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More of the Same From Mayor Morris and Sher St. Kitts

Posted by auroracitizen on July 25, 2010

The Aurora Jazz Festival is on next week, so therefore the Farmer’s Market has to move out. Sort of.

At the July 13th council meeting, Sher St. Kitts appeared at open forum to instruct the Mayor that the Farmer’s Market vendors who are located in the Park will be in the way of the Jazz Festival, and therefore would have to move.  

The Mayor, as compliant as ever (at least to her “friends”) of course agreed, and then an email went out to the Farmer’s Market telling them they would have to move!

Last year, it was billed as the Aurora Jazz Festival and Farmer’s Market. This year, because certain people are no longer associated with the Farmer’s Market (you may recall that Sher quit when she didn’t get the compensation she demanded), it is just the Aurora Jazz Festival.

Resultant, all Vendors who are permitted to operate in the actual Town park — and this is their 3rd year of operation in the park — are NOT allowed to be in their spots next week. They are being relocated. The reasoning is that those vendors will interfere with the Jazz Festival.  

However, the truth is they will NOT interfere with the Jazz Festival. The truth is, they WILL interfere with the Vendors that are coming with the Jazz Festival — for one week.

Yes, we are bumping vendors who have purchased permits to operate weekly in the Town Park (some for up to three years), with vendors who are coming for a ONE week event.

Oh, and they possibly paid a fee to organizer Sher St. Kitts for the privilege of having a booth.  

Hmmm…… are we the only ones who finds this disgusting.

Mayor Morris and her special friend Sher St. Kitts strike again. Even with an election looming the arrogance and complete lack of respect for the folks in Aurora by this Mayor continue to amaze.

67 Responses to “More of the Same From Mayor Morris and Sher St. Kitts”

  1. Anonymous said

    To Grace Marsh

    Thank you for your comments.

    I would anticipate that if a new mayor and council is elected, we will hear from those people you reference, since the suggested threat has gone.

    The reality remains that not a single senior nor middle staff employee has been named, notwithstanding many have retired in the normal course, and have no reason to be afraid.

    I must express some concerns about your impartiality, however, since you are a close friend of Ms. Buck, and attempted to raise monies on her behalf. Of course, Ms. Buck’s agenda is been amply repeated.

    Unfortunately, the results of my inquiries of some senior staff suggesting otherwise, were censored by the Moderator as “unfounded allegations”. Interestingly, your’s weren’t.

    • Incognito said

      Mr Poppe, you make it sound like being associated with Cllr Buck is a bad thing. You should be concerned with your own impartiality, your anti-Buck bias (like that of your friend, the mayor’s antipathy towards Mrs Buck) is showing.

  2. Guy Poppe said

    To Moderator

    Thank you for your reply.

    I restate my question: who left the Town’s employ because of the alleged behaviour of the Mayor and council?.

    This is an assertion by Ms. Buck and paroted by some of your readers.

    Let’s not skate-the question needs no clarification.

    The answer is not to censor my question.

    A response that it is private or just a gut-instinct, won’t do.

    • Richard Johnson said

      Grace Marsh definitely left because of Mayor Morris but she was a councillor.

      I know of two other councillors that may not run again because of the Mayor.

      I know of at least one employee (and very likely a second) that have had to take stress leave because of the treatment they have received by the town and the Mayor.

      I also have heard that there has been legal action that has resulted from firings, including a cease and desist order issue to the Mayor from the past integrity commissioner. Mayor Morris apparently made false and disparaging comments to a Toronto Star reporter about the former IC that sounded like they were 100% fabricated based on what the town told me the official position was with regards to the IC’s firing. Phyllis tried to discredit the former IC in the media, at AMO and at the town hall. So much for her integrity, if you ask me.

    • Grace Marsh said

      Mr. Poppe:

      I am a little reticent to get into a discussion with you based on some of the other exchanges I have read, however since my name has been added to this discussion I will comment.

      First, Richard is correct, Phyllis Morris was about 85% of the reason I resigned. That’s a fact, and I made it public at the time.

      Secondly, as a former staff person (Aurora 1990-2000 and Vaughan 2000-2005) I worked directly with many of the staff that have left since December 2006. As a colleague, many confided in me and quite frankly their “public” reasons for leaving (retirement, other employment etc.)are not the whole story. Remember, we are taking about their careers.

