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Who is Hiding Behind Anonymous

Posted by auroracitizen on June 21, 2009

We received 3 interesting comments to our latest post about staff being caught in the middle. We decided not to publish any of them.

Our reasons are as follows.

  1. Not one of them was relevant to the topic.
  2. They were asserted to be copies of correspondence between Councillor Bucks and staff at the Town, dating back to Feb 2008. One from a staff member in response to Councillor Buck. We say asserted because there is no way to confirm or deny their truth without investigation. Per our previous post about unsubstantiated allegations, that is not our job.
  3. Surprise, surprise — they were submitted anonymously, so Councillor Buck and the Town of Aurora have no recourse. Given that Councillor Buck signs her name — wouldn’t it seem only fair that her accusers do the same

But they did make one wonder.

It is possible they ended up on some agenda at some time, but who would have such quick access to staff correspondence, copied to all members of Council. Would it be staff? Possible a citizen? Possible a member of Council?

One must wonder who just happened to have 3 separate emails regarding Councillor Buck waiting to copied and pasted into a blog?

If the commentator would like to send these emails directly to the moderator, we will post them anonymously. At least then we will know who is accountable if the CAO demands to know who made the comment. Unlike the opinion expressed by New_Man_In_Town, these do involve staff of the Corporation.

Should we hold our breath — we think not!

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49 Responses to “Who is Hiding Behind Anonymous”

  1. Anonymous said

    Buck's bot a great brain for strategies that bring her attention.
    Because that's her game she always wins: spin, disrupt, undermine, needle, spin:win, win (attention, that is).
    Those who were offended by Buck before are encouraging her to push limits, test the Code of Behavior, encourage running up legal costs because it serves their political ends.
    All have consequences!
    Time will reveal all.

  2. Anonymous said

    Eight years is a long time when every time ms Morris has been on council both as a councillor and now the mayor those councils have all been dysfunctional.
    Please bring back Jones and even Buck. At least Buck has a brain unlike certain members of this follow the mayor council.

  3. Anonymous said

    Tim Jones is REALLY OLD GUARD, along with Evelyn Buck.
    Eight years isn't a very long time.

  4. Anonymous said

    To July 8th at 5:59PM.

    Canada Day was a success in many Canadian towns and cities and those parades were also proud Canadians who had parades put on by in most cases town staff. St Kitts wasn't the only person who put on this parade.
    I am not sure who you are referring to the Old Guard but I have been in Aurora for 8 years and it seems that Ms Morris is the old guard as she has been on many councils that were dysfunctional. As were Gaertner, Buck and McEachern. To me being fairly new in Aurora these people are the old guard.
    After seeing Ms Morris at work it would be great to have Tim Jones back in the Mayors chair.

  5. Anonymous said

    Anonymous said.. "I have never been to a better Aurora Canada Day parade.
    I have never seen so many cultures represented in an Aurora parade.
    The diversity on parade was all inclusive.
    It was a truly Canada Day parade.

    I have never seen more people lining Yonge Street
    proudly dressed in red and white.

    I'm glad I had the experience. I hope it can continue.
    July 2, 2009 7:26 PM"

    What Anonymous of July 2, 2009 viewed as a proud memoent is really what irks the many cloaked by the "old guard" that regularly post and visit this site. Shameful and disgraceful bunch.

  6. Anonymous said

    This years parade was good not great.
    St Kitts is a master at winding people up to do the job at hand. That is good. What she then does is tell everyone that she did a great job. That is bad.
    Bye Bye Sher St Kitts.

  7. Anonymous said

    Sorry Yours truly was used wrong. I was referring to the lady behind the parade. Another note this committee did not just have Sher on it there were others. Is there no one who will speak up on this matter. Hiding is only creating the illusion of guilt, if you did nothing wrong , which no one said you did, then what is this committees problem? How was the money spent? The parade is now a done deal, people were paid should be easy from here.

  8. Anonymous said

    Dear Anonymous July 3, 2009 4:41 PM:
    We must deal in the moment.
    I remember when my kids played in all the fields that were part of Aurora.
    And they rode their decorated bikes in the parade.
    But, as they say, that was then and this is now.

    The world has changed dramatically since Herb McKenzie was around.

    You wouldn't have seen the multicultural nature of Canada represented in Herb McKenzie's parade.
    That's what I loved about this year's parade.

  9. Heather said

    Someone up there said "As of yet the money has not been accounted for and yours truly has now resigned from that board, why?"

    Either you're using 'yours truly' wrong, or you're really in a bad spot. 'Yours truly' means YOU, yourself.

