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Is Jazz Festival Sign Breaking the Rules?

Posted by auroracitizen on July 25, 2010

Since when is this allowed on TOWN PROPERTY?

Jazz Festival Sign

A very large sign, on metal posts, advertising a private, ticketed (i.e. you have to pay money to attend) event!!

Local property taxes paying businesses are forbidden from placing signs in front of their place of business without a formal permit. Never seen a sign like this placed on Town property before.

Has Sher gotten a permit?

Can you even get a permit to place a promotional sign on Town property?

If not we hope the same by-law officer who was recently spotted checking vendor permits at the market will be checking into this situation.

26 Responses to “Is Jazz Festival Sign Breaking the Rules?”

  1. fed up said

    So the Snowball Queen has blocked farmer’s market vendors from using public washrooms and a by-law officer had to be called out to tell her to do what she was already told to do, i.e. allow access for the public to use public washrooms. This woman has more gall. Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. Matt Maddocks said

    Just drove past the park, and the fencing is going in. Kinda looks like the G20 contractor just moved it all up here from Toronto. My park is now off limits. Thanks Sher.

  3. Anonymous For A Reason II said

    Another sign appeared yesterday in front of the Town owned, taxpayer paid for Church Street School. You have to give the woman credit, she does not give up easily. In response to questions posed by “Anonomously Said”, on July 25 at 8:19 p.m., St. Kitts has partially paid for the use of the park with at least $2,000.00 of your tax paying dollars; there is a $5.00 entry fee to your park; there are sponsorships that have been collected; the park is out of bounds to the taxpaying general public from Friday evening until Sunday morning; the Thursday evening at your (Cultural Centre) Church Street School,free of charge to the organizer, states “Help Raise Funds for the Festival”, so is Thursday evening a benefit? I suppose it is all in how you perceive to be the benefactor.
    My questions are: Did anyone make an inquiry of the all the residents around the park and in the general vicinity of the park, if they had any objection with this festival happening? I think that if I lived in that area I would not be akin to having to listen to music, not of my choosing, until 11:00 p.m. both Friday and Saturday. Having to deal with an enormous amount of traffic and parking issues and who knows what unforeseen things may occur during the event.
    Are there pay duty police going to be assigned to protect taxpayers interest?
    Is there insurance in place should something happen to town owned property?

  4. One who Knows said

    “This is the same house that got a special plaque for a “heritage tree”.which is now dead , wonder if this is a sign of things to come

  5. Anonymous said

    “as taken from”

    I just went there, and everything is gone exept for the ‘call me’ link, which leads to nowhere.

  6. Guy Poppe said

    To Annonymous:

    WTF Dude:

    No I don’t have a word here. My mother thought me long ago not to talk to strangers. I forgot sometimes.

    But my friends say they think this blog is better than watching “Dragon’s Den”. I don’t agree.

    Having some woman call herself a “knight” (duhhhh) and questioning anyone’s intelligence that has a different view, does not invite reasonable debate.

    I expect the viper hiss.

    Guy Poppe

    • Huh? said

      I don’t understand Guy Poppe’s post. WTF indeed.

    • reality tv said

      Actually, watching Council is the best 5 hours of reality tv around. beats anything out there now. the mayor probably had 4 of the 5 hours of speak time. however, with all reality tv, there is irony and sadness and suffering. It is a shame that it is the good folks of aurora that bear witness and endure the suffering now and in the future.

    • Mr. Poppee

      First off this blog is no way better than watching Dragon’s Den. If you seriously believe so, you need to get a life.

      Secondly, if you are expecting a “viper hiss” you will have to wait as the Mayor is on vacation for a couple weeks.

      As for inviting reasonable debate, please enlighten us as to 5 instances where the Mayor has achieved this? I can’t find a single one.

      And hence: WTF?

  7. Anonymous said

    1:00pm Monday – just drove past the park. The signs are gone.

    Things that make you go hmmmm…

    • Anonymous said

      And make you go:

      “Well, we know who is reading this blog, alright!”

