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Double Standards?

Posted by auroracitizen on September 4, 2010

Earlier today Geoff Dawe was in attendance at the Aurora Farmers Market. He was with a couple of supporters who were wearing “Geoff Dawe for Mayor T-shirts” and offering campaign literature to patrons.

He was approached by one of the vendors and informed that campaigning was contrary to the Market guidelines/by-laws. In response, Geoff put away his brochures.

Which begs the questions. What has Phyllis being doing sitting at this same vendors booth for many weeks?

In fact, when I was at the market this morning (after Geoff had left) and heard the story — Phyllis was engaged in a conversation with a number of patrons directly in front of the complainants booth discussing issues in the town. Is that not campaigning?

Or what has Nigel been doing at the market? Has he not been promoting his candidacy?

So is Phyllis still trying to pretend her time at the market — standing in front of her supporters booth — talking about town issues — is not campaigning? How long does it take to buy groceries?

First we had to push her to stop using town resources to campaign while pretending it was town business.

Now that she has declared, must we also ask her to submit to the same rules that apply to other candidates.

Geoff stepped back after being informed of the rules. A leader follows the rules and behaves as they expect others to behave.

So now that the rules are clear, will Phyllis attend to her shopping and move on.  Anything else would be campaigning — and we expect her friendly vendor to remind her of the rules the same as she reminded Geoff.

In case Phyllis forgets — then maybe you could remind her of the rules everyone else is expected to abide by 🙂

24 Responses to “Double Standards?”

  1. Tim the Enchanter said

    I can see it all starting now.
    As October 25th approaches the silliness increases, the level of maturity drops like a stone.
    Reasonable and honest debate, so sorely needed will fizzle out, replaced by the usual tiresome name-calling and gainsaying.
    Some may even suggest that the whole process resembles a high school student council election but frankly, that would be an insult to high school kids.
    Don’t worry though, this situation is not unique to Aurora, many municipal elections are similarly pathetic hence the traditionally low voter turnouts.

    Inevitably someone will wag an admonishing finger at the non-voters while intoning the old “they died on the beaches so you could have democracy” speech.

    A sobering and true statement.

    However, isn’t it just possible that the two-thirds among us that don’t vote have come to the sad realization that in so many instances those who would seek office don’t treat the process or the position with the same amount of gravity or dignity?

    • up the creek said

      Can anyone at AuroraCitizen tell us about the new candidates running for Council? Who and what they are, experience, time lived in Aurora, why they are seeking public office, what they want to accomplish?

      Let’s stop bashing old hollow heads for a day or two and see what the alternatives look like.

    • evelyn.buck said

      However, isn’t it just possible that the two-thirds among us that don’t vote have come to the sad realization that in so many instances those who would seek office don’t treat the process or the position with the same amount of gravity or dignity?

      Is Tim The Enchanter, a frequent contributer to this blog, acknowledging himself to be one of those who do not choose to exercise the franchise to vote?

      Is he offering intellectual justification for non-participation ?

      And then having the effrontery to suggest those who offer themselves as candidates
      “don’t treat the process with the same amount of gravity or dignity.

      What gravity or dignity is there in refusing to participate in the affairs of one’s community?


    • Tim the Enchanter said

      I figured a few feathers would get ruffled. 🙂

      I would agree some candidates (including Ms. Buck) treat the office with the respect it deserves but let’s face it folks; municipal politics, especially for lower tier municipalities like Aurora, has become a Fun Club.
      Those who wish to join do so, either as active participants or as casual fans.
      The Club exists for the pleasure and amusement of its members and special “friends” and is not particularly interested in being inclusive of the general populace.
      Joining the Club can have its advantages – just ask Sher St. Kitts – it’s been an absolute gold mine for her.
      At the moment Phyllis Morris is president of the Club but as we have seen on this blog, many members aren’t happy and want her replaced.
      Nigel Kean for instance, has been aching for years to take his turn at playing Grand Poobah.

      About one-third of eligible voters express varying degrees of interest in the Club at election time depending on which Club activity they’re partial to.
      Two-thirds of us are not interested in the Club and ignore it. No surprise there; non-golfers aren’t likely to join King Valley are they?

      The majority of residents know that the important day to day necessities are looked after by the Town Staff and York Region so the roads get plowed, the schools are open and the police come when they’re called.
      Happily, these benefits do not require Club membership or participation – in this particular club at least.

