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Election Day: October 25, 2010

Posted by auroracitizen on January 8, 2010

You can now officially declare your candidacy for Mayor or Council. Nigel Kean was the first to do so, declaring for Mayor earlier this week.

All the information you need is available on the town website on their Municipal Election 2010 homepage. The last day to submit or withdraw nomination papers is Sept 10.

This will be a very interesting election. Unfortunately, we predict it will be the nastiest campaign we have seen in Aurora. The last couple grew increasingly negative and that tone carried right on into the Council chambers.

Nigel has already declared, and can start raising and spending money, and all other aspects of campaigning immediately since he has already declared. No other candidates can begin election campaigning until they have also done so.

However, existing members of Council and the Mayor can certainly door knock in their current role as sitting members, or hold coffees or any other campaigning activity under the guise of meeting with constituents. We heard that Mayor Morris is already conducting these type of activities.

They just can’t officially raise money. They can ask for support, but not actually collect the money?

It’s a legal method of campaigning without declaring. That, together with name recognition (and apathy by voters) is one of the key reasons incumbents get re-elected.

Mayor Morris historically announces her candidacy late. Not sure the reason, since it clearly is not a last-minute decision to run. It will be interesting to see when she declares this term.

Each candidate will be offered a page on the site to provide information and respond directly to comments. We can’t guarantee they will avail themselves of this service, but it will be equally offered to all.

33 Responses to “Election Day: October 25, 2010”

  1. Nigel Kean said

    I appreciate your comments but I will say that you are wrong about my ability to be Mayor.I know what I am capable of from my past and present management and council experience
    The fact that at this time I was not willing to give out my platform does not mean that I cannot or will not be a good Mayor.At times it is better to listen than to speak.
    Your comments about me stepping aside if someone better comes a long, means that you believe everything that you read in the papers.I stated in an interview with the Banner that I would not step aside. Did you read that?
    I will, run a strong campaign and will introduce my platform when I am ready.I will not be rushed to do that but here is a small part of what I am thinking.
    I am the cabdidate that will bring respect back to council. I will bring back the trust between staff and council.I will make sure that we do not continue the spending spree on lawyers and new staff positions, when we should be looking at how we can reduce taxes. I will make sure that Aurora residents are looked after, rich and poor. We need to help the food bank plus other groups who help the residents of Aurora.
    We need to look at the Town expenses and find out if we can do things better and cheaper where possible.I also believe that we should always buy locally as long as the price is within reason.
    There are so many things that we can do with the proper leadership and a council that can work together.
    Please let me know if there are anything that you might feel is important.
    Lastly, we do not need. nor can we afford an Integrity minister and the present council should not hire one but leave that decision to the next council.
    This is only a small part of what I have heard from residenst as well as some of my own ideas.

    • Martin Ellingham said

      ’Uh, no. I’m staying in the race regardless of who else comes forward’

      Did you not read that?

      See, Nigel, I had it covered.

  2. Might we suggest the comments directed to Mr Kean be made on his Candidate page. Same for Mr Clowater and future candidates.

    Hopefully this will allow future readers to easily find them as a group.

    Pages can be accessed either at

    or directly at

    Nigel Kean:

    Roger Clowater:

  3. Richard Johnson said

    Roger Clowater has declared he is also running for Mayor, LINK:

    Linkedin Bio:

  4. Nigel Kean said

    To Martin and others,
    I will have a campaign ready to go soon. As you are aware I registered Jan 4th and the last day to register is in September.
    I know that I cannot have coffee on on one with every resident but I was referring to those who write to this blog as they seem to be the most interested at this time.
    I have run two successful campaigns to get elected as a Councillor and I want to work with as many residents as possible before I launch my full campaign.
    I believe that the residents are the best sounding board leading up to the election and will continue to speak to as many as possible wherever I am.
    I thank you for the comments and will continue to update as time goes on.

