

  8. Stephanie said

    “It seems ludicrous that a publicly funded facility could be permitted to one candidate and block other campaigners from greeting people and passing out their literature.”

    Yes, I suppose it MIGHT seem ludicrous — in the same way that the Farmers Market is held on publicly-funded land and the Market rules prohibit political campaigning altogether. See

    Nobody is restricting anyone’s democratic rights by requiring a permit, just as nobody is restricting democratic rights by prohibiting political campaigning at the market.

    What’s truly ludicrous is claiming that rules must apply to everyone else, and then, when the rules are applied to you, claiming that your rights are infringed.

    • George Gonsalves said

      Stephanie, we need you on Town Council! Too bad you did not run!

    • Stephanie said

      Kind of you to say so, George, but if they drove an upright, honourable man like Bob McRoberts out of municipal politics — and I doubt I have half the strength of character that he does, and certainly not the community support — then I likely wouldn’t have the stamina. But thank you.

  9. Can't Wait for the Town Hall Migration said

    A jackdaw is a type of bird. Yes, I know, very droll – particularly coming from a “cuckoo in the nest”.

  10. I moved to Aurora 4 years ago from Toronto. I thought Miller and his jerks were bad, but these guys really take the cake. Sher St. Kitts a “shrewd business woman”? Unless Winter’s Comin’ meant shrew, I completely disagree. She is neither shrewd, nor a business woman. It is patronizing to Aurorans to say she brought cross-cultural awareness to town. She brought the Canada Day Parade and self-interest. That’s all.

    Morris and the Phyllistines really need to look up the word “hypocrite”.

    • Anonymous said

      Hello Camelot and goodbye “Bling” Dynasty!

    • Sharon said

      Ms. St. Kitts did not bring the Canada Day Parade to Aurora.
      Mayor Morris cancelled it a few years back, and Ms St Kitts resurrected
      the festivity. I applaud her efforts, but sure wish she would stay out of the lime light for awhile.

    • Anonymous said

      I hope this is the end of Sher St. Kitts let he stay in Snowball where she lives and stay out of Aurora’s business. Glad to see the end of EVILINA as well

  11. Auroran since the 50s said

    by the buzz in the air this morning at our local arena facilites it certainly appears that Mr Dawe is heading for a land slide victory , As a long time Auroran I can never recall an election which garnered so much interest in the community

  12. Anonymous said

    I think it is quite evident that Sher is only interested in helping Sher and George. I have a feeling that she is realizing that her and George’s gravy train may be screeching to a halt in this town.

  13. Anonymous said

    Well, my goodness, wouldn’t you think that with all the years in politics (12 as councillor and 4 as mayor I think it is) she would know the rules about campaigning on private property? How stupid can she and Evilina be after all these years?
    I support anyone who follows basic rules and tenets because they form the fabric of a civil society. It is those who don’t believe that the rules are for them who fracture a civil society.

    • RULES? WHAT RULES? said

      RULES? WHAT RULES? I MAKE MY OWN RULES! – Phyllis Morris

      Quoting from Morris’ campaign pamphlet under the Heading:


      Phyllis Morris holds a Law Enforcement Diploma (High Honours) from Seneca College, King City, and was Valedictorian in 1995, winning the Tony Fuelling Memorial Award. (WOW)

      She graduated in August 2003 from Seneca College as a Court and Tribunal Agent (Paralegal). (IMPRESSIVE)

      Prior to moving to York Region, Phyllis Morris worked in the United Kingdom for the Ministry of Defence. (DOING EXACTLY WHAT?)

      Her many years of business experience have included running her own retail company in England. (DETAILS PLEASE)

      She has also worked in the Human Resources field for more than 10 years, recruiting and coordinating staffing for new plant startups in the automotive and food retail industries, recruiting in both North America and Europe.” (MORE DETAILS PLEASE)

      This seems like a reasonably diversified exposure to learning and work. But something dramatic must have occurred to create the ‘modus operandi’ that has become all too visible to members of this community.

      Did Morris experience several severe concussions? Did she eat too many magic mushrooms that might have had a lasting affect on her brain? Her current human resources strengths seem to be delusional and extremely confrontational. It’s “My way, or the highway” as a number of senior Aurora staff have found to their frustration and dismay.

      The Code of Conduct that runs through many of the world’s major religions talks about doing to others as you would have them do to you. The Morris Code of Conduct is the exact opposite. Even Integrity Commissioners are not spared!

