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Community Corner: Staff spending without authorization

Posted by auroracitizen on November 14, 2008

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I’d be interested in reaction to the Nov 12 Banner article:”Aurora staff spent $500K without approval.” Town embroiled in lawsuits to recoup cost of arena repairs By: By Sean Pearce, Staff Writer The Town of Aurora is locked in a legal battle to recover more than $440,000 in unauthorized spending by staff last year.”

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4 Responses to “Community Corner: Staff spending without authorization”

  1. Anonymous said

    No need to wait for Councillor Buck’s take on the issue just go to her blog!

  2. Anonymous said

    I’d be interested to see what Collins-Mrakas, Buck and McRoberts have to say. I believe they are the only Council members with any shred of integrity.

  3. Anonymous said

    come on people – wake up and smell the doggie doo!!

    phyllis and her evil sidekick are involved – don’t you think there’s more to this story???

    you’d have to be brain dead to think this is as that horrible twosome would have you think…

    I for one refuse to believe anything other than this is yet another pathetic attempt by phyl-velina to destroy someone who dared to tell them they were wrong…

  4. Anonymous said

    My thoughts…there is more to the story..lets ask some intelligent questions of Council..Perhaps staff did send staff a memo and Council “forgot” about it…perhaps the repairs were urgent and complex and required immediate attention…were the repairs a safety hazzard to the public? It seems to me that staff did what needed to be done to protect the facility and the interests of the public and the contractor or architect failed to come through on their promise and staff took action against them to recoup the costs promised. This seems logical. I don’t think we are getting the whole story, I don’t think we ever will. My opinion is that this seems to be more of an “excuse” to create negative media to let go of more staff. I think the bigger picture just became clearer.

    I’d be interested to know how much Council spent on legal fees for this “investigation” Doesn’t anyone wonder why this is “now” appearing in the media? I don’t believe anything this Council says, nor do I have much faith in them.

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