      It would be professional suicide to publicly slam the elected officials in a municipality they no longer work for. Therefore they leave with as much dignity as they can muster and keep silent in order preserve their personal reputations and avoid potential law suits. It is unreasonable to expect they would do anything different.

  3. Guy Poppe said

    To Joker

    I haven’t a clue what your saying.

    Perhaps you can elaborate, and I will try to respond.

    • Joker said

      That’s right Poppe…

      Was it not written in ENGLISH?????

      I figured you would have no response…..(the Morris way again…….i don’t understand, what do u mean?)

      she has taught you well my son….

      My name might be Joker, but Morris and the gang (that includes you) are the big joke!!!

      go on now….speak to something totally different and deflect the conversation….

      say hi to Morris, let her know that the gang here at the citizen are not buying the bulls**t she has you selling here…later

  4. Guy Poppe said

    Mr. Epps.

    Which part of my comments do you not understand?

    Clr. Buck started the comment that there has been a mass exodus of senior staff because of the current mayor and council.

    I have repeadly asked for something to prove it one way or the other

    My own questioning suggests otherwise.

    I have asked Clr. Buck,her response was simply a ” gut feeling”. I asked everyone who reads reads this blog for information, including the moderator. The last request simply was censored.

    Are you not interested in the truth, Mr. Epps?

    • Guy, if you really want the full list of senior employees that have left it was supplied in the post

      In fact, the town lawyer wrote a letter complaining that one of the employees was listed in error Resultant we removed the offending position and clarified the information. They did not quibble about the balance of the list.

      The reason why we “censored” your comment was that it made no sense since the information was clearly already posted.

      We should also mention that we have also “censored” some comments from readers who have responded to you in a manner that — although not using foul language — we felt really didn’t add to the discussion. I guess you will never know what they thought of you.

      We will continue to apply some discretion about these types of comments since we don’t believe either side has a right to name calling. We try to retain the content comments — just not the name calling ones.

      Of interest, the employee in question has now left the Town’s employ. I guess we did know something after all.

    • kit kat 2 said

      this is an easy one. Ask the receptionist for the phone list, then ask for the phone list from 2006 or 2007. Tick and bob the difference.

  5. Guy Poppe said

    Positive 2010

    Thank you for your note. I am surprised it’s posting was not denied as “unproven allegation”.

    I also commented that I had spoken to some past senior staff, who denied they left for the reasons the the Aura Citizen and Ms. Buck alleges.

    It was rejected for publication.

  6. evelyn.buck said

    New information since last post.

    The Church Street School facility was provided to the commercial Jazz Festival free.

    The Town also providedd A $2,000 “partial sponsorship” to the commercial operation from our taxes.

    Vehicles were in the park during the Jazz Festival along with booths selling products.

    At the last Council meeting ,the organizer showed pictures of vehicles in the park with market vendors. Complained they were in contravention of the Bylaw.

    Despite being notified by the town, the public toilet facilities must be accessible at all times, the public were blocked from access to the facilities by the jazz festival organisers.

    Parks staff had to be called out, at an additional cost of possibly $225 to solve the problem.

    You’re welcome.

  7. Guy Poppe said

    To the Moderator

    I note you have not posted several comments about your role-none contained any offensive or unproven statements. They simply challenged your professed independence.

    Perhaps it was just an oversight.

    Or to use your words “Hmmm… are we the only ones who find this disgusting”.

    • Frankly we were tired of reading the same thing just repeated again and again.

      You seemed to have made your points.
      – You don’t like the blog.
      – You think we are wrong.
      – You think Council is doing a great job for the most part
      – You think the moderator censors comments.

      You claim you wanted to discuss issues? So why don’t you start?

      Rather than focusing on the role of the moderator versus contributors — why not debate the issues you feel Council has done such a great job of?

      We will officially raise our total of unpublished comments to 25. The most recent being additions from Mr Poppe.

    • Get a Life said

      Mr Poppe,
      When do you go on summer vacation?
      Take a break. Go for a swim, read a book, go fishing, see a movie, spend time with friends and family, go shopping. Gardening is quite theraputic. Find an interest other than this blog.You seem obsessed!