    • Older than dirt said

      To all you nay sayers
      I agree with Mr Kean as why rush to put out a platform that has not been properly researched. I think that he is right to hold back at this time and as he has stated so many times he would be willing to meet with any of you on this blog who are asking questions about his platform.
      That is more than I would do considering he will be willing to meet with any anonymous or pseudonym, myself included.
      I did however, call him and he did meet with me. I found it very interesting and informative

    • Martin Ellingham said

      Then don’t declare until you have a platform that you can present to the public. Does that sound reasonable, Older Than Dirt?

      There was nothing preventing Mr Kean from getting the pulse of the community prior to declaring, as he had months to do so. He already has a local public profile and is active in the community. He could have easily engaged people while he is out and about to get feedback on issues.

      His stop-start campaign – ‘I’m running but I’ll bow out if someone better declares’…’Uh, no. I’m staying in the race regardless of who else comes forward’ – doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Now his ‘I’ll formulate my platform once I’ve met one-on-one with residents’ is impractical, politically naive and, frankly, laughable.

      I think Mr Kean is a decent, earnest man with all the best of intentions but – and it’s a big ‘but’ – I don’t think he’s mayor material. (Voting for him for council would be another matter entirely). Right now, I couldn’t vote for someone with his current “bass-ackwards” tack.

    • someone who loves this town more than Anonymous said

      I have to agree with martin’s summary.

      There was 3 years to formulate a platform.

      Everything Martin has mentioned about starting and stopping only serves to distance and confuse prospective voters.

      It does little to inspire confidence, and for someone who is uber critical of the current administration you wouldn’t expect a wavering as to proposing alternatives, you would expect a bursting at the seams urgency to let everyone know where you stand and what differentiates you.

      It is true that I am also uber critical about the administration for many of the same reasons, but unlike Nigel I have not submitted my name as a candidate. I would expect if I did that everyone would expect to see a well laid out platform, and if one was not available simply dismiss me as hack and rightly so.

      We know the mess we’re in, we want to know the strategies that will get us out of it. If you don’t have any then don’t announce your intentions to run if you don’t want to look like a fool.

  5. Nigel Kean said

    To Robert the Bruce,
    I agree with the fact the Councillors and the Mayor should not get involved in what they should not. I also believe that Town Staff have the knowledge to handle the daily business and that Council should allow them to do their jobs and not micro manage.
    I will not however, answer questions from Anonymous nor Psuedonym. I will, as stated before meet with you to discuss what you consider as concerns in Aurora and answer what I feel that I can do if I get elected as Mayor. I will do that for any and all citizens of Aurora

    • Larry Fyne said

      Mr. Kean,
      This is my first post here although I have been a frequent reader. I am interested in the question posed by Mr. Bruce about what you feel are the important issues in Aurora. Would you share your answer with me?

      Brian Cohen

    • Nigel Kean said

      I do not believe that this is where I to list issues.
      As I said to RTB, I will at any time meet with you or anyone else to discuss one on one what you believe are the issues and what I believe them to be.
      I will answer to anyone face to face who uses their real name.

      Nigel Kean

    • Martin Ellingham said

      Mr Kean, you can’t have a coffee and a one-on-one chat with each and every eligible voter in town. How many people (complete with real registered voter names) can you reach through this blog? Rest assured, many more read it than post on it.

      This is an opportunity to get your message out there. Particularly as others have yet to declare and the incumbent hasn’t stopped campaigning since the last election.

      To not avail yourself of any means to connect and communicate with potential voters is a squandered opportunity. And to do so can only confirm the belief of those that don’t think you’re the person for the job. Being politically naive isn’t a good quality in a prospective mayor.

    • Thanks will be Given come October said

      So Nigel, now it has to be face to face before you reveal your platform. As soon as Phyllis picks her opportune moment to jump into the fray that means there will be at least three candidates for the Mayoral contest.

      Any chance you’ll let the rest of us in on anything of interest soon that might convince us you’ve changed your stripes since last serving as councillor?

