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Geoff Dawe Kicks Off Campaign

Posted by auroracitizen on June 29, 2010

Last night Geoff Dawe kicked off his campaign for Mayor at St Andrews Golf Course. There were upwards to 100 supporters there to hear what he had to say. The buzz in the room seemd good, but of course these were his supporters. Were any readers present? What were your thoughts?

19 Responses to “Geoff Dawe Kicks Off Campaign”

  1. noseeum said

    to “is guy on”

    What makes you believe the town would perjure itself by publishing incomplete minutes. Enough lies, out yourself. More manure than the second floor of an outhouse.

  2. noseeum said

    I hate bar fights, usually they have to call the cops because it gets out of control. Too many hot heads with really nothing pleasant or encouraging or thoughtful to say. They trash the bar, disrupt the other patrons and usually leave less the place than amicably. Wait does this sound like an Aurora council meeting. It does if you don’t read. So get busy reading before you make offensive remarks like council and committees are non productive. It’s just absurd and hawthornian. I can’t believe the nonsense and propaganda people are leaving here, it’s worthy of Goebbels.

  3. fulcrumtechnologies said

    It is truly unfortunate that in 2010, we are subject to more outright “frugal with the truth” comments about the present admninistration and committees of the town of Aurora. I find it unfortunate that Evelyn Buck considers the town ” 5 year Leisure Services plan to have been a waste of money and that it was virtually awarded with out public tender; and then the constant criticism from both Mayoralty candidates and Buck of the activities of the LSAC committee. I trust they can all read the minutes which are public, and take a careful look at when most of them finished up (most near 11PM and beyond), these were all public forums, furthermore it was a legitimate award of contract to the consulting firm. We now have a five year plan that responds to the towns needs. If you don’t like it fine, but don’t misrepresent the truth please. It’s worse than the Tea Party to the south of us and it’s just plain odious and dishonest.

    • Is Guy on Holiday, Again? said

      Because the minutes are ALWAYS complete and never “misrepresent the truth” or fail to correctly reflect the proceedings, right?

      (Where you been the last four years?!)

  4. Anon Anon said

    See you there! lol (that’s for Anna…)

  5. Robert the Bruce said

    Interestingly, I see no comments when Mr. Kean announced his platform….

    “Candidate for mayor releases his position” – The Auroran July 6, 2010

    Nigel, you might as well poke him with a fork…. he’s done. Maybe your street party a couple of weeks ago fried some brain cells.

    “Instead of releasing his platform when he registered for the job January 4, he elected to meet people at such places as the farmers’ market, the street festival, in grocery stores and on the street.” Okay so he is a man of the streets basically – or a homeless person acosting people outside of the Metro store.

    “… we need a system that includes better east/west and north/south routes.” – talking about YRT. What about south/west – north/east routes? All of the development of retail and commercial is northeast. I live in the south-west, it’s hard to get there unless you drive.

    “… investigate what we can do to help owners of Aurora’s downtown core to make their buildings more appealing….” Like small-yield thermo-nuclear device? You’ve got buildings falling down!!! It’s called urban renewal and it begins with surgical removal of the cancer.

    “… a 10 per cent cut in the mayor’s salary….” Let me tell you, part of the problem with finding good candidates for public office – at all levels – is we try to pay them a pittance for what they do. If we paid the Mayor a good salary, you will find people that are making a good salary might interested in taking on the job. Instead we get C-list candidates. This is just a window dressing thing to show some form of fiscal responsibilty.

    “… reinstate the Aurora Ambassador program to help attract new business to Aurora. These five or six local business leaders who travel throughout the world will broadcast the virtures of setting up business in Aurora….” At what cost? – 10% of the Mayor’s salary? Maybe we should buy them a G2 to fly around in.

    “My six years on council and my more than 30 years of business management will help me be in tune with your needs to grow and prosper.” Which businees did you grow and prosper in those 30 years? I’d like to see the track record. You can’t tell me you did something without proof – remember Phyliss’ HR claims?