    • joker said

      Get A life it’s Poppe’s job to read everything on this site and report back to Morris. He has been givin his job to confuse and deflect (this is the Morris way).

      Hey Poppe, tell Morris that all the gang here at the citizen say HI….lol

      85 more days….lame duck Mayor on her way out…..

    • really popped off said

      Guy, why don’t you take an extended vacation, say until November ?

  8. Guy Poppe said

    To Positive 2010:

    As I have stated in this blog and even in open council some three months ago, I believe council is doing an admirable job (most of the time). Characterize my feelings whichever way it suits your purpose. I don’t like insult regardless of it’s source.

    However, I would be obliged if you would or could answer the questions I have raised.

    • POSITIVE 2010 said

      ( Most of the time ?)

      I have spoken to several staff in the last few weeks and some said that the Town Hall is a uncomfortable place to work.

      Some also stated it is NOT because of Clr.Buck and they look forward to change in the coming weeks.

      Oct 25 is a fresh start for our Town but hopefully a weight off our employees shoulders.

      Why would they lie?

    • Broderick Epps said


      I too get the same response when talking to town staff. In fact that has been the feeling that goes way back to when Phyllis and Evilina got on Council.
      BTW you got to love Mr. P’s assertion that senior staff turnover is in the normal range.
      Even corroborates it by saying senior staff have not come forward to disparage Mormac.Wow.
      A lawyer knows severed employees always sign off that they will not speak out against their former employer. Also the field of Municipal Government is limited and tight knit. Who in their right mind would speak out against a former employer. That would be career suicide.I researched the Tim Jones era and not once did he have a complete senior staff turnover. He did lose valuable people like Marc Neeb, but guess who was at the heart of that one….Phyllis.

  9. Guy Poppe said

    To the Moderator

    It looks like censorship is alive in this blog.

    Show some courage to accept that you do not have a monopoly on wisdom, and respond to questions that are relevant but may challenge your agenda.

    But then, what goes around, comes around.

  10. Guy Poppe said

    To Broderick Epps

    Have you really thought about the significance of your comment that, in effect, the Mayor controls the majority of council?

    Aside from the fact it insults the independent integrity of councilors, and challenges their oath of office, it says that the Mayor must be some powerful figure.

    But what’s in it for councilors who supposedly follow the Mayors lead and direction, like some forlorn sheep?

    I am not sure you appreciate the dynamics of council politics, otherwise you wouldn’t be making such comments. Unless, of course, you have an agenda.

    I am sure Bill, Nigel, Norm, Tim or any other councilor or mayor can assist you in a proper understanding of these dynamics.

    • POSITIVE 2010 said


      I do not think I have ever heard anyone defend a mean spirited person so much.

      You now officially are now part of the negative gang that is hurting this town.


      No comment needed for reply.

      It is a fact.

  11. Guy Poppe said

    To Broderick Epps:

    How would you characterize Clr. Collins-Mrakas and Clr. MacRoberts, who in large majority of cases voted with the rest of council? In fact, if it wasn’t for the Nitkin issue, their agreement would be very close to anyone else on council


  12. Guy Poppe said

    To the Moderator:

    So your role is simply to vet comments and not advocate positions.

    Please tell me then, why in the lead post from the AuroraCitizen does it say “Hmmm… are we the only ones who find this disgusting”.

    I guess the “we” are some nefarious trolls calling themselves the Aurora Citizen.

    You call fool some people some of the time….

  13. Guy Poppe said

    To the Moderator

    As a further thought, you seem to have no problems accepting unproven and unsubstantiated allegations of mass staff exodus by some of your readers, but censor any comment suggesting otherwise.

    • Guy, really, now you are beginning to sound like Phyllis. Because you say it often enough doesn’t make it true.

      There is nothing unproven about the number of senior manaegement that has exited this term. The names and titles are there for all to see if you look. Feel free to use the list provided on this blog or Councillor Buck’s — or possibly you have a different view of the org structure.

      You seem to be confusing the total turn-over (as provided to Richard Johnson in response to his FOI rather than answering the real question he asked — and paid for) versus the exodus of senior staff, together with the combined years of corporate memory and experience, that we have consistently referred to.