      A lengthy and informative post to AC yesterday dealing with Narcissistic Personality Disorder might have hit the nail on the head.

      Instead of doing further damage to herself in seeking extended public office, Morris should consider seeking expert medical help. And there are a number of her “fellow screamers” who should consider doing likewise.

    • Anonymous said

      Yes, the established politicians that trumpet their “experience” were embarrassingly ‘schooled’ by the campaign rookie.

      Dawe did his research, acquired the required permits, and insisted that the rules be applied.

      Rather than the outrage at being shown up by the ‘new kid,’ they should count themselves lucky that no one complained on all the other days that they didn’t have permission to campaign.

    • Anonymous said

      No one is disputing they have the right to be seen and heard. Unfortunately,they did’nt have a permit as required by GO policy. End of story! Geoff IS the type of leader I want. He learned the rules and RESPECTED them. What was ludicrous was Jam Lady telling Geoff he couldnt campaign at the farmers market.He quietly packed up, he wasn’t given to fits of outrage and email campaigns. Cry in your jam. Tomorrow is a new day!

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      If you Google the Tony Fueling Memorial Award it has several references, all of them to do with Phyllis Morris. I can’t find any further details about the award, or recipients other than her.

  14. Winters Comin said

    Aurora the good … thank you Aurora Citizen for encouraging the facts and for people to speak their minds.

    Is there some good that can come from this “frackus” the politicians have created. Me thinks so.

    1. GD likely knew the GO issue would happen (requirement for permits-screaming of fowl play). Perhaps he could have shared the need for permits with “fellow” council-person hopefuls (including the MorMac-SSK team). Is that part of the learning GD? Conversely, could GO have advised the candidates about such policy. This can’t be the first time they have encountered this type of problem. Responsible public agencies tune in to community needs by means of an effective communication strategy.
    2. MorMac-SSK could have used a positive strategy to overcome the speed bump at the GO train station. Why is it necessary to resort to pirana tactics?
    3. SSK is a shrewd business person who has increased the cross-cultural awareness in our Town. We’ve all experienced her enthusiasm. Up to now, she’s had the whole town’s support – including any administrative force at Town Hall. EXCEPT now that she has shared her underlying beliefs, I am not so sure I want to participate in her programming. She has simply lost my respect. To earn that back, I believe she should become an Auroran not a pseudo Auroran (purchasing a local condo but living in the neighbouring town doesn’t cut it for me). Where’s the intent to truly belong to our community? Is her sole intent to make money off of us anyway possible? Fess up SSK. Are you one of us or not? Are you in or out?

    On October 25, I am voting for a renewed. responsible, accountable council. On that note, October 26 is certainly going to be interesting.

    Thanks for listening. … good luck to us the voters.
    Good luck Aurora. … wc.

    • Aurora Mom said

      I just read Winters Comin’ from Oct 24 & having read through the posts on this site, I was pleasantly surprised to find some balance and common sense and courtesy.

      I understand that this is a Geoff Dawe/Tim Jones site (by that, I mean no offence – just a site for their supporters, rather than an unbiased site) and that folks posting here feel very strongly about them. (although Aurora Citizens’ for Change might have been a more appropriate site name?) And I get that it hasn’t been a dream 4 years – but, really neither were the many years before smooth sailing. So we all know that politics (at any level) will always have many sides.

      What impressed me about Winters Comin’s post was that it wasn’t poisonous. It wasn’t hateful or vicious. It was a calmly stated point of view that didn’t villanize or make a gilded hero out of any candidate. Sadly, the majority of comments and of the emails that went around (noted on another page) and are referenced in some posts, did just that: Geoff Dawe was a saint or the devil; Phyllis Morris was a ‘poor victim’ or carried ‘the torch of the right’ or whatever people were saying. W/C suggests that people should act like respectful grown-ups. Hear, hear.

      On W/C’s final point, I noticed too that there were a lot of community things driven by SSK’s enthusiasm. I say let’s not punish all the volunteers and all the community groups and all the children and students and sponsors of the Canada Parade just because SSK lead the event – let’s face it, she rallied a lot of people to put it together. I for one (well & my kids), hope it continues (I don’t think she’ll lead it anymore now).