    • someone who loves this town more than Anonymous said

      I have to agree, I plan to have coffee with Nigel but not all of us will have the luxury, nor will Nigel.

      There are better outlets for discussion, this blog is one of several popping up around our town.

      Roger Clowater wasted no time in providing his own blog:

      The longer it takes to release a platform and debate the issues in the public sphere the more one is inclined to believe that either a) no platform exists, or b) one is being made up on the fly and therefore incredibly suspect. Either way less support is assured.

      If you announce early than roll out your platform early, otherwise what’s the point?

    • Robert the Bruce said

      Others have already said it Nigel but I must reiterate. If you are only willing to have clandestine meetings one on one at the local Timmies in order to discuss your platform, then you have confirmed to me that you are not the guy for this job. By ignoring the public here – whether they use a real name or not, is fool-hardy and short sighted.

      I, and others, are interested in what you feel the issues are in Aurora. You now have someone running against you and he has already laid out his issues in the paper. In my mind, you are now in second place in a, so far, two horse race.


  6. Brickbat Returns said

    Bob McRoberts you have the support of many in the community .

    If you love Aurora please enter the race .

  7. someone who loves this town more than Anonymous said

    My apologies. I didn’t understand that using a pseudonym is the same thing as posting as anonymous, which I guess makes “Anonymous” was your pseudonym.

    If you are responsible for writing all “Anonymous” posts you must be a busy, and conflicted person.

    The same argument for pseudonyms can be made for anyone posting under real names. It doesn’t hold any weight.

    First and foremost anyone who is questioned usually comes forward to take ownership of their views, unless of course they are a coward and hide behind “anonymous” like you.

    Secondly, read the message and the tone of the comments and you can often determine who wrote it. This is not true when posted anonymously.

    Lastly, I have multiple times on this blog linked my name to my pseudonym, so if anyone does have any questions they are free to contact me to discuss.

    No one can contact you when you post “Anonymous”, but then that’s not a bad thing because with the lack of anything of interest to say why would anyone want to.

  8. Heather Sisman said

    How do we know that “Someone who loves,etc,etc”,or “Robert the Bruce” OR “Brickbat” or the many others are not Morris or Granger or any of the other GOS.

    We don’t – but at least if you’re replying to something Auntie Mary said you can address the comment by starting with the pseudonym, which is much easier than responding to “Anonymous on January 14, 2010 at 3:13 pm”. At least I find that easier.

  9. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    Mr. “anonymous”

    I find it hard to reply to anonymous posts, because whose to know that this wasn’t written by Mr. Kean himself, or his mom?

    If you have the conviction to comment, you could at least come up with a pseudonym.

    Regardless, my intent was not to disappoint and my approach is in no way defeatist, I was just suggesting that the odds if it were to be bet on in Vegas would be stacked heavily against Mr. Kean.

    I’m basing my opinion on history which has proven that Mr. Kean doesn’t stack up to our mayor come an election.
    Yes 2010 is not 2006, but lets remember that incumbents are not easily defeated, and even though Mr. Kean has relevant experience from council and would no doubt make a great councilor, what exactly makes him Mayor material?

    To me Mr. Kean represents the anti-Phyllis votes, and is a large reason why I, along with many others I’ve spoken to, don’t believe he will be successful in being elected.

    Aurora voted for change in 2006 and got exactly that, we need to be careful not to repeat this again. I’m no way in favor of our mayor, but I’m not just going to throw my vote behind the first person to oppose her either.

    I have to agree with Evelyn’s recent post, that we need to be voting for positive change, not for the purpose of defeating what is already there.

    Perhaps Jerry Garcia said it best when he said:
    “Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.”

    I’m no way saying Mr. Kean is evil, but so far he hasn’t provided any claims to why he is running aside that he wants change. This is great, and it is very early so maybe we will all be bedazzled with his platform and he can show that this is the direction he is taking.
    I haven’t found time to have a coffee with Nigel and discuss the issues, and maybe that would change my opinion but I’m not holding my breath on that, and sure hope that others wishing to enter the race aren’t deterred to do so. I’m interested to see some new blood step forward.