      Refer to the senior team that was in place when this term began — compare the numbers who have left with any previous term. Secondly, consider those who were fired (i.e John Rogers) or left abruptly (i.e. Ms King).

      If you still don’t see an issue, then you have a very different view on the value of experienced staff and we will have to disagree.

      However, you cannot dispute the list of people who have left. Those are facts versus opinion.

  14. Guy Poppe said

    To the moderator:

    You censored a comment, “as unproven”. What would you accept? My records, e-mails etc.

  15. Guy Poppe said

    To Fred:

    As you well know, the mayor doesn’t make decisions: council does. She has only one vote.

    Of course, members don’t always agree. In fact, some or one may even delight in trying to belittle another member.

    But here’s some statistics. Clr Buck has dissented in over 70% of recorded votes. Of those, about 50% of the time she was alone in her dissent. Clr, Collins-Mrakas and Clr. McRoberts were next in dissent at about 25%-mostly related to dealing with the Nitkin issue. So this doesn’t strike me as a disfunctional council.

    So let me be straight forward: Clr Buck has no time for the Mayor and the majority of council. Her vitriol for them is self-evident.

    You asked for an issue where I taught council did well (and there are many, and some, humbly, not so great). The Westhill issue is one. The Bartley matter is another. (both opposed by Buck)

    So Fred, to you, tell me what council should have done on any issue you can think of.

    On a personal note, thanks for raising issues without resorting to insult.

    • Broderick Epps said

      Yes Mr. P. you are correct Ms. Buck is usually the disenting vote, that is a fact. While we are on statistics, how many times have Granger/Gaertner/Wilson (collective IQ’s in double digits) voted against Macmor. That number has to be in single digits. That too rings of dysfunction if three councillors don’t have the ability to think and vote for themselves. You can key on Evelyn all you want, but the majority out here are always embarrased that the afoementioned councillors represent them as they are mere puppets whose strings are pulled by Macmor.
      PS watch morris’s face everytime Wilson starts rambling on that he might vote against the bloc, and watch how fast Wilson scurries onside. I’ve seen this over a dozen times in the last three plus years.

  16. Anonymous said

    To Anonymously: Thanks for proving my point.

    • Annonymous said

      The majority of Aurora’s Council is covered in fecal matter.

      It is a disgrace to give these people any mention at all. It is the media that provides them with their very lives. Take away the coverage and they cease to exist.

      If one percent of the people who post blogs on this site attended Council meetings, and made their presence known when the chicanery really gets out of control, when the rules are abused and broken, when the vile language gets slanged about like so much park poop, we might not have this hideous, slimy, malodorous CEO and and her cohort.

    • Guy Poppe said

      To Fred: You asked for a point of debate, and I’ll give you one.

      Some time ago, Clr. Buck alleged a mass exodus of Town staff because of the alleged behaviour of the Mayor and which Buck calls, the Go6. This allegation was immediately parroted by her supporters, and even continues to linger today.

      When this was being alleged, I asked Clr. Buck for information. Her response was first, it was a matter of privacy,(although she listed the positions) then it was based on a “gut-feeling”). She never spoke to anyone to determine the reasons for leaving.

      Mr. Johnson (anti-mayor proponent) decide to seek the data. The data shows that the turnover during this council was the lowest in the last three councils. Now Mr. Johnson begins to shift.

      He wants senior and middle management data.

      In the meantime, I did my own questioning. I spoke to some who supposed to have left for the reason Clr. Buck alleged.
      No one I spoke to concurred with that. (Sentence removed by Moderator because it makes an unproven allegation. In our best efforts to represent both sides, we have removed the sentence versus deleting the entire post)

      I also add that in early in the current term, treatment of senior staff was raised by Dick Illingsworth. However he blamed it on Mr. Jones failure to deal with staff issues.

      Over to you Fred.

    • Fred said

      Guy, I’m hardly going to debate Councillor Buck or Richard Johnson’s positions. They’re well able to do it for themselves.
      As I said, in what way has council done a good job? Let’s make it simple – what, in your opinion, has been the greatest achievement of Phyllis this term?

