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Update: Where have all the town staff gone?

Posted by auroracitizen on September 2, 2008

Since our original post last week on this subject, we have received a number of comments. Obviously it is an area of concern to many Aurorans so we thought we would update everyone on some of these comments.

It seems we were incomplete in our list of town staff who have left under this new Council. In addition to the 5 Directors, we have also lost the Mayor’s administrative assistant, Cookie Ellis — who was subsequently replaced by both a Mayor’s administrative assistant and a new position this term of an assistant for our part-time Council. What she does for 5 days each week when Councillors are at their full-time jobs is beyond my scope of understanding.

Possibly even more troubling is that we have already lost 2 of the replacements. It seems both our interim Solicitor Robert Cambridge and the Acting Director of Public Works Dave Atkins have already left.

One must wonder who will be next through the revolving door of town hall staff. One of our commenter’s stated that there is already a move afoot to jettison another Director.

To quote Dick Illingworth “Bouquet to the Councillor who will request a report outlining the termination, recruitment, training costs associated with all these departures.”

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10 Responses to “Update: Where have all the town staff gone?”

  1. Anonymous said

    I don’t believe Mayor Morris has actual HR qualifications e.g. a degree or diploma. But not having specific qualifications doesn’t seem to preclude her from being an expert on everything.
    I truly wish that the Mayor would welcome and encourage others’ opinions which would be of benefit to this town, whether a staff member, fellow council member, or a resident.
    A sign of a good leader is doing what is right, which is not the same thing as being right all the time.
    Mayor Morris needs to distinguish the difference.

  2. Anonymous said

    Interesting that Mayor Morris always reminds us of her experience in the Private Sector where she was a Human Resources Professional. Given the turnstile nature of senior positions in the town, during Morris’s political career in Aurora, she is not doing a very good job parlaying ‘her previous work experience’

  3. Anonymous said

    At least the local councillor is not afraid of negative responses, she publishes them for all to see, because this is a just society where people are allowed to have an opinion. Sometimes the truth can be too hard to take, sometimes it is great to know people are ALLOWED to voice their opinions, unfortunately, for obvious reasons we have to remain anonymous. The council chambers is definitely not the place, although it is owned by the taxpayers of Aurora, to voice you negative comments against the mayor and band of five, they’ll chase you out of town, given the chance. We need to speak up and stop standing for this crap of ludicrous and insane attempt at politics before they make this municipality bankrupt. By the way, by the middle of November we will down the Town Clerk as well. I’ll bet that day will be the best day of Panezza’s life. Who will be responsible for daily decisions at that point is your guess is as good as mine. Ouch that is going to hurt big time!!!!

  4. Anonymous said

    One of our local councillors has a blog that seems to be very popular. She can post what she wants and people can comment as they see fit. I think this Aurora Citizen is a great idea because it gives EVERYONE an opportunity to share their views. And, the councillor’s blog is rife with negative comments, some of them directed at her personally. With this blog… it’s all about discussion, not pointing fingers at the person who starts the discussion. Good job, Aurora Citizen!

  5. Anonymous said

    From one anonymous to another…you probably know why there are no names, has something to do with threats coming from the mayor’s office to staff and those associated with staff by the power(s) to be. Why do you think all the traffic, most of which has a very similar theme? It’s long overdue time that residents of this community know the truth. When confronted by bullying tactics, the only way to react is to push back.

  6. Aurora Citizen said

    Accusation of Faceless? Nameless? from someone named Anonymous. Hmmm … interesting contradiction!

    We think the original response is pretty clear about “why”. This blog is intended to faciltate a conversation, not direct it.

    If readers find the direction troubling they are welcome to join the conversation with new facts and opinions.

  7. Anonymous said

    So asks “anonymous”.

  8. Anonymous said

    Faceless? Nameless? I don’t understand why.

  9. Aurora Citizen said

    No one is “in charge” of this site. It is a forum for discussion by the citizens of Aurora. It is community-based and the citizens of Aurora are responsible for this site based on their written submissions.

    Posts and comments are not vetted or edited by the moderator. They are simply reviewed to make sure they are family friendly — consistent with the Mission Statement and Editorial Policy.

    Resultant, the topics discussed are those that are of interest to the citizens of Aurora.

    If there is a subject you would like to discuss, please send an email to the moderator.

  10. Anonymous said

    Who is responsible for this site? Who is in charge? Who does what?

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