    You seem pretty adamant about Mr. Kean’s chances in a 2-way race so I suggest we put it to a vote:

    As I mentioned previously I doubt that we will see such a 2-way race. I still expect the ballot to be filled with red-herring candidates (hence why I threw in St.Kitts and McHeckron) so that Phyllis can enjoy yet another vote split and return to the chair.

    When you say Jones is thinking of running, are you actually convinced that he would return to seek being the Mayor? He must recognize that his support base is significantly diminished.

    I agree that failure is “not necessarily” disgrace but Politicians tend to fail in an upwards trajectory. My money is on him running for the liberal seat and for him to be defeated

    heavily by the Conservative candidate, or if he’s smart enough , to sit this one out.

    As for McRoberts not being a good candidate on grounds that he is not “forceful” enough, I think that’s exactly what makes him a great candidate. He is rationale and his approach is very solid. He has stepped up to the plate on several issues and I fail to see why he would be a more effective councilor than Mayor. As deputy mayor elected with the majority of votes in the 2006 election as a newcomer he has already proven to have strong support in the community.

    There is no doubt that Kean has support, but question whether he would maintain that same support should another candidate enter the race, or will they jump ship. Maybe that’s a vote for another day.

    • Nigel Kean said

      I do not know who wrote the anonymous supporting the fact that I can win running against Phyliss for Mayor but I thank him/her for the support.
      I would not enter the race if I did not feel that I could win.I believe that I can, with a proper positive platform, win the race. It is important that I do have experience both in Aurora politics and in business management which will be used if I am elected. I know that I will have to work hard and I will do that.
      As for being anti-Phyliss, I know at times I have been anti the job that is being done, more than anti-Phyliss.
      Over the past three years I have listened and asked residents what needs to be done in Aurora. I have learned from my past failure and will push towards a positive campaign rather than mud slinging.
      As far as Bob McRoberts, I believe that he is a good councillor and if he decided to run for Mayor he would get a lot of votes.
      Also I still look forward to having a coffee with you at any time. I do however, disagree with you that the Mayor should be new blood, as I feel that it is a must that the person who becomes Mayor should have council experience.

    • When registration closes in September,we will know the names of the candidates. Not before.

      Three names have been mentioned as Mayoralty candidates and negative comments have been made about each.

      Think about that.

      We need good people to come forward.

      We need to hear why they believe they would make things better.

      We need them to articulate the problems and spell out the solutions. Each of us needs to determine how close they are to our own perepective and if the solutions proposed are realistic.

      Candidates have work to do before they go before the people and ask for support. How hard they work. how credible their ideas and how well they are articulated will determine success or failure.

      No-one should be discouraged from taking up the challenge

      Elections are a celebration of all of our rights and freedoms.

      They are won, one vote at a time.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      Nigle Kean said “Over the past three years I have listened and asked residents what needs to be done in Aurora. I have learned from my past failure and will push towards a positive campaign rather than mud slinging.”

      Nigel, what, in your now researched opinion, needs to be done in Aurora? I would be interested in hearing the real issues, not very broad things “environment” or “downtown revitalization”. I ask this because perhaps I am out of tune with what needs to be done in Aurora. I look at how my life in this town is impacted by issues that are “Aurora” issues and I think that sometime municipal political types loose track of why they are elected. Maybe I am old school, but the municipalities deal with garbage collection, snow removal, etc. These are the hard services that we pay for.


    • Elizabeth Bishenden said

      I like Evelyn’s comment that candidates need to provide solutions to problems. That’s a big step.

      More than that, I think candidates need to provide action plans that show they are thinking about Aurora’s future. That’s not just addressing the problems that exist, it’s also talking about what the town is going to be like in the future.