  10. Anonymous said

    The attitude as presented by Anonymous July 3, 2009 6:59 AM is why a chill is growing among potential volunteers.
    Most of us believe it represents the destructive nature of Evelyn Buck's approach to politics.

  11. Anonymous said

    Dear Anonymous 7:26.
    If you say you've never seen a better Canada Day parade, I can assume you were never around for the annual parades organized by the Town's very own Special Events Committee, chaired by the late Councillor Herb McKenzie. The entire Town participated. Streets put in floats and kids were encouraged to decorate their bicylcles and doll carriages and prizes were awarded. We don't need a commercialized event to celebrate our country's birthday. What we need is a Town Committee reporting thru Council, chaired by a member of Council with a second member as a vice-chair. Worked for many, many years. Where would we find such a dedicated councillor who cared for this Town today? Certainly not with this crowd. There are some members of council we NEVER see in public. But then again, they know it all and wouldn't want their agendas clouded by input from citizens. Herb must be turning over in his grave.

  12. Anonymous said

    I saw this discussed at a council meeting.
    All was accounted for.

  13. Anonymous said

    Volunteer or elected official accountability is all that was asked for. Slamming of a volunteer did not happen. A COMMITTEE was asked to be accountable for the your monies spent. What is wrong with that? As of yet the money has not been accounted for and yours truly has now resigned from that board, why? How as the money spent? You saw a beautiful parade so how hard is to be accountable on paper?

  14. Anonymous said

    Let's see now how the Town will provide a Canada Day parade, obviously a big-ticket community event, if you want to build community, that is.
    Now if you don't believe building community is vital to the well-being of a town, then by all means trash-talk anyone who steps forward to lead volunteers in creating a community event.

    Who needs volunteers?
    Who needs to spend $, good-will, energy in bringing people together, supporting one another?

    I believe Sher St. Kitts, her husband George, and all the volunteers who worked so enthusiastically for the people of Aurora deserved respect and appreciation.

    I have never been to a better Aurora Canada Day parade.
    I have never seen so many cultures represented in an Aurora parade.
    The diversity on parade was all inclusive.
    It was a truly Canada Day parade.

    I have never seen more people lining Yonge Street
    proudly dressed in red and white.

    I'm glad I had the experience. I hope it can continue.

  15. Anonymous said

    Seems simple to me:

    1. Councillor asks for an accounting.
    2. Deflect the request by slamming the Councillor who asks.
    3. Resign – no accountability now!


  16. Evelyn Buck said

    By virtue of election, it is the function of a Councillor to provide answers sought by citizens to their questions.It is the function of a politician.

    A Legion event was held in 2008 to raise funds for the Town's July 1st Parade.

    It raised $9k "with a few small expenses". A full account was rendered and the funds were used to pay for expenses of the parade.

    In 2009,an event held at the same time, in the same place,connected with July 1st Celebrations, was reported to have had no proceeds.

    The Town was requested for $12k to cover costs of the parade.$10k was provided from the public treasury.

    When obvious questions were asked the only answer was the event was not a fund-raiser.It was an
    "awareness" party. And further, though a few scant items did appear in the Canada Day Parade sub-committee report,no obligation existed on the part of Sher St. Kitts,volunteer extraordinaire to provide an accounting for funds publicly solicited.

    Despite the hullabulloo about the questions being asked, refusal to provide the answers persisted.

    Nature abhors a vacuum. In their absence, no doubt the community will form its own conclusions.

  17. Anonymous said

    To My Kinda Town writing in code?
    I don't understand it.
    I wonder if I'm supposed to.

  18. Anonymous said

    Hard to understand how Evelyn Buck could be considered a victim.

    Aurora Citizen pushed to have the St. Kitts issue of $/connection to council raised at council.
    Why exactly was it wrong for St. Kitts to bring her complaint to open forum?

    Like Councillor Buck, St. Kitts told it how she saw it.
    I don't believe a councillor has special rights to speak her mind in public forums, newspapers, blogs, council meetings.
    I thought we all have freedom of speech… or is it just for those who play your brand of political games?

    That is what we are about to discover.

  19. Anonymous said


  20. A concerned resident said

    Have you ever noticed how in many court cases the victim becomes the villian having to prove their own moral character before the court? It boggles the mind that our justice system permits victims to undergo such scrutiny. It seems to me in reading some of these posts, that this very thing is happening to Councillor Buck. Yes, she may be outspoken, opinionated and right or wrong, she tells it how she sees it – I don't think anyone can argue that fact – but the display at the Council meeting where the volunteer was permitted to carry on a verbal attack of the Councillor was wrong. Aurora purports to be a Character Community – I can only hope that someday they'll walk the talk.