    • Anonymous said

      I sent an email to the Mayor and Councillors today with a copy of this original post and the other about Sher and PM working together. I first received a reply that Her Highness is away on vacation for two weeks – have a nice summer. Soon after I got a rambling reply from her saying that I am writing misleading and inaccurate information. It then went on to say that she was copying the CAO, the Clerk plus a number of other officials to have my email read in to open council and discussed. She said that “I assume you will allow this”. I replied that I will not allow this as it is not my words – I was asking for an explanation of how these things could happen and what would be done to remedy it. When she replied (from her infamous Blackberry) she said that she will not respond to anonymous comments but would pass along my questions to the people that have the answers.

      I received no reply from anyone else on council – they were all included in her replies back to me. I am sure there was a subsequent email to them to ignore my request.

      What a bunch of maroons.

    • So because you refused to have your name/email read into the record at a Councuil meeting — that makes your comments anonymous to her?

      The picture speaks. What is anonymous about that? Either the sign was there or it wasn’t. Either it was there with permission and there would be a permit, or it was there illegally and it was taken down — either by a by-law officer or a representative of St. Kitts.

      Options seem pretty clear.

      Sounds like her intimidating tactic didn’t work so rather than provide an answer she took her ball and went home. Typical.

      Maybe you are expected to file a FOI to get an answer. The FOI fees will help pay for some of the legal bills she has run up 🙂

    • fed up said

      The sign remains:

      Drove past the park this morning and the sign has simply been relocated to the garden, on private property, at 78 Wells St. on the North West corner of Metcaffe and Wells. Is R. Leonard a friend of St. Kitts or a friend of the mayor?

    • Interesting. Does this mean anyone can place a sign for an event, business or promotion on private property?

      This would seem to skirt the spirit and intent of the sign by-law if not the letter of the by-law.

    • Something Fishy in Aurora..... said

      Well St. Kitts has had three signs for the event displayed in front of their home/office in Snowball for several months now. Only one remains currently

      Wonder what the neighbours think.

    • fed up said

      There are signs plastered on almost every mailbox in town. How does she get away with this?

    • There should be no surprise why the St. Kitt’s Music sign has been relocated to #78 Wells St.

      Bob Leonard & Susan Morton-Leonard provided the following testimonial for Phyllis last election campaign, as taken from :

      Although we would hope that all our mayoral candidates were people of good character our experience with Phyllis Morris has proven she IS a woman of impeccable character.
      Sometime ago our neighbourhood went through a crisis resulting in our taking the town before the OMB. Phyllis fortunately did not forget our disappointment in being let down by Council and Mayor Jones. When she came back to Council as Deputy Mayor she re-contacted and invited us to comment on our concerns and provide feedback on her job performance. A bold move considering the problems Council was experiencing. We did not hold back our critisims and dis-satisfaction, she heard it all graciously. Now our neighbourhood is being challenged again with a number of serious issues, but due to past history we were reluctant to seek Council help. Phyllis, however, contacted us, apologized for past disappointments (without the fanfare of the media) and promised to work with us to the best of her ability and provide transparency each step of the way and she has.
      Although it might be cliche to say “actions speak louder than words”, the truth is Phyllis’s actions DO mirror her words. She has earned our respect and our family of five will be proud to vote for PHYLLIS MORRIS for MAYOR!

    • Anonymous said

      This is the same house that got a special plaque for a “heritage tree”.


    • If you are interested in her old sites – check out the Way Back Machine or you can type in the entire url*/ .

  8. “Can you even get a permit to place a promotional sign on Town property?”

    The answer is of course yes.

    Has anyone noticed the frequent use of the tacky temporary signs out on Wellington by the 404. You know that ones that the town is exempt from their own bylaw for usage.

    I guess it’s no surprise that these signs have announced the parade, the strawberry-peaches-aboriginal-multicultural-quasi-Canadian thing, and of course now the Jazz festival, as well as the event at the Cultural Center.

    Not only is this free advertising, it is an eyesore.

  9. Anonymously said

    Is Sher paying for the use of the Town Park?
    Will there be a fee to enter?
    How long will the Town Park be out of bounds to taxpayers?
    Is this a benefit festival?
    Or is the benefit St. Kitts’ Music?
    Anyone planning on going?

  10. fed up said

    the corruption continues

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