    • Anonymous said

      To Someone who loves,etc,etc,etc
      It is funny that you say that you have a hard time to reply to “anonymous” but then you state that a “Pseudonym” would be better.
      Give your head a shake. It is the same thing. How do we know that “Someone who loves,etc,etc”,or “Robert the Bruce” OR “Brickbat” or the many others are not Morris or Granger or any of the other GOS. Anonymous or your so called not anaoymous are all the same.NO REAL NAMES.

    • evelyn buck said

      In the last several months, I can pinpoint the date,the constant torrent of abuse slung a my head on every issue raised in this blog commenced suddenly stopped.

      It didn’t matter what issue was introduced, it turned into a slag Evelyn Buck contest.It was all anonymous. I never had any doubt where it was coming from. But the timimg of its cessation confirmed my conviction.

      I don’t know why it matters about pseudonyms,real names or anomnymous monickers.

      If a person is comfortable with a pseudonym why not. If he’s a bit of a cowardy custard, what.

      It’s a small group but it’s growing. Not fast but sure. And it’s feisty and becoming humorous. I particularly enjoyed the one about “flogging a dead hearse” I laughed out loud.

      The best have been about Councillor Granger.he brought out the comedy. Poor Stephen..Being elected may prove not to have been the best thing to happen in his life.It is Oh-so-public.

      Nigel uses his own name.Then when someobody says something supportive about him, somebody else says it might be Nigel or his Mom.

      Nigel just wants to make a good impression. What’s so bad about that?

      Robert the Bruce scolds us about getting serious and discussing issues. Then he needs someone else to say what they are.

      If I broach the subject he says I’m past my sell-by date and sulks if I call him on it.

      Then we have Huugo, the Clown Kroon who explodes on the scene regularly in a phantasmogoria of maloodorous stinkbomb firecrackers.

      We are not making a great impression on ourselves But we’re new at this enterprise. We can get better.And enjoy the effort.

    • Robert the Bruce said


      What are you saying? Are you supposing that someone posing as Anonymous was slagging you but because of some event it stopped? Please enlighten us. I will take off my tin-foil hat long enough to listen.

      First of all, I use a psuedonym simply to be consistant, my name is not important to the proceedings here and I do not plan to run for office. In the past I have written letters to the Editor, only to be deluged with phone calls to my home at all hours. I don’t need to put my family or myself through that – it’s not worth dealing with the nuts out there. For those that know me, I am sure they know who I am. To be honest, it was Evelyn’s ward Heather that suggested a while ago about creating a psuedonym in the first place to get rid of the anonymous postings.

      Regarding Ms. Buck’s comments about me. Yes I like to think that if we are going to discuss issues, let’s discuss issues. Instead we get sidetracked on how many days council has not sat and thinking it’s because Stephen Harper is somehow being channeled through Phyliss Morris. In fact YOU agreed with me in a blog entry on your site! I know what my issues are, I have asked the only declared Mayor candidate – in this thread in fact – what he feels the issues in Aurora are, and 4 days later, he has not replied. My fear is he thinks the issues are much bigger than the reality. One of the first things municipal candidates should do is take a “who does what” class to really see who is responsible for things in a community. You’d be surprised, that town council is NOT responsible for things like YRSB school closings but how many resources have been thrown at that? Yes I think you are past your sell date as an effective councillor. Can you list any achievement that you made in the last 3+ years? Being the 1 in a 8-1 vote is not an acheivement. Writing letters to the editor telling everyone that dares read it that you disagree with a council decision. Clearly your style is confrontational be it online, in the paper or in council. You are not a team player – I doubt that you ever were. I certainly don’t sulk about it either, I know when to cut my loses in an argument. Sometimes, you have to give someone enought rope to hang themselves.

      I enjoy this blog and if it was used for the right purpose, it would be a valuable tool.


  10. Elections are fought to win . A campaign must be positive. Voters need to know where a candidate stands on the issues. A candidate must spell out ideas on the issues.

    people want to hear what candidates have to offer to make the town a better place. Question need to be answered. But the conversation needs to be about why you as a candidate. Time and opportunity to put your best foot forward and make a good impression should be maximized.

