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Aurora Continues to Garner Media Coverage

Posted by auroracitizen on August 13, 2009

We had a number of comments today informing us about articles in the news. Rather than publish all the comments, here are the links.

Globe & Mail

Toronto Star

One interesting quote by Mayor Phyllis Morris that caught our eye was in the Toronto Star.

“Morris said, adding all but two of the town’s eight councillors, including Buck
– who didn’t attend the meeting – supported firing Nitkin

So let’s do the math together — if Collins-Marakas, Buck and McRoberts didn’t attend — that means only 5 or 8 Councillors attended the meeting. How did they get 6 of eight Councillors to support the firing?

Is this more of the new math Mayor Morris has become famous for?

Era Banner

Then another classic quote from the Banner story.

Mayor Morris stated, “We called the meeting previously, so it’s just a coincidence we got (the report) the day before,” she said of Mr. Nitkin’s firing. “(People) can speculate on things all they like.”

If the meeting was scheduled in advance — how come the agenda was released only 13 minutes before the start time and why didn’t McRoberts, Collins-Marakas or Buck hear about it until the day of the meeting. Hmmmm? What could people speculate from those facts.

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5 Responses to “Aurora Continues to Garner Media Coverage”

  1. Anonymous said

    All I can add to this is "studip is as stupis is". And this just keeps getting stupider, did I spell that correctly?

  2. White Knight said

    To Anonymous, 12:58 am
    As for lightning rods, it has been a very stormy season and it looks as though it will only get worse. The mayor should take good care of her nose lest she too has an encounter with positive lightning, the type that hits like a bolt out of the blue (in Brampton yesterday).

  3. PArkview 7 said

    "(People) can speculate on things all they like."

    Is that right? Oh, thank you for your permission, Milady. Did you punctuate that by-your-leave with a dismissive, nonchalant wave of the hand?

    What's next, "Let them eat cake"?

  4. Tim the Enchanter said

    Nice to finally see a little media spotlight on this issue. It's also a good time to start thinking of November 2010.
    How many Aurorans are actually concerned about this council or municipal government in general? Ask around. I'm guessing 90% couldn't care less.
    Its no bloody wonder given these brilliant initiatives.
    Code of Ethics(the Inquisition).
    Integrity Commissioner (the Inquisitor – oops – pending).
    Closed door meetings (to come up with more brilliant initiatives).
    Not to mention the as-yet- unreported legal tab we'll get stuck with.
    Oh please.
    Not content with the mundane needs of a small bedroom community this council insists of punching out of its weight class.
    A good example is the peaker plant issue. Although it's of interest, or should be, to residents it has absolutely nothing to do with council, it's Provincial. I expect council to debate and discuss only those issues they'll actually vote on and to direct residents to the appropriate jurisdiction on the rest.
    Will the Municipal Act allow us to gain control or do we simply vote and hope for the best?
    Can we cut council down to a mayor and four or five councillors like it should have been in the first place?
    Can we mandate that future councils confine themselves to purely Aurora town business like fixing potholes and plowing roads? Aurora is nearly built out now so there's not much development to get excited about and besides, the OMB does all the major play-calling there anyway.
    One thing is for sure; a boring and mundane council job will be of no interest to "wanna be" political power players or shameless "Aurora-the-Chosen-Town" promoters but will be just fine for concerned citizens who just want to serve the community.

  5. Anonymous said

    From The Globe:

    "The mayor insists she has no problem with free speech or blogging and the complaint isn't a personal vendetta against Ms. Buck. Rather, the complaint was an effort to defend town staff, she said."


    "Do I find some of the comments despicable, absolutely. But I can rise above them when they're about me," Ms. Morris said. "I cannot ignore them when they're about staff."

    As for Mr. Nitkin's firing, Ms. Morris steadfastly denies it had anything to do with his report, which rejected her complaint against Ms. Buck as "ill-informed," "incomplete" and "inappropriate." It also said the manner in which the complaint was issued "may be … wholly political."

    Whoa! I think our mendacious mayor's growing nose has become a lightning rod of controversy attracting the attention of the big papers and television news.

    She hid from First Local, bailing on an interview appointment (I loved the lingering shot of her closed door).

    Now she's trying to brazen it out with the big city press. Ha! They can sniff out a story and they have well-tuned BS detectors. I can see flashing lights and hear buzzers sounding and so can they.

    Keep digging that hole for yourself, Madam Mayor. We'll soon have access to the Aurora aquifer again.

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