      Personally, I have no interest in the Club either but for two reasons:
      1. It has developed a nasty habit of wasting my tax dollars on its silly and irrelevant activities, mostly involving internecine squabbles.
      2. Some members insist on dabbling in non-Club activities like GO stations and schools while foot-dragging on the business at hand.

      Ironically, it’s the one-third of us that are responsible for the existence of the Club – we voted them in and barring some sort of electoral epiphany, it will be the same one-third of us responsible this time around.

      Here’s an idea; instead of trying to make Aurora “world famous” for parades, pomp and piffle; wouldn’t it be a refreshing change to have a council dedicated to having the town recognized for high voter turnout?

      Let’s face it, folding tables piled high with vegetables on a rainy Saturday morning is hardly breaking news but 50 or even 60 percent voter turnout?
      Forget the Exploding Pizza kids – we’re talkin’ CNN – maybe even the Beeb!
      Sure beats bragging to all and sundry that we close off our main street once a year for the world’s largest sale of discount underwear and socks.

      It can happen but it won’t be done by reproaching non-voters.
      It won’t happen by exhorting, cajoling or shaming them into “getting involved”.
      It’ll happen by us electing candidates that pledge to dissolve the Club and replace it with a mayor and council dedicated to the service of the entire town and not just favoured supporters and friends.
      It’ll happen by that new council skipping the odd lame photo-op and engaging with folks that don’t actually read Snap Aurora.
      Show that every resident matters and we might get the participation we sorely lack and not just at election time either.
      Who knows? If enough folks get involved perhaps we can hold town activities without exporting tax dollars to Snowball Corners for yet another tiresome Awareness Event.

      Oh and Ms. Buck, don’t worry, I’ll be voting again this time, like I always do.

  2. fed up said

    saw a car yesterday in town with this sign in the window “SAY NO TO MORRIS ON OCT 25” maybe we should all put some sort of wign in our car windows till Oct 24

  3. Stephanie said

    “If everyone talks to 10 people, and they talk to 10 people, and so on and so on, we will make CHANGE happen.”

    I am doing this, and will continue to do so with renewed vigour after hearing about this. Further, I will also let my friends know about Jan Freedman.

    As for Mr. Dawe, the bad behaviour of others only makes him look good by comparison.

  4. jargong said

    Would this bylaw stand up to the Charter of Rights? Perhaps we should emulate Brian Morris and follow Phyllis with a camera!

  5. evelyn.buck said

    Do you honestly belive Councillor Granger drafted upthat document by himself? I don’t think so.The Market had it foisted on them

    It seems it was presented to the executive. No questions or comments were asked or contributed. It was approved by a vote. But there were no minutes taken and no record made. Seems to me like the vendors want to do what they come to the market to do and do well… and that is to vend.

    But once they let the Mayor in with the town’s money, they are having a bit of a problem shaking her loose.

    It’s a bit like the Historical Society I think. Funds were provided to get the renovations completed and the Town’s museum up and running. Now what do we have? A museum collection stored in the basement and the Historical Society relocated to the Hillary House.

    Everything has a price it seems, though honestly I would not have thought so. Not the Aurora Historical Society. I think now the only option is for Friends of the Aurora Museum Society to organize.

    I nominate Flo Murray as president Emeritus.

    • One who Knows said

      What! are you saying that the Museum is not operating out of the Church Street School. How is this possible they were there for years. Under the watchful eye of Jackie Stewart they had school groups attending there for years learning about the history of this town, Is this not culture? What is going on over there, How much is this building costing the tax payers to operate. We need answers!!!

    • evelyn.buck said

      The answer is a long one. Check today’s post on ,my blog.

  6. Robert the Bruce said

    “He was approached by one of the vendors and informed that campaigning was contrary to the Market guidelines/by-laws.”

    If I was Mr. Dawe I would have respectfully told the vendor that I was not a member of the Market and do not have to abide by guidelines or by-laws. Clearly those rules are for vendor campaigning on behalf of a candidate.

    I remember seeing Lois Brown at every event at the park while Belinda was in office – was that campaigning? Of course. This is public property – have at it.


  7. evelyn.buck said

    well who was the complainant? Was that the jellies and jam lady.

    Everybody knows she is a Phyllis’s supporter.

    I hear every incumbent Councillor has regularly promenaded the Market since it opened.