    • Not a Bridge Burner said

      I don’t know what to think of all this, but I do know that if I was leaving a big corporation like the Town of Aurora, I don’t know that I’d advertise that I left because of the crazy politicians or the mayor. That would seriously hurt my chances of getting a job in the same field.

      It’s easier to just say you left for greener pastures, or to somewhere that offered better compensation, or something.

  17. Anonymous said

    While I’ll be surprised if this even gets posted, here’s my two cents…..

    I think Matt’s demeaning language and name calling pretty much sums up this board. For all the protestations of “We’re looking for open and transparent debate,” the vast majority of posters here have already made up their minds and no amount of “debate” is going to change it.

    Anyone who tries to post an opinion in support of the mayor or the so-called Gang of Six is immediately ridiculed by being called such things as “good and faithful servant” or “flunky” or “sycophant.”

    For those of you who claim the mayor is arrogant, don’t you think automatically dismissing anyone who supports her is just as arrogant? Do you really think there aren’t people out there — intelligent, good and honest people — who simply think she and the majority of council is doing a good job? If not, and you think anyone who supports them must be either stupid or ill-informed, your arrogance is every bit as bad as the type you protest.

    So, to Auroracitizen, why not drop the phony pretense of being open to debate and just get on with your obviously one-sided agenda of trying to take down the mayor and certain councillors?

    By all means, go for it if it’s what you believe in and what to accomplish.

    Just be honest about it.

    • Anonymously said

      And your point is?

    • Fred said

      In what way has this council done a good job?
      Why does there never seem to be a valid argument put forth by so-called Phyllis supporters?
      It’s difficult to debate something when its not presented.
      Pick an issue and present your case.

    • Intelligent, Good & Honest Person said

      “here’s my two cents…..”

      *fumbles in pocket* Yeah, I think I’ve got change for that.

    • Tim the Enchanter said

      Exactly Fred.

      What is this? Guy Poppe v2.0 (sorry GP , hanging curveball – have to swing at those)

      Potshots aside, many legitimate questions and issues have been raised on this forum regarding the actions of the current mayor and council yet all we hear is the Citizen only exists to trashtalk.

      As Fred said – no issues, no counter-arguments, no flip-side-of-the-coin viewpoints, just the same please-pull-my-string-and-hear-me-say “I support the mayor and most of council”

      So “intelligent, good and honest people”, stop sounding like Stepford Voters and speak up.

      Let’s start small.

      Assuming that the Mayor and Councillor Gaertner actually did sign a petition against tanning beds (I have no reason to doubt it) and assuming the signatures were applied in their official capacities, arguments have been made against such action.
      Arguments. Not just kneejerk slams(at least not yet) that “the Mayor signed a petition against tanning beds so we hate her”

      Now it’s YOUR turn.
      “I disagree sir” or “You’re wrong you ignorant peasant. I support the Mayor and Councillor Gaertner signing the petition because ………”

      Go ahead. It’s easy and fun and you know it’ll be posted because there are “intelligent, good and honest people” here too.

      All living together in this funny little town.

    • Right said Fred!

      As for the comment:

      “Anyone who tries to post an opinion in support of the mayor or the so-called Gang of Six is immediately ridiculed by being called such things as “good and faithful servant” or “flunky” or “sycophant.”

      All this poster has identified is that support the mayor and/or Gang-of-Six on this blog is the minority.

      I fail to see but a couple people who post their names, or pseudonyms that “simply think she and the majority of council is doing a good job.”

      Even this poster chooses to remain anonymous, so how do they expect to enter any “honest” debate if they are not willing to fill in a name?

      No doubt a bunch of contributors to this blog have made up their minds and I agree with Fred, there never seem to be a valid argument put forth by so-called Phyllis supporters.

      Is it because there aren’t many supporters that can frame an argument, or because a valid argument cannot be made?

      Do I believe these people are intelligent, good and honest people? maybe.

      Do I believe these people are stupid or ill-informed? maybe.

      It all comes down to the issues, which are open for discussion.

      When reading letters to the local papers, or other blogs or even in general conversation around town I fail to see where support for the mayor is not a minority.

      My belief is that if there was an alternative blog constructed towards the same end (that was not operated or controlled by the town) that the debate and participants would look much the same.

