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Aurora Back in the News: Ad renews attack on Aurora mayor’s leadership

Posted by auroracitizen on October 7, 2009

Ad renews attack on Aurora mayor’s leadership
Published On Wed Oct 7 2009
Gail Swainson Urban Affairs Reporter

A second anonymous ad has appeared in a local newspaper demanding the resignation of Aurora Mayor Phyllis Morris and her council “minions,” and the production of a detailed list of expenditures for “extraordinary” legal issues.

“In order to rid ourselves from the arrogance on council, people will have to come forward and stand for public office,” said the ad, which ran in the Auroran last week and was sponsored by a group identifying itself as the Aurora Coalition.

The ad questions Morris’s leadership and asks why council spends “untold hours” in “secret meetings accompanied by lawyers.”

The first ad ran in late August in the Auroran, a lively community paper run by Ron Wallace, a former local politician. It called for Morris and five of the eight sitting councillors to be turfed in the next election.

Last week’s ad is the latest volley in an escalating battle between two warring factions on council.

The infighting crystallized in July around the firing of integrity commissioner David Nitkin after he rejected a complaint lodged by council against Councillor Evelyn Buck, led by Morris and her supporters.

The complaint said Buck posted “unmerited” comments on her blog accusing city staff of not following proper council procedures.

Morris’s office would not comment on the latest ad. Buck said she doesn’t know who is behind them.

3 Responses to “Aurora Back in the News: Ad renews attack on Aurora mayor’s leadership”

  1. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    Wow, talk about hitting the nail on the head:

    “Incompetence alone doesn’t lead to aggression, It’s the combination of having a big-power role and fearing that one is not up to the task that causes power holders to lash out. It’s ultimately about self-worth.”

    How many town staff have left, how many claims about the mayor being a control freak and losing it on staff, councilors and residents.

    The mayor is a snake eating her own tail, should be interesting if she consumes herself completely before the next election because she is well on her way

  2. Countdown to Nov 2010 said

    Yes, I do. I see the bullying nature of Mrs. Morris and the passive/aggressive way she “deals” with people who dare to challenge her. I voted for her thinking that she had strength and integrity, but since becoming Mayor I think she is in over her head and her behaviour reflects this. She has a bunker mentality and does not solicit others opinions that may be contrary to her own.
    I won’t be voting for her next time should she decide to run for re-election.

  3. Clock Is Ticking said

    Does anyone else see our mayor in this?:–nastier-bosses-are-more-insecure-study-finds

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