    “Experience counts he said. Finally, I will as mayor, welcome the residents of Aurora to come forward with their ideas and suggestions to improve the Town during and after the election.”. Starting now, because I did not want to talk to you about before. And if you don’t use your real name I will slag you. And what will you do with those ideas and sugestions? Put them in a box for future reference?

    Nigel, I think we are going to get into a situation that this Mayor will be re-elected unless we reduce the number running. Think about….


    • Anonymous for a Reason said

      I agree with RTB that the best thing that Nigel can do for the town is to withdraw from the Mayoral race.

  6. Allison Jardim said

    A vote for Geoff Dawe for Mayor, will bring back to Council, decorum, a regard for the opinion of others, a business like approach to the management of the Town’s affairs, and above all, integrity.

    Geoff has no hidden agenda, and at his kick-off meeting for his campaign, he talked about Leadership, Community and Accountability, qualities which are clearly missing amongst most of the present members of Council.

    The “buzz” will continue and under his leadership, Aurora will once again, be a place we are proud to call home.

    • Anonymous Indeed said

      I’m seeing a theme with the repeated use of “buzz”. I don’t want buzz, I want details. Hard-core tackling of the issues that people can get behind.
      We were bitten in the butt last time with Phyllis. As much as citizens want “change”, we’re paying a high price for making that change happen in the last election (thanks, Nigel, for splitting the vote).
      If Geoff Dawe is the great hope of this mayoral campaign, then he better show us where he stands on actual issues. Words, words, words. We heard all these same words with Phyllis last election – leadership, accountability, community – and look where that has gotten us.
      Citizens are gun-shy from the hyperbole.
      Tell us what he’ll do about specific issues and I’ll mark my ballot with an X against his name.
      I think he’ll need to call out Mayor Morris on specific issues. Taking the high road isn’t going to illustrate her failures and gain him votes.
      Just sayin’.

  7. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    What I like about Geoff is that he’s a guy who is willing to stop, listen, ask questions. Then he either gives an answer or does the research to get an answer.

    The “buzz” will continue. That’s because Geoff is a great candidate for Mayor.

    Leadership. Community. Accountability.

    It’s not about the other candidates. It’s about Geoff.

  8. Caroline said

    I went to Geoff Dawe’s kick off meeting for his campaign this week and was impressed by his passion and his genuine concern, the depth of his business knowledge and his ongoing involvement in Aurora. I believe that “buzz” will continue to grow and we will get the change we need to consolidate the community and make Aurora a better place to live and do business.

    • Anonymous said

      All of this was said about Phyllis during the last election.
      Let’s hope Nigel and Roger step aside so there is a real hope for change.
      But change is what we got last time, right?

  9. I'm not a Thimble said

    Great piece on Chris Watts’ blog about the “Promenade”.
    Perhaps Geoffrey Dawe will have a campaign strategy for this area?

    • someone who loves this town more than politics said

      As do I.

      I sure hope it is a departure from the following gems that I posted here:

      “the town may be far ahead by doing things as simple as putting up some signs directing people to local parking lots.”

      “having Liquidation World occupy the old Price Chopper is a start”

      These comments fail to stir up any confidence, or allow me to warm to Mr. Dawe’s vision.

  10. Anonymous for a Reason said

    Any comments on Geoff’s campaign ad in this week’s Auroran?

    • someone who loves this town more than politics said

      Overall very good, but like his kick-off speech I found it too long.

      The top half was well constructed and all that was needed, the bottom half that was filled with buzz words should have been relegated to his website.

      I’m less interested in the Testimonials and the supporters as there is no debate regarding the impressive campaign machine behind the man.

      What I want to know is who is the man.

  11. Jack said

    I was there and was very impressed by Geoff and the strength of his vision and supporters. I’ve never been to a political meeting or council meeting in my over 20 years of living in Aurora but was moved to go and listen to this one.

    There will be a profound shift occurring over the next months as this election truly becomes a race. I predict a groundswell of support as Geoff and his team mobilize.

  12. I had the privilege of introducing Geoff last night and I would agree that there was a ‘buzz’ in the room. As I chatted with people, it was clear that there is a deep sense of frustration over the level of unproductive and mean-spirited debate on council.

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