      All I can say to Anonymous, is if you believe one blog is one-sided, then why don’t you create your own?

      If that’s what you believe in and want to accomplish, that is.

    • fed up said

      The bottom line is this:

      PM exhibits few if any leadership skills. A leader is one who treats staff, collegues and clients with dignity and respect. A leader brings the group to common consensus (despite their differences) and professionally moves the organization forward. In the case of PM, none of this has been seen in the last 4 years. From one that has studied body language, PM’s body language speaks volumes. Her disdain for others whose views differ from hers is more than obvious. The negative vibes that flow across the TV screen and through the council chamber are cold and do not display any respect for anbody but herself and her followers. She is also unable to run a proper meeting, not knowing the rules and constantly rephrasing what each and every council members says. A council member should feel free to express him/her self without the mayor having to restate it each and every time. If I was a council member I would be insulted by her having to restate everything that I have said in council. I am quite able to speak for myself and make my views known. No wonder meetings take forever to complete when each and every idea is state twice or more. During the early spring, there was a vote before council to re-visit as issue. Such a vote requires a 2/3 (66%) vote to defeat. The vote was 5 against re-visiting and 3 for. Now that is not 66%, but PM allowed the motion to re-visit to be defeated. Just another example of her not following procedure and the rules of council. PM may be a very nice person. I do not know her on a personal level. I only know her from what I read and what I see on TV or in council. But, what I do know, is that she is not the kind of leader that this town needs at this time.

    • Matt Maddocks said

      “demeaning language and name calling”

      Dear Anonymous;

      My comments, while admittedly sarcastic and meant to provoke a snort or two, pale in comparison to the lies that spew forth from the mouth of the Mayor, one who was elected to serve at the pleasure of the people of the town of Aurora, but has completely forgone that mandate. The Mayor no longer sees Aurora as the town where four years ago people placed their trust in her to govern in a forthright and professional manner, based on promises she made during her campaign. Instead, our Mayor seems to view Aurora as a place where she can exercise absolute power for personal gain, favour her friends and inner circle, and those who challenge her can be damned.

      This blog allows debate and also a forum to vent. It would seem that in our present polictical state, the only time the people get a real chance to have their voices heard is every 4 years at the polling station. Four years ago, I along with many others, thought we had voted for someone who promised true leadership and positive change. Not too long into the current Mayor’s reign, we realized we were lied to. Not just lied to, but cunningly deceived. If not for this blog, I might think I was the only one who felt that way. Turns out, there’s quite a few of us, and we’ll be back at the polls this fall.

      You were never going to be surprised if your comments were posted. You would have been shocked however, if they weren’t, even though that would have provided your “a-ha” moment.

      The Mayor has the entire town’s services at her disposal to voice her views and deliver her photo-ops. Those of us who disagree, have this blog.

      Honest enough for ya?

    • Guy Poppe said

      To Tim the Enchanter from Maple;

      It may surprise you, but I did not write the Anonymous’ letter you refer to: nor do I know the author or encourage or suggest his or her comments. Having been the subject of vindictive comments, and read the arguments (????) put forth, I totally agree with the author’s comments. I know many others of the same opinion. Like I said before, this pit evokes a lot of laughter.

      You may relish in the approach of name calling, insult and WTF, Dude (your language), and congratulate yourself with high-fives, while peaking from behind your mommy’s dress, the fact is we will have open candidates debates, and you will have a full opportunity to spew all the venom you want.

      But then we will all see it in person.

      Can’t wait to see and hear you. I suspect you may decline.

    • Positive 2010 said

      Some people just cannot handle the truth.

      The fact is exclusion is a form of bullying.

      Telling people who they can and should not talk to is school yard and pathetic.

      This actually happened at the Farmers Market and by persons in power.

      Sad but true and the truth will come out.

      They act like bullies and actions say they are.

    • joker said

      Hey Poppe…

      You said “the fact is we will have open candidates debates, and you will have a full opportunity to spew all the venom you want.”

      Do you know something we all don’t?? like Morris is going to be running for office??

      She hasn’t declared yet, why not??

      Oh Yeah!!! If she declared she wouldn’t be able to use town funds for campaigning!!!