  21. Anonymous said

    Those of you jumping on Evelyn and saying she is disrespecting staff need to remember that the only "staff" seen regularly by Council are the senior management, those around the table on weekly basis. Evelyn started out this term with a great deal of respect for the long term professionals that were there at the time, Seibert, Jackson, Panizza, Pajola, Rogers, Gutteridge etc., however this group was belittled, slammed, embarassed etc constantly by the co-Mayors until they all are gone, some by choice, some not. The new group of "staff" you see are those hand picked by the co-Mayors, with their agenda's as their priority. Remember there is currently no director of HR or CAO or Clerk who would normally assist with hiring senior staff that are not also "beholding" for their jobs. So the tables have turned. Those "staff" members are doing the co-Mayors bidding, is there any wonder Evelyn is having troubling supporting this hand picked subservient group. Think about it. It's a very different situation than it was in December 2006.

  22. My Kinda Town said

    M people: Stop. That card gets played in backwood illiterate holes. Let's not make Aurora one of those places.

    M people, you don't respect even the current staff! You'd have to at least tone down the patronization before anyone could even begin to think otherwise.

    Please don't do it, M people. You're deeply disturbing and starting to freak me out.

    Don't do it, M people! It won't work, and it will make Aurora look like $%&.

    Just don't.


  23. Anonymous said

    "Anonymous said…
    I don't have a problem with the mayor questioning staff. They need to be held accountable.

    I do have a problem with Ms. Buck disagreeing with the lawyer Mr. Cooper.
    Now that is a serious lack of respect. It's his area of professional expertise and she rejects his opinion. Something wrong with that."


    Do we live in North Korea or Nazi German times??

    Only the supreme being may ask questions??

    So Phyllis is a expert in all fields then… Cause she disagrees with all members of staff at some point.

    All the directors are experts in thier field that is why they are there..

    and as far as questioning the lawyer, check the tapes Phyllis and her gang have also questioned the lawyer..

    what about the questioning of the integrety commisioner??

    did phyllis not question him what about evilina???

    You talk about getting facts straight all the time… I think you should get yours straight.

  24. Anonymous said


    It's amazing the degree to which people in positions of significant power and responsibility demostrate hypocritical behaviour. The hyporcracy of the leadership in this council is an insult to our intelligence. Where are the ethics? The mayor has to realize the position comes with more responsibility, not entitlement. Politicians like our mayor underestimate their own self-interest as it relates to their judgements and decisions. It is demoralizing when leaders rationalize their ethically questionable conduct. Maybe part of their brains that contain good judgement and common sense is shielded with a cloaking device and the rest of their brains cannot find it. As a rsult, their brains play tricks on them and allow them to weigh evidence, consider facts and still reach precisely the conclusion that provides them with the best personal benefit. This capacity for self-deception is so boundless that ethical considerations are not even part of the evaluative process. This process of self-deception causes them to accept as true that which is false.

    I'm running out of ways to try and figure this leadership out.

  25. Anonymous said

    Anonymous 8:52. You wrote "I don't have a problem with the mayor questioning staff. They need to be held accountable." what about Maceachern who in an earlier post was cited by Dick Illingsworth as being antagonistic to staff. What about the clueless Gaertner and her belittling questions of staff? Are they offside too or are you suggesting only Buck is guilty of belittling staff?

  26. Anonymous said

    I don't have a problem with the mayor questioning staff. They need to be held accountable.

    I do have a problem with Ms. Buck disagreeing with the lawyer Mr. Cooper.
    Now that is a serious lack of respect. It's his area of professional expertise and she rejects his opinion. Something wrong with that.

    I won't repeat what some in the community suggest as her reason for disrespecting him.

  27. Anonymous said

    Obviously Councillor Buck must go.

  28. Anonymous said

    To June 26 2009 @ 8:28

    Dick Illingsworth's bouquet and brickbats May 20 2008 in the Auroran captures not only who really treats staff like s$%$ but also sheds light as to another reason CAO John Rogers isn't around anymore.

    "BOUQUETS to any member of Aurora Council who will recommend that the procedural bylaw be
    amended that Public Service Announcements be moved to after the business of the town as
    time is wasted when members talk about their activities
    rather than the affairs of the municipality. Do the town
    business first!
    BRICKBATS to Councillor Evelina MacEachern for
    her constant third degree questioning of staff
    personnel, especially the CAO, and staff reports with question after question although the procedural
    bylaw restricts members of council from speaking more than twice on an issue. Staff members don’t
    deserve this form of treatment!