      Similarly, we had a very enjoyable time shopping at the Farmers Market in Town Park every Saturday morning and were delighted to be able to put together a big picnic from the wonderful market vendors on July 31st & spend the day listening to great music. Good because the liquor fence meant our kids couldn’t go too far and better because there were so many bands. The Wednesday night concerts occur after kids’ bedtime so it was nice to expose them to a day of music & fun. And actually, we didn’t see any of the St Kitts bands play… Frankly for the low cost of admission ($5) I’m grateful someone put that whole thing together and glad it coincided with the market! I just hope everyone’s distaste for SSK doesn’t take that day away from the townsfolk either..

      Although we may not agree with her ‘enthusiastic’ methods, I can’t say that i think SSK has done a bad job of bringing our town together at community events. I say harness that power for good 🙂 (and as business people, I think we all leverage our contacts to some degree when putting things together).

      Not sure about a condo? (I understand that the current residence has been modified to be made w/chair accessible so let’s not be quick to judge on that – i imagine it’d be a heck of an expense to undertake that in our own families).

      As a regular citizen, I hope the things we enjoy in Aurora – parades, market, music, trails, ribfest etc – carry on as before. We moved to a small town to get away from massive development and closer to a community-centric place to raise our family. I love it here.

    • Tim the Enchanter said

      Aurora Mom

      Everyone likes parades and “town spirit building” events.
      Most of us appreciate the efforts of volunteers who make these events happen. Sher St. Kitts impressed a lot of folks with her energy and enthusiasm but it soon became clear (to me at least) that her volunteer persona was a means to further her personal business ambitions. A Canada Day parade is one thing but then money started changing hands – town money – and questions as to the use of that money – questions we have a right to ask – went unanswered. I suppose the culmination was the Jazz festival which was for all intents and purposes not a town event but a St. Kitts Production and business venture. Town funds were used, a public park was fenced off and admission was charged – that is not in keeping with the accepted definition of volunteerism.
      Of course if council wants to enter such business agreements with professional event production companies then by all means – put the proposal out to tender and negotiate a reasonable profit split for the town.
      I rather suspect however, that the majority of residents would rather Aurora follow the example of other successful festivals by authorising the use of town facilities for non-fenced, no-admission events.
      The Beaches Jazz Festival is huge AND free.
      I am not suggesting that Ms. St Kitts has done anything illegal, nor do I blame her for taking advantage of available opportunities but her protrayal as “just a volunteer who loves Aurora” is a tad disingenuous.

    • Never A Fan of Tim Jones said

      “Frankly for the low cost of admission ($5) I’m grateful someone put that whole thing together and glad it coincided with the market! I just hope everyone’s distaste for SSK doesn’t take that day away from the townsfolk either.”

      Sure, if it comes under the auspices of the Town’s Special Events department or something similar. If it becomes a true Town-run event, and is no longer a money-making proposition for St Kitts Music, I think that would be ideal.

      Everyone is entitled to make a living, BUT I believe profit and promotion for a private business should no longer be characterized as a community event or volunteerism.

      p.s. Were you elected last night, Aurora Mom?

    • Stephanie said

      Aurora Mom wrote:

      “I understand that this is a Geoff Dawe/Tim Jones site (by that, I mean no offence – just a site for their supporters, rather than an unbiased site) and that folks posting here feel very strongly about them.”

      To clarify, Aurora Mom, I don’t think this blog has such a pointed agenda as you suggest. I understand, “no offence”, and for me, there is none taken — but I certainly don’t read and post here to support Mr. Dawe or Mr. Jones. I show up here out of a general interest in town issues.

      Actually, I have no opinion on Mr. Jones’ politics at all — seriously, none. I don’t know the man and am not familiar with what he has done or what he is doing. My opinion of Mr. Dawe is that he seemed to be the best candidate on the roster. (Others here might know more about him and have particular expectations)

      Personally, I think what you refer to as “folks posting here feel[ing] very strongly” about Mr. Dawe and possibly Mr. Jones might just be the postings of people who have been very frustrated and disappointed by the performance of the now-past mayor and council.

      Your point about the jazz festival and parades is well taken. Many people enjoyed those activities this past year. I do hope that the events will continue — not to line anyone’s pockets or further their own personal aspirations, but rather to simply serve a town of families just like yours and mine. 🙂

  15. A for Anonymous said

    Note to Sher and Evilina: Social Media and Blogs reach way more people than emails.

  16. Anonymous said

    Maybe I am dense, but what is Sher’s fascination with the Jack, I mean Geoff Dawe thing? She says it a number of times.

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