      Ahhh yes the morris way….Never have to spend a dime of your own…

      My driveway needs repaving…. You think Morris can get the town to pay for it?? Or do you have to be a friend or be able to promise votes…lol

  18. Anonaurora said

    RJ wrote “We may not always agree but you act with integrity none the less. I have to respect that.”

    Do you always agree with everybody? Why do you keep saying that about Cllr Buck? “I may not always agree, but…this time you’re right?” Are you suprised?

    I don’t agree with anyone 100% of the time, but I think it would be demeaning to state that every time.

    • Richard Johnson said

      Good point. I’ll try no to say that again.

      I think the reason I say it is that I don’t want anyone to think that I am taking sides because we agree on many issues. We often don’t agree, but that’s OK. There probably is not another councillor that I am so split on. That said, the point I am trying to make (clearly unsuccessfully) is that I am willing to defend her right to speak even if we disagree. That is what democracy is all about; the right to share views without being brow beaten.

      It’s my view that Evelyn was elected and should therefore be allowed to state her views without the threat of being harassed by the Mayor, Evelina, Wendy through the manipulation of the code of conduct and any number of other efforts to tar her (Granger’s efforts in this direction don’t count because half the time he makes no sense).

      For a Mayor that promised openness and transparency, while promising to hear all viewpoints, I think that the Mayor has clearly fallen well short of the mark.

  19. fed up said

    I think that if I was a vendor at the Farmer’s Market that the police would have to drag me kicking and screaming out of the town park. I have a permit that I paid for. A contract between me and the town that allows me to be in the town park on Saturdays during the duration of the Farmer’s Market. By telling me to leave the town park, the town is breaking that contract with me. Why? Just because someone more important(in her own mind) comes along with another event and is a friend of the mayor. I think NOT. Maybe the vendors at the market will refuse to leave the town park. Then where will Sher be?

    • Anon Ymous said

      Sher and the Mayor will probably enlist the Queen’s York Rangers next door at the Armouries to be their hired goons 😀

  20. Robert the Bruce said

    Perhaps this should go somewhere else but I had to get it out of my head…..

    Has anyone seen the latest copy of the rag “Snap Aurora”? Hidden inside this wonderful publication is a small photo of Her Majesty Ms. Morris and her minion Wendy Gaertner signing a petition to…… get this…… outlaw tanning beds!! What would Sher St. Kitts do without a tanning bed? The sun isn’t out every day.

    Is this really something municipally elected officials should be doing? I doubt tanning beds are municipally controlled. When you’ve got your laundry hanging on the lines, you don’t have any room to lay out in the sun and you’ve saved that electricity anyways so you can use it.

    I just had to laugh – they really out to lunch.


    • Matt Maddocks said

      I did see that pic in Snap Aurora. I laughed my friggin’ ass off! Looking at the photo of those 2 “lillywhite liliths”, I’m guesssing niether of these witches has ever even been out in the sun, let alone a tanning bed…

    • joker said

      I have been told that phyllis is a member at a tanning salon in Aurora…. Go FIGURE…

      Like always, one thing for the cameras and another out of public eye….

  21. Anonymous said

    I agree with Fed Up…. dont go to the event and Sher and company will take a financial bath.

    A message needs to be sent that she is not welcome in Aurora

    • fed up said

      She’s too stupid to get the message beside she’s the mayor’s friend and she thinks that she can do anything she wants in this town and nobody is going to challenge her on it.

  22. Richard Johnson said

    See Beaches Jazz Festival LINK:

    The Beaches Jazz Festival is held in public spaces however the admission is free and I am not sure if a farmers market is forced to relocate for the private gain of others.

  23. simple said

    simple then, go to listen to the jazz music, but boycott the vendors. events live and die based on their recovery costs, and so do vendors.

    • fed up said

      NO WAY–boycott the entire event–nobody shows up and we can Sher St. Kitts packing back to Snowball never to be seen again

    • First it was vendors couldn’t use vehicles to assist with their load in/out, which as pointed out here is a double standard and disgusting in and of itself, now it has expanded to the point where vendors with permits are being relocated to make way for other vendors? That’s beyond disgusting.

      The town better have a good rationale for this move, because it wreaks of favoritism.