    BRICKBATS to members of Aurora Council who can't understand the difference between the
    minutes of a committee meeting and the recommendations
    in the committee report. The minutes can't be changed but the recommendations can be
    adopted, defeated or amended. How many times do staff members have to explain it to you? "


    On the last brickbat Dick was referring to councillors Granger and especially Gaertner. While he did have brickbats for Evelyn Buck they were usually in tandem with Ms. MacEachern.

  29. Anonymous said

    People I talk to in Aurora are more concerned about the lack of common decency Ev Buck shows to individuals, than any issues.
    Most seem to feel she went over the edge when she started attacking a volunteer.
    They feel she attacked the volunteer just because the mayor recognized the volunteer's good work.
    The volunteer had no connection with the mayor before volunteering.
    What I heard was the volunteer had a special needs child who, when he got older, needed less of her time.
    She gave of her new free time to what she considered important causes.
    What Ev has done with this volunteer is beyond sad.
    I'm a senior who, before I heard this story, supported Ev.

  30. Anonymous said

    Councillor Buck is an agitator. As such she diverts, then drains any possible hint of positive energy.
    There I've said my piece.

    Now I'll fold my arms, sit back, and stare into space.

  31. Anonymous said

    Buck has consistently been a destructive force on council.
    She prides herself on never having to work cooperatively with anyone, any time, any place.

    Now where does a personality like that lead?
    Not somewhere I would follow.

  32. Anonymous said

    Oh please…..

    Phyllis and her cronies are the ones that ask question after question of staff, they rip apart staff reports till staff come back with what they want..

    how soon we forget…phyllis disregards the town lawyer, when he says that council is not the place for the matter to be discussed, then allows St.Kitts to countinue with that disgusting display.

    For you to say that Buck doesn't support staff…Well my friend you must be drinking the Kool-aid of the co-mayors cause if your not in-line with the co-mayors then you will be fired and be-littled.

    Have you watched the attacks of Mr Downey at council by the co-mayors and thier little gang. They have ripprd apart every report and be-littled him in public all cause they don't agree with him…

  33. Anonymous said

    Anonymous said… June 25, 2009 11:31 AM

    "If councillors just educated themselves,listened to the staff with the professional knowledge then things would certainly run a little smoother here in the Town of Aurora."

    Staff has not supported Buck many times, but she won't listen. In the latest round she acuses them of not doing their job, because she disagrees with them.

    Is she the councilor all the others should learn from – afterall, she has all that experience and can "site more by-laws when needed then the rest put together".

  34. Anonymous said

    I say it's time we stop accepting attack politics, and start building bridges so we can showcase the overwhelming good that is Aurora.

    June 25, 2009 11:20 PM

    How can you even consider building bridges when the foundation is rotted with mayor phyliss,grainger,wilson,gaertner and mceachren. You need a strong foundation for a bridge not what we have in Aurora.
    I believe that the bridge building will only start when we get rid of this group on council and no sooner.

  35. Anonymous said

    Why follow someone "with a mind of her own"?

  36. Anonymous said

    I say it's time we stop accepting attack politics, and start building bridges so we can showcase the overwhelming good that is Aurora.

  37. C. Sorley said

    "Town staff should get their resumes ready"

    Hey don't give Bill H. credit for that brilliant perceptive letter (which dealt with the lack of ability of Phyllis et al to understand the Carver principle)…

    I was the author – C. Sorley and I signed that one to, finally if I am not mistaken we have lost all but one of the department heads since the coronation – at least someone listens…

    My next prediction is that the voters will to.

  38. Anonymous said

    I am still shaking my head at the recent contribution of Morris accolyte Wendy Gaertner at the last General Committee session. On the table was a staff recommendation to offer the school boards a 50% discount on usage of the astro turf field @ Sheppard Bush during a time period where there is no usage and hence no town revenue. Ms Gaertner in her usual out to lunch way objected saying this was giving away something for nothing. Earth to Ms. Gaertner 50%revenue is better than no revenue.
    When will the voters stop voting people like Ms. Gaertner to council, people who have no understanding of common sense.

