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Councillor Granger Needs to Heed His Own Advice

Posted by auroracitizen on January 11, 2010

Ina recent article in the Era Banner, Ignore dirt, councillor urges, “Councilor Stephen Granger is urging residents not to get caught up in the sensationalism of the 2010 election campaign and focus on the facts.”

He is quoted; “You hear stories about the previous council hitting people on the head with books. These personality clashes are just a sour-grapes issue. It’s a strategic ploy from a negative faction that started on Day 1,” Mr. Granger said. “We can all throw mud. But let’s keep the mud out of it and stick to the facts. The facts are fair to everyone.”

FACT: Councillor Buck hit Councillor Wallace  over the head with a rolled up copy of his newspaper — The Auroran.

FACT: Mayor Morris has repeatedly raised this incident up to bolster her contention that Councillor Buck is badly behaved. Until Councillor Granger raised the point, she seems to be the only person raising the point — and at least she got the facts correct.

FACT: Councillor Granger  has mis-stated or distorted facts to sensationalize the actual events.

Councillor Granger, might we suggest that you heed your own advice, before you offer it to others.

Here’s more unsolicited advice: Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool — than open it and be proven a fool. Decide for yourself if it is factual 🙂

17 Responses to “Councillor Granger Needs to Heed His Own Advice”

  1. White Knight said

    To Brickbat Returns:
    You infer that Granger has good social skills. That’s not what I have witnessed. I am scratching my head desperately trying to think of ANYTHING that he might be good at. He is such a dope.

    • Brickbat Returns said

      I never said he had good social skills ,I said he was a manipulator and could pull the wool over some peoples eyes .

      I am definite that I am indeed not a fan of the “Anti-Ice cream man “.

    • Knowledgeable in Aurora said

      He has “advisors”. People who write his campaign literature, script his public comments and even tell him how to vote. His lack of skill comes out loud and clear when he is caught without an advisor. Case in point, a resident asking a question in a local store.

  2. Tim the Enchanter said

    Well well well.
    So apparently Mr. Granger is too stupid to perform the job as councillor yet somehow smart enough to get elected?
    What a funny little town.

    • Brickbat Returns said

      Care to elaborate what you see funny about this Town ?

      Maybe Mr .Granger is just a Master wool puller .

      Some people are terrific at manipulation and not so good at social skills .

  3. The actual quote is:

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to speak out and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln.

    It is so perfectly stated,I can’t bear to see it mutilated.

    • Evelyn, thanks for the reference to the original.

      It was not our intention to suggest we were the originator of this phrase, but your usual attention to the details is once again evident and greatly appreciated.

  4. KB said

    Mr. Grangers egotistical arrogance never ceases to amaze me! Or maybe it’s just his total lack of insight.
    Someone should tell him “silence is golden”. He’d be far better served by keeping his inane opinions/comments to himself

  5. White Knight said

    Oh I see that Phyllis has her puppet dancing to her campaign tune and writing “letters” (that’s an insult to how and what he writes)to the paper again in her support. Dear, dear he is a pathetic man. I wonder who else she will rope in to write letters to the papers…. I am surprised Sher hasn’t made an appearance yet.

    • Brickbat Returns said

      It was very interesting to read the letter in last weeks newspaper (Not the Auroran )
      where a citizen mentions three outreach gatherings that include meals .

      Each of these three run all year long now with volunteers and sevrve dozens and dozens of those who wish to join at a community event .

      The last event and fourth , is once a year and the writer mentioned St .Kitts , The Mayor and a Biz .

      I found this interesting that of four events only one had four names or references attached of support .

      I think the vunerable may be used by The Mayor and Sher etc . for positive press they do not derserve and bull- oney photo ops .

      Cheers to the Volunteers who work hard all year and ask for nothing in return .

      Not votes or support for an entertainer Husband .

      Shame on this selfish group of GOS and Friends .

    • evelyn buck said

      Toronto had a mayor once by the name of William Dennison. He had been a Councillor many years before competing for the Mayor’s chair. He was a bland character. He defeated a man with tons of personality and pizazz named Phil Givens. Givens only had part of a term. He had followed Donsld Somerville who died suddenly in office from a heart attack suffered during a charity hockey game.

      Apparently Dennison kept a file of names of every person who had ever asked and received assistance from him during all his years as a Councillor.

      When he ran for Mayor he called in his owesies..

      Every time,there’s a letter in support of our Mayor,it’s not hard to trace the connection to something received.


  6. Anon said

    Ease up on Granger. Picking on him is fruitless. Like trying to rationalize with an infant. The facts are fair to everyone, yes. And Granger is a faction of the clarity of the component of the factuality of the situation at hand that’s being mentioned for discussion and clarification purposes.


    • Fred said

      Your Grangerspeak is spot on! I make a game of counting the number of times he says “component” “clarification” etc.
      The man is a buffoon who puffs himself up in his self-righteous indignation.
      Funny how he opens his mouth and says so little.

  7. Junius said

    Unfortunately, Councilor Granger has proved on more than one occasion that he is indeed a fool. Just try to follow some of the questions he asks. They make no sense, and typically the Mayor needs to intrepret them for him.

    I am sure that we shall see more evidence of this, as well as his tendancy to both throw mud and cast aspersions.

  8. Brickbat Returns said

    “Better to keep your mouth shut and thought to be a fool “.

    This would have been a better tactic than bullying youth selling ice cream and ignoring a question from a citizen at “Canadian Tire ” when Mr. Granger was quite rude .
    A letter to The Auroran followed I recall by that offended citizen .

    Mr .Granger has shown he is of little class when respect is the leadership this town needs badly .

    Bully be gone come October .

  9. For what it is worth... said

    The Lone Granger would not likely know what a book was if it hit him, so we should cut him some slack.

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