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Rogers TV Coverage of Aurora Election

Posted by auroracitizen on October 6, 2010

Accroding to Rogers, the only programming that will be available on Rogers On Demand Online will be the Municipal Profiles and the Debates produced by Rogers TV. In order to view this programming you must register. In order to register you must be a Rogers customer (cable, wireless etc.)

Unfortunately they have not yet provided a date as to when the programming will be uploaded. Once the programming airs on Rogers TV they will do their best to get the programming up as quick as possible.

Here is the link:

Hope this helps.

32 Responses to “Rogers TV Coverage of Aurora Election”

  1. If anyone is looking for the video on the Rogers site, I found it here:

    no login or other voodoo required

    However I do find myself no unable to view the council meetings, which is unfortunate because this is the time where people need to view these videos

  2. fed up said

    Any mayor who would allow her friend (not a taxpayer of Aurora)to come to council and speak in public as she did about EB does not deserve a repeat performance as mayor–this alone is the reason I did not vote for Phyllis Diller

    • Anonymous said

      So you knew this was going to happen then, and that is why you didn’t vote for her last time. Those are some amaizing powers you have. Are you part Gypsy?

      Again I see my posts being filtered. This site is nothing if not bias.

    • fed up said

      anonymous 330–what are u talking about?–i never said who i voted for last time–i did not vote for her this saturday in the advanced polls–her disrespect directed towards certain of her collegues through her tone, her body language and yes even through her own spoken words was enough for me

    • Richard Johnson said

      Touchy Fed up. Good counter point !

      For those of you on the MorMac side here is the definition:

      Definition of TOUCHY
      1: marked by readiness to take offense on slight provocation
      2: a of a body part : acutely sensitive or irritable b of a chemical : highly explosive or inflammable
      3: calling for tact, care, or caution in treatment

  3. evelyn.buck said

    In the last election,Aurora was seduced into voting for a slate of candidates.
    They formed a majority and along with several of the Mayor’s campaign organisers,they became the Mayor’s chosen team.
    Eventually three other members of council as well as myself were marginalised.
    In the previous election, Councillor MacEachern,chief henchman to the current Mayor, withdrew her name from nomination and was quoted in the press as having better things to do with her time than be on a council with the last two people who registered. They were John West and myself.I had no relationship with the Councillor prior to that time.
    The Councillor demonstrated no respect then for the voters right to choose.
    When I was elected, the outgoing Councillor, clearly not prepared to accept the result, moved for a re-count.
    Another expressed the wish not to spend three years sitting across the table from someone who had no right to be there. He seconded the motion.
    It turned out I did have a right to be there.
    But the voters’right to choose,continued to be disrespected.
    Politicians who set out to make enemies among their fellows know not what they do.
    I waited eight months to allow the situation to improve.All out hostility obviously does not belong in any game plan to get things done. Four years is a long time to endure.
    In party politics a member can have membership withdrawn.
    It doesn’t work that way in municipal politics.
    Voters expect their decision to be respected
    I have never known it to happen otherwise in Aurora or elsewhere for that matter.
    Is that the kind of change we are expected to accept?
    Now it’s the voters’ turn again to make the decision.
    We will soon see.

    • Anonymous said

      You refer to your political enemies as not respecting the voters’ choices.

      But you start this screed off with: “In the last election,Aurora was seduced into voting for a slate of candidates.”

      Seduced? How is this not disrespectful of the voters? They made their choice. To quote you: “Voters expect their decision to be respected.”

      Just because there was a voting block with the GOS — guess what — that’s democracy! You see it at work every day in Parliament and at Queen’s Park. A certain group with shared goals and ideals votes one way, the others vote the other way. The side with the most votes wins.

      This post isn’t surprising though — anyone reading your posts here or in your blog sees you frame everything in terms of conflict — words like “battle” “fight” “political scars” abound. Fortunately, there are those in the community who work through collaboration and consensus. They’re the ones who actually get results instead of waiting for the next perceived slight or enemy to turn a self-righteous, poisoned pen against.

    • Anonymous said

      “…there are those in the community who work through collaboration and consensus”

      I sincerely hope you’re not referring to any of the MorMac faction. Not with a straight face, at least.

    • Anonymous said

      Yes, I find Buck’s hypocracy in this post to be helarious.