    I heard last week Phyllis was wearing her jacket with Mayor across the back .

    I’ve been there twice myself and enjoyed meeting people there.I was wearing a big hat and sunglasses.I discoverd to my chagrin later I was not even recognised by many people.

    Wells Street is a public thoroughfare. Market vendors have paid $3.50 for the right to sell their wares.

    Unlike the Jazz Festival where they took ownership of our public space. vendors do not control our public spaces.

    Shopping Centres are private property and they dont object to candidates distributing leaflets. I’ve done it for years.

    Somebody needs to tell Geoff you can be too polite.. The Morris crowd will chew you up and spit you out. They have the flavour of American Republicans. Remember John Kerry and Republican Swift Boat distortions.


    • Broderick epps said

      Evelyn wrote, “Somebody needs to tell Geoff you can be too polite.. The Morris crowd will chew you up and spit you out”

      That is what is so disheartening. The other 3 candidates are all easy prey for Morris.They truly will chew dawe/kean (already have once before)/ and clowater. Get ready for term 2 of Ms. Morris unless one of the three somehow muster some balls to take on Morris head on!

  8. fed up said

    I am absolutely furious. What kind of town do we have now? A private vendor at the market thinks they have the right to tell a taxpaying citizen what to do and how to behave in a publicly taxpayer funded park. Who is this vendor? Sounds like Europe in the 40’s. Call my real estate agent–I want no part of living in a town that tolerates such putdowns as this from a vendor at the market.

    • Confident said

      To Fed Up,
      Don’t call your real estate agent too soon! Have confidence….this mayor is on her way out.

      If everyone talks to 10 people, and they talk to 10 people, and so on and so on, we will make CHANGE happen. It is honest and clean and it WILL happen. It is happening now. I was at a neighbourhood bbq last week, and guests were disgusted with the present mayor. Many have families that also live in town. It doesn’t stop there either, because this group will definitely talk to more people than just their family and neighbours.


  9. Matt Maddocks said

    Double standard? Absolutely. But to me, it’s more about what it shows about the Morris camp – pettiness.
    The market is what it is; we meet and talk, and lately, the talk’s been centered mostly around this election and it’s players. That would seem to make it an ideal place to speak with the candidates, so why let them in to talk. Geoff knows the market’s a great place to hear from and speak with folks, so he’s there doing just that. Ms. Morris has been doing the same since declaring, but it’s not until Geoff starts to get into her kitchen, that we hear the whinging. Playing fair is and never has been one of Ms. Morris’ strong suits, in my opinion.

  10. fed up said

    Geoff and his friends should be able to wear any type of clothing they want to the farmer’s market. Surely the market guidelines/by-laws do not stipulate what clothing people can wear at the market. As far as the literature, Geoff did put away and stop distributing same. As far as conversation is concerned, we are free to talk about any topic we wish anywhere within the boundaries of the town. Unless, that is, if you are a councillor and do not agree with the latest vote. (according to the code of conduct) By the way, who is this vendor friend of the mare’s? Time for a boycott?

    • One who really knows said

      To clarify,the vendor was Jan Freedman who is on the Farmers Market Executive.

      She was referring to the constitution drafted by Clr.Granger that does not allow campaigning at the Market or displaying or distributing campaign material.

      So now you know why Clr.Granger on his own drafted this constitutional crap.

      It was to prevent exactly this situation.

      All makes sense nowe doesnt it.

    • Something Fishy in Aurora...... said

      “To clarify,the vendor was Jan Freedman who is on the Farmers Market Executive.”

      Good to know, Jam Freedman will not be getting any of my business in the future.

    • fed up said

      perhaps the lone granger should inform the mare of his bylaw–my goodness–wells street is a public street–what nonsense–but then what would you expect from this lot?

    • Anonymous said

      Didn’t I read somewhere that Granger’s constitution wasn’t adopted by the market vendors?

      Regardless, Wells Street is a public thoroughfare, and any candidate can engage residents on public streets, can they not?

    • someone who loves this town's food more than politics said

      “Jam” Freedman is a piece of work.

      She is cold and petty.

      I have commented twice on her pathetic antics here:

      I’m not suprised she would quote Granger’s constitution.

      Geoff should have reminded her that it was never adopted.

      I would boycott Jan’s wares but they just aren’t that good to begin with.

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