      Here’s a question:

      If there is a place where the Farmers Market vendors are being relocated to, why is it that the Jazz Festival vendors cannot be located there?

      This wreaks of personal vindictive behavior, exhibited by Sher to the Market that refused to pay her, and the reason she “stepped down”.
      For someone who seems to want collaboration and to put on an event for the benefit of community, one wonders with the huge blunders she has made why this event needs to be held in Aurora at all.

      Perhaps she should look to relocate the festival.

      I don’t see a “Snowball Jazz Festival”, nor do I see a Snowball Farmers Market, so there would be less logistical concerns for Sher to deal with.

      There would also be less people, which seems to be the root of Sher’s communication problems.

      I’ll do one better than “Simple”, I plan to get a list of all vendors for this event and boycott them period, regardless of who they are.

      Not just at this event, but for good.

      I’ll also make a list of all the acts and make a note to boycott listening or supporting their efforts too.

      Vendors, participants and sponsors need to wake up and understand what they are affiliated with, and what the actions of the organizers have done that upset other business and the town as a whole.

    • fed up said

      please publish this list of vendors and acts so the rest of the law biding taxpayers in this town can boycott them and all they do in the future

    • Anonymous said

      Would a boycott, AND on on-site protest be in order? If there’s some interest, I’ll be there. Sher and her bullies don’t bother me.

  24. fed up said

    Unbelievable–yet is this town, as we have seen, anything is possible. I don’t blame the Farmer’s Market vendors in the least if they all pull out of this farce and never return. There must be other towns in this region that will treat these people with dignity and respect.

  25. Richard Johnson said

    Quote: “Oh, and they possibly paid a fee to organizer Sher St. Kitts for the privilege of having a booth.” Are you kidding me ?

    Is the town actually becoming Sher’s piggy bank ? I find it very hard to believe she could get away with this without public outcry.

    Please confirm if this is the case !!! That is a very serious allegation and if it turns out to be true it should be front page news in the local papers. If it is not true then we should correct the record.

    • evelyn.buck said

      I cannot confirm or deny any of the information above.

      On July 13th Ms St Kitts was listed as a delagation on council’s agenda to request a waiver of fees for the bandshell. She spoke instead at the public forum. Said she didn’t feel well. Did not ask for a waiver. Dumped on the Farmers Market vendors instead.

      I cannot re-collect a situation where a commercial venture is permitted to use our parks.

      Request for Proposals is called for food vending during concerts in the parlk. The contract is already let.

      I believe it’s a seasonal contract.

      Remember the Grainger outrage when he brought a young ice cream vendor to tears for daring to circulate in the park during the Farmers’ Market. Even though she had a permit.

      I understand there’s a Jazz Festival Party being held at the Church Sreet School Museum the night before the Jazz Festival.

      Our agreement with the operating board is entitled a Purchase of Culture Agreement.

      I assume all those art exhibits and summer hymn sings have been prchased for you by your magnanimous council. For all we know, we may be paying for the jazz festival party as well.

      Getting answers is slow this morning.

      The agreement calls for the board to make a presentation to Council once a year. No sign of that on the shrinking horizon as yet.

      No sign of the museum being restored to its rightful place either. Despite grants obtained for a museum and historical society funds used to complete the renovations.

      And despite the renovation plans being specifically designed as a state of the art museum

      And despite the Historical Society having a legal agreement with the town to protect their financial investment in the building. .

    • evelyn.buck said


      One event held in the Town Park allowed admission to be charged, The Town was a partner with the Aurora Agricultural Society . The
      Aurora Horse Show was a Class A event, featured on film and television drawing Olympic Gold Medalists and champion horses from all over North America.
      Dignitaries attended. The show outgrew the town park and the Community Centre was fully utiliised with baking and sewing contests . Mutt contests . Quilt making competitions.Jams and pickles , Everything you could think about to allowed people to show off their skills.

      It did not last long after it became a commercial venture, It was certainly not the show Aurora was accustomed to enjoy. The asdmission fee was what allowed it to be, It certainly did not put money into anybody’s pocket.

    • Richard Johnson said

      Thank you Clr Buck for your efforts.

      We may not always agree but you act with integrity none the less. I have to respect that.


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