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The Lady at the Back

Posted by auroracitizen on October 4, 2009

One has to smile when presented by the latest manipulation by our Mayor.

At last Council meeting, when Open Forum was started, Mayor Morris asked if anyone had any comments. She then refered to the “Lady at the Back” (9:25 of the tape) who was encouraged to come forward and make her comments to Council.

And who should appear — none other than Sher St Kitts, one of the Mayors most loyal and vocal supporters — and an ongoing benefactor of the Mayors support.

One has to wonder if the Mayor has suddenly had a case of forgetfulness and cannot remember the names of her loyalists. Or is this the first public distancing of herself from a person who the Mayor sees as competition for media attention.

Why the silly charade? Does Mayor Morris not know that anyone who pays any attention to the goings on in Aurora is fully aware of the relationship between Sher St. Kitts and Phyllis Morris?

How silly!

11 Responses to “The Lady at the Back”

  1. Anonymous said

    Almost as glaring as the number of times she used ” I ” in her latest letter ,Ms. St Kitts failed to mention the illustrious “Dream Team ” .
    The importance of this you ask ?
    This is the reason Sher lost it on Councilor Buck for asking too many questions about July First Parade monies and
    “The Dream Team “events to raise funds .

    Is there not a way this can be fully investigated and finally answers be had as to where all the money went and also if Sher is benefiting from her involvement as the “Special Events “person at the Aurora Farmers Market .

  2. Anonymous said

    Once again St Kitts tries to fool the people of Aurora. She learned from the best, her best friend, phyliss. Today at the Farmers Market she announced that she was raising awareness and food for the food pantry. Wow St Kitts, you did not realize that David Heard had been collecting food and money for the food bank since this years market started. Todate he raised about 3200 pounds of food by selling his magnets that he carefully makes. All of the profit has been donated to buy food for the food pantry.
    Now St Kitts tries to take the credit for the food pantry as she has before.
    David Heard does it for no other reason than the fact that he cares. He is not tring to get elected nor is he promoting a family business or band.I know that she would love to discredit David and then announce that her friend Phyliss has done so much for the food bank, of course with her and her husbands help.
    Sher, get your own ideas and do not try to steal anyone elses especially for personal reasons.
    The July 1st parade was your idea???? I don’t think. You had many volunteers but you took all of the credit.
    That will not happen here as David Heard has been doing this all year.
    Steal someone elses idea. How about Granger’s? Oh wait that can’t happen as he has never had an original idea of his own.

  3. Broderick Epps said

    The lady in the back is quite the self promoter. In her latest letter to the editor in the Auroran the word “I” appears 27 times. A true volunteer prefers not to be in the limelight, works tirelessly and avoids any sniff of conflict of interest. Ms. St Kitts fails for sure points one and three.Her admitted involvement with St. Kitts Music, is the source of much of the bs consuming Aurora Town Council these days it seems. A volunteer getting town monies and then using her husband in a function related to the issuance of the monies does not pass the sniff test. Good for Ms. Buck to ask for an accounting of expenses where a volunteer activity crosses with a commercial enterprise. Of course in the delusional world of Mormac how dare anyone question the integrity of our tireless self promoter and loyal friend of Ms. Morris.
    Now by admitting she has bought property in Aurora, it becomes quite obvious the lady in the back is not only fronting for George’s music she is getting her name out there for a run at Municipal Politics……horrors another Morris accolyte on council.That I am afraid what is being positioned by St. Kitts.Let’s not fall for it!

  4. White Knight said

    In reference to one post I went to Christopher Watts’ blog to view pictures of Ms. St. Kitts, about whom I have read many comments but never actually seen. Now I completely understand a term my mother used to use: mutton dressed as lamb. There are the pictures of the old ewe for all the world to see.

  5. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    I can’t agree with Tim more, “volunteers” do not seek self-aggrandizement the way Sher does. However politician’s and performance artists do.

    I think the public can decide which of the latter Sher really is.

    I also agree with Anonymous 10:32 am and also agree that her 15 minutes are over. Let’s put up the “do not feed the troll” sign and get on with the business of our town, and coordinating events that are truly “special”.

  6. Tim the Enchanter said

    In a way, I almost feel sorry for this poor delusional creature.
    To her credit Mrs. St. Kitts has chosen to volunteer for many worthwhile programs and events in and around Aurora. No doubt these causes have benefited from her involvement.
    Sadly for her, and ultimately us, her commitment to volunteerism is dwarfed by her seemingly insatiable zeal for recognition.
    Sad for her because while she continually cries “It’s not about me!”, each fit of drama queen hysterics confirms the opposite. Seeing herself as the face of local volunteerism, she perceives legitimate criticism of her or her methods as an “attack” on all volunteers.
    She‘s so caught up in the limelight that she’s forgotten that volunteers in the main aren’t seeking self-aggrandizement – they just want to help.
    And that’s sad for us because her shameless self-promotion diminishes the special meaning of those occasions in the world of volunteering when we get to see one of the selfless and unnamed called out front and centre to be recognized for their efforts.

  7. Anonymous said

    Sher St. Kitts has been given far too much attention. She clearly enjoys it, which is a confirmation in itself of all that has been written about her. I’m not going to feed that ego. It feeds itself well enough and she continues to stoke the flames with her juvenile ramblings. She is quite obvious and over-the-top – quite literally if you see the pictures on Christopher Watts’ blog. Time to grow-up party girl and show more decorum and less decolletage. Good grief.
    I used to think she was well-meaning, but naive and easily led and used by Phyllis and her troupe. Now I just think she is lost in her own opinion of herself, which could actually be a liability for her pal Phyl.
    I think people can very easily form their own opinion of her. She certainly puts it out there for all to see.
    And yes, I know she’ll read this and relish it. Add narcissist to ubiquitous and you’ve got a pair…

  8. Anonymous said

    St Kitts letter in the Auroran shows even more how self serving a person she is. She talks about herself as if she if a movie star or sports figure but forgets that all she is is a follower of a poor example for a mayor. St Kitts goes on to say that she will wait for all of her fan mail to arrive. What a joke she is. Why does she think that we care that she has bought property in Aurora other than the fact that now mayor phyliss can add someone else to her already flawed council if she decides to run. St Kitts is an example of someone who Aurorans should turn their backs on. She is nothing more than a self serving want-a-be.

  9. Council Cop said

    How transparent can you get ? The sad truth is that the Mayor and Sher St. Kitