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Removing “Complaint” Against Councillor Buck From Town Website

After receiving no response following multiple weeks and multiple e-mails to the Town Clerk in which I was merely trying to understand a simple Council Procedure that appeared to have been potentially politically manipulated in order to serve the Mayor’s self interest, I felt compelled to file a Freedom of Information request on November 11th. You will note in the Freedom of Information response from the Town of Aurora, that there are no written procedures for editing the town’s website, therefore my initial reasons for concern in this instance appear to have been well founded.

The FOI response states that when material is posted on the town’s website at the direction of Council the “staff  generally requires direction from Council regarding the removal of the posting” and “The posting regarding the Code of Conduct complaint will be removed from the town’s website upon direction of Council.” 

Here-in lies the conundrum: how can Council ever contemplate the removal of the unsubstantiated and potentially politically motivated accusations posted on the town’s website attacking Councilor Evelyn Buck if, according to the Mayor, raising a motion to remove the material is considered to be “reconsideration” of an earlier motion posted the material in the first place ?  The Mayor’s handling of this issue at council strikes me as being not only indefensible but absurd.

It should not have required a response to an FOI request to come to this rather obvious conclusion given that the Mayor’s apparently broken logic was raised for discussion by Councillor McRoberts and Collins-Mrakas at the same time that numerous councillors stated for the record that they wanted to “move on” from the whole code of conduct issue, however true to form their comments were apparently ignored by the Mayor and her block of supporters.

I’m open to hearing all perspective related to this story, however based on the facts as I know them today this situation looks to me to be rather transparent and clear cut from my perspective.

Richard Johnson

7 Responses to “Removing “Complaint” Against Councillor Buck From Town Website”

  1. noseeum said

    get over it. if the truth hurts so be it.

    • A for Anonymous said

      I don’t understand your alias – Noseeum. I am thinking it relates to the blinders you wear on your head – No-see-um the corruption of this regime? Or are you one of the six in disguise and have mispelled Nauseous? That makes more sense.

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      Noseeums are tiny bugs found in Florida and the Caribbean. They usually don’t bite much above the ankles and are nothing more than an aggravation.

      An appropriate Nom de Plume

    • noseeum said

      LOL well now I have heard it all. Classic “know it all’s” . Maybe you should check wikipedia for noseeums, even that has a correct situational area for these little pesky skeletally exogenous creatures.

      I would suggest you all sit down and read minutes of various committee meetings and decide if 4 years worth or donated “real” community service works is.

      Shame on you.

    • Richard Johnson said

      Noseeum: Is that you Evelina ? The tone is about right.

  2. Is Guy on Holiday, Again? said

    “Enough said.”

    Oh, okay, great, thanks a lot. So succinct, such profundity. You’ve just saved us a whole amount of time deliberating the merits of the Morris regime heading into the election campaign. Just think how much time we would have spent re-hashing the faults, foibles and flaws of Phyllis if you hadn’t set us straight. Phew! We owe you big-time.

    Here’s a thought (kind of along your line of thinking): Let’s cancel the election! Yeah, everything’s fine, it’s all tickity-boo at the Town Hall, no need to rake over the coals of the last four years, is there? As the esteemed sage, Mr. Guy Poppe has suggested, it’s time to move on, to put all the unpleasantness behind us.

    That’s right, who needs an election? We’re all in good hands, aren’t we? Election, schmelection – a waste of time and money when we’ve got such tip-top people like the mayor and her friends running the show.

    I must thank you again for coming by this blog with such an emphatic reassurance. Gawd, I feel good, like a weight’s been lifted, like the last four years haven’t been our municipal nightmare!

    I await your next profound pronouncement…

  3. noseeum said

    I find it rather odd than when someone misrepresents the truth such as Buck did in her blog, council comments, and letters to the Auroran about LSAC Five Year Plan that they should not be admonished. This is like saying Nixon never did anything wrong. Give me a break. She was wrong. David Tsubouchi was right. Enough said.

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