    It’s personal. It’s one on one. It’s hard work and serious endeavour. It requires an investment of every resource.

    Being an incumbent is an asset.People put great store on experience and known performance. Why would they not? But experience can only be gained by doing. Lack of experience must be compensated by strength of personality.

    Support is a tremendous asset.

    Arguments about who should or should not be a candidate are not useful. Every citizen has the right.Who should be elected is for voters to decide.

    Time and effort should be used to promote a candidate. Not to degrade another..

    Of course the muck-raking,blackguarding and nasty stuff will go on as well.We are human beings,There are no angels among us.

    But if the campaign is to be about winning, not defeating, a strong and positive message must take centre stage.

    It’s time to change the tune.

    For those who participate, an election is an intense competition. It is oh so public.

    Not winning is tantamount to rejection and should be avoided if at all possible. After the heady excitement of a campaign when defeat is always a possibility , it is also demoralising. Unless there was no passion in the first place.

    But Oh my… receiving a vote of confidence is sweet indeed and humbling. Especially in a community where it is still possible to know and relate to one another.

    • Not Surprised said

      What a great response Evelyn, let’s move forward in complete confidence that the October 25th election will herald what the voter wants in an elected official. Bring it on in full force.

  11. Augustinius said

    If Morris runs again, this will be the nastiest and dirtiest municipal election campaign that Aurora has ever see.

    As it should be, for she has been the vilest, most vicious practitioner of mendacity in this town’s political history.

  12. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    Kean can’t win against Morris, he has proven it.
    Even without Tim in the race and Phyllis shooting herself repeatedly in the head he can’t and won’t win.

    Regardless I doubt we will see a two-way race. I assume we will see a flood of candidates for the position. I expect the strategy from the Morris camp is to let name recognition and apathy will prevail placing the mayor back in “the chair”.

    Look for even Evelina, Sher and don’t know maybe even the cardboard-cutout Geoffry Dawe run campaigns.

    We need to get some great citizens to declare their intentions.

    Has anyone asked Bob McRoberts if he’d consider running? No one would stand a chance against Bob.

    • Anonymous said

      Kean can and will win in a two or three way race.
      To Someone who loves Aurora I am disappointed in your defeatist attitude. Morris ran and lost before she won as has mant other politicians.Jones has lost three straight elections for mayor and twice for the liberals yet he is thinking of running.Failure is not a disgrace but rather a stepping stone to better things.
      With your attitude I would be shocked if you are successfull yourself.To me, I am glad that Kean has not given up.I would be shocked if McRoberts ran for mayor as he was not a forceful concillor.He needed to step up to the plate and challenge Morris. He never did.I hope that he runs again for council as I know that with a better mayor he would be a better councillor.
      I laugh at you saying that St Kitts or McEarhren would run for mayor. They are only there for Morris.
      I know around town since Kean declared there are a lot of folks who are talking about backing him as he is the best choice.

  13. Older than Dirt said

    I agree with AJB about the two way race. What concerns me is the fact that you state that Kean should step aside if another candidate comes forward. Who would you consider better than him?
    It has to be someone with council experience as far as I can see it. If Tim Jones runs again, to me that would be foolish for Tim to enter after he has said all along that he would not.His statement in Thursday’s Banner was that he might consider running depending on who ran for council. That is not his choice as that is what we have with Morris at this time and look where it has gotten us. You cannot choose who you want on council.His time has passed and now he should move aside and let someone else do the job.I believe that Kean is that person as I have said before.If we really want to get rid of Morris we should support him.

  14. Anonymous Just Because said

    If it comes down to Nigel vs. Morris, Nigel can win. If there are others involved, depending upon who they might be, I would hope Nigel would reconsider and run for Council where he would be a shoe-in. If Nigel truly cares about the Town he so dearly loves and a candidate steps up with strong credentials he needs to move over. We cannot have a number of candidates oppose Morris…she wins that way. If it’s about what’s good for Aurora, I’m confident Nigel will do what’s right.

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