      It would be nice if she could ever show respect for council. I don’t just mean this council. I mean ANY council she has ever been a member of. Instead of trying to work with council and some of the citizen committees (maybe try joining one of the committees herself) she bad mouths council, the committees, everything they say, and every member. Then she wonders why nobody likes her and tries to play the part of the victim.

      If you want yet another joke of a council you only need to let this woman back in.

    • Anonymous said

      “Politicians who set out to make enemies among their fellows know not what they do.”

      So Buck, then why do you do it?

    • evelyn.buck said

      The frenzy grows.
      The community is in the process of rendering their judgement on nine people who were elected in 2006.
      Not just one.
      I did not set out to make enemies.
      I did respect the voters’ choice.
      I offered advice if required.
      On the night of the Inaugural,I noted,six women candidates, six women elected.
      I waited eight months before I decided I had no option but to fight back.
      The resident older than I who “gave me an earful” has lived in Aurora since the nineties.I listened to what he had to say. I respected his right and I politely required that he respect mine.
      Respect is a two way street.
      No self-respecting politician allows themselves to be dumped upon repeatedly without fighting back.
      Anyone who has known me during the years I have served would have told them.”I would sooner have her for me than against me”
      I am a candidate now because I do not like the Mormac style of politics. Never have since they introduced it to our town. I offer an alternative.
      It’s the people’s choice to make.

    • Anonymous said

      “I offer an alternative.”

      No you don’t. You can’t. You are but one person who would be a member of this council. You would have to work with the other members. There is no alternative you can offer other than confrontation, which is exactly what you have offered during EVERY PREVIOUS COUNCIL you have been a member of. And it is totally unproductive.

      Interesting I note that a lot of my comments are not getting through the censors on this site. So much for free and open debate.

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      Hmmm, it appears that the ‘Anonymous’ Morris Defence contingent having realised that an alarming number of her past actions really can’t be defended, have now chosen to deflect this blogs revelations of her shortcomings by attacking Councillor Buck.

      Of course Evelyn has been around long enough to know that it doesn’t matter what they say about you as long as your name gets spelled properly.

      On her behalf I thank you all for the publicity.

  4. winters comin said

    … I must be the only one in town that knows absolutely nothing about the issues of the candidates except that I won’t vote Morris for Mayor. Apparently I might be able to find out who the candidates are if I sign up with Rogers??? Don’t you just love the Rogers approach: sign up as a member of their team and you too can feel the election fever rom the inside out. Whoopee.

    BTW – have you noticed the signage for this election?
    with the exception of Phyllis, the bulk of the existing council, Evelina, Wendy, etc make no mention of seeking “re-election”. Like the other nobodies that are running, they are perhaps hoping for a default/guess vote? For sure, it won’t be mine!

    Another thought, the N/E quadrant hasn’t any candidate fingerprints/footprints at our doors. Afraid of our traffic calming? hmmm. I’d like to be the person handing out the councillor paycheques after the election – there wouldn’t be many if I had my way, because firstly I don’t know who you are and what you look like. Now there’s a huge savings for our town budget. Maybe the answer to this year’s Aurora Election, don’t vote a council in. Surely we won’t miss them and we can re-run the old council meetings at noon so we don’t go through laughter withdrawal.

    Well folks, it’s not going to take me long to cast my ballot this year – I am picking two. that’s it. AND they should be able to run the Town.

    On that note … who is Helen Power??? She’s like trying to find Waldo in a puzzle. cheerio. WC

    • Anonymous said

      There have been zero people at my door. I live in the same area at Evilina, Nigel and Stephen. No one has showed their face and the only election pamphlet has been Morris’ in the Auroran.

    • Heather said

      As Evelyn’s Campaign Manager and daughter I would just like to comment on the re-elect part of our sign. We are using the same signs from the past two elections and were only trying to be environmentally friendly. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. As far as a pamphlet goes, I am doing my best!

    • winters comin said

      … Heather, I appreciate your honesty – just like your Mum. Evelyn already has my vote!! WC

    • winters comin said

      … Aurora Citizen, any endorsements for councillor slots? In my opinion, the creditials must include “teamplayer, teamworker, team builder, good listener, able to make sense when asked, willing to take direction, honesty, integrity”. So who is going to join EB and GD at the table the day after the elections? … wc

    • Anonymous said

      “teamplayer, teamworker, team builder, good listener, able to make sense when asked, willing to take direction, honesty, integrity”

      I don’t think Buck exhibits most of these. She’s certainly not a team player — she was on her own for most of the term. Even Collins-Mrakas and McRoberts voted with the GOS more often than not. Buck? Nay and nay again.