  39. Anonymous said

    Evelyn has been a public figure in OUR town for many years. She did then as she does now tells you how SHE sees it. Spending OUR money on retaining lawyers to have Councillor Buck silenced is ok with some. I for one DON"T THINK SO! She was elected the same way the rest were. She can not be unseated anymore then the Mayor can, but as I see it the mayor and her gang think that they should hold some kind of special spell over her. They should silence her. Why? Because she tells what she thinks, how she sees it. I did not know that was a crime. We are all entitled to our opinions, and voting for Evelyn or Al or Wendy is what we are entitled to do. So why don`t the others cut the crap, stop spending money on lawyers and learn to do the job they are paid to do! Evelyn has more experience, can site more by-laws when needed then the rest put together. If councillors just educated themselves, listened to the staff with the professional knowledge then things would certainly run a little smoother here in the Town of Aurora.

  40. Anonymous said

    Anonymous June 24, 2009 8:30 PM:

    I wrote the comment about politics. By getting "out of the kitchen" are you suggesting I move out of Aurora, because I don't agree with you?
    I am a senior who has lived in Aurora my entire life, and it is just your kind of politics that upsets me.

    There is a better way and it is not the way that Councillor Buck champions.

  41. Anonymous said

    I just love all of you trash talkers saying negative things about Buck. What about this joke of a mayor and most of the " I will follow you council". At least Buck has a mind of her own rather than these hollow followers of the Queen mayor.

  42. Anonymous said

    and didn't Phyllis run relentless attacks on the mayor tim jones, and majority of council and She also ran an attack campaign from the moment she was elected in 2003 and she got eleced to mayor in 2006 by doing it…..

    So please politics is politics

    if you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen!!!!!!!

    It's a much different feeling when the stones are being thrown at you isn't it Phillis????? Much easier to hurl them then to recieve and deal with them in a professional manner……

  43. Anonymous said

    I guess the saying, "In politics you can get away with anything as long as it's what's expected", applies to Councillor Buck and her relentless attacks on the mayor, and majority of council.

    It isn't that she presents her ideas in a cogent fashion.
    It is that she chooses to hurl insults, with no respect for those who have been elected to office.

    She's run an attack campaign from the moment she was elected.
    I can only surmise that was her primary focus.

  44. Anonymous said

    Few people I know in Aurora are interested in the trash-talking style of Councillor Buck, and those of like mind.

    In fact what I see is a major backlash.

    Now that is refreshing.

  45. A concerned resident said

    What an interesting question posed by Anonymous 2:24 pm. "What is fair play in the political realm?"

    Unless it's a question of breaking the law, maybe it's as simple as
    being up to the beholder as everyone's perspective on what is right or wrong can be vastly different. There are those that do things that most would not, all the while chanting the mantra that it is for the greater good. History books are full of examples of that.

    Thankfully in the political arena, the voters will ultimately decide on what's fair play.

    I for one believe that using taxpayer dollars to obtain legal opinions that only serve to foster an already fractious council is just plain wrong – but hey, that's just my persective.

  46. Anonymous said

    I guess someone thought it might be Evelyn Buck behind this blog.
    Since Bill Hogg was outed on Ev's blog, we know Ev is clear on that account.

    I'm one of the curious people who want to know what is fair play in the political realm.
    I happen to believe it's important for those elected to be proponents of interactive democracy, respect for the office, a willingness to work with others, a willingness to be a role model.

  47. Heather said

    "Mr Hogg wrote in Letters to the Editor in the Auroran and Era Banner after the last municipal election (before the advent of the Aurora Citizen) That town staff should get their resumes ready. How prophetic.

    PS I do not know Mr Hogg."

    That's okay, Anonymous, Mr. Hogg doesn't know you either.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist 🙂

  48. Anonymous said

    who are u? June 22, 2009 9:27 AM

    These arn't allegations this is the truth and this blog lets the citizens know about the foolish decisions and money that this mayor spends.

    This whole time the mayor has been dying to find out who the moderater of this site was so that she could discredit him, cause we all know by now that if you don't agree with the mayor or say anything that is oppisite of her, she will run sreaming and crying like a child to staff and force them to hire lawyers and spend taxpayers money to stiffle free speech..

    Well now she knows who the moderater is….Why has the threat of litagation disappeared????

    Cause from what i see it was all a bullying tactic by the co-mayors to find out who the moderater is and discredit the site so that all the citizens can fall into line and salute the almighty queen…lol

    yeah right….

    Man council is a joke….

    I only wish that we had real media coverage and real reporting that would shine a light on all the foolish things that the co-mayors have done, cause we all know that the banner and the Auroran don't allow for real reporting to happen.

  49. Anonymous said

    Mr Hogg wrote in Letters to the Editor in the Auroran and Era Banner after the last municipal election (before the advent of the Aurora Citizen) That town staff should get their resumes ready. How prophetic.

    PS I do not know Mr Hogg.

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