      Good listener? Her mind is always made up and she’s not willing to budge.

      Just look at her comments here. She thinks she knows better than everyone else. She is as far away from team player and team builder as anyone on council.

      She said:

      “What facts don’t I get straight?
      Who says I’m not perfect?”

      Talk about ego!

    • annoyomous said

      I think we have a member of the GOS among us. Goes by the name Anonymous Oct.8 8:31pm. Still can’t get Evelyn’s humour. Just don’t get it do you? Not a team player, nay sayer. Oops forget who I was talking to. GOS never did give Evelyn a chance!

    • Anonymous said

      Buck doesn’t have a sense of humor.
      She was perfectly honest with those questions, but isnt with almost everything else.

    • winters comin said

      … hold your horsies … let’s get back to my question – any recommendations for council and who is HP?

      Hmmm … talk with BMcR about EB’s council contribution. IMO – a vote for EB is a vote for honesty; a vote for GD, is a vote for leadership.

      Is there anyone else worth my dime amongst the list of nobody’s running for council? Like I said before, perhaps there’s loads of savings in store for the Aurorians with a 2 person council. We might even be able to afford a SSK entertainment committee!! Cha cha cha. … wc.

    • winters comin said

      Anonymous … IMO you’ve missed your calling. You should run for council! You didn’t answer my question … any recommendations who to vote for? BTW are you Helen Power (aka where’s Waldo?)? … happy turkeying. wc.

    • Anonymous said

      A vote for EB is a vote for another disfunctional council. The last council was also called disfunctional. In both cases it was EB’s lack of ability to play well with others that was the root cause. I bet every council she has been a part of was disfunctional too. EB twists the truth into a pretcil on her blog and in her letters and will continue to do so if given the chance. Go ask Tim Jones how often he had to kick her out of the council chambers. Go ask Ron Wallace about being wacked in the back of the head during a council meeting because she disagreed with him. She is not a team play. Never has been. Never will, and will only cause problems on any council she is a part of.

    • Anonymous said

      Me thinks Evilina is among us. Anonymous Oct.9 9:06 makes me think of her. I see no one disputed the comment about the member of the GOS above. She has the reputation for saying but never backing herself up with facts. I could say more but then I would be lowering myself to her level.

    • Anonymous said

      Dysfunction is spelled Phyllis Morris. Do the homework!

    • Broderick Epps said

      Anonymous 9:06
      Your points of contention are laughable. To this day Ron and Ev are friends. Evilina/Morris are not friends of Buck. Never have never will.As for the source of dysfunction look at the antics of Granger/Gaertner/Wilson. They contributed nothing, said some of the most infantile things “what time is the Rememberance Day Service” and generally gave the impression they occupied a seat in council to listen/backup one of the most inept mayors in Ontario history with no clue of the workings of Municipal Politics.A point highlighted by Wilson’s previous election promise to fight crime in Aurora. Ms. Collins-Mrakas a first time councillor clearly illustrated sound knowledge and integrity as her votes were issue by issue based.Same with McRoberts. Interestingly, Ms. Mrakas has two (2) vote for Evelyn Buck signs on her corner lot. Since she is not one of the Morris syncophant club her endorsement of Buck to me signals Evelyn was not the real source of this council’s dysfunction!

  5. Anonymous said

    Rogers is in the same driveway as the Newmarket Town Hall. Can’t miss the big flashing red sign.

    • Anonymous said

      “Can’t miss the big flashing red sign.”

      Maybe you can’t, others obviously can.

    • Anonymous said

      I was at Newmarket`s town hall the other day and I can`t say I remember seeing any big flashing red sign. Will have to look for that the next time I am there.

    • Anonymous said

      You’re right… It’s only a big red sign that shows changing information on it.

  6. evelyn.buck said

    Despite leaving home early to find Rogers on Mulock Drive, I didn’t. When I called to explain, they said;

    “too bad it’s all wrapped up now”

    So…my profile won’t be on line on Rogers.

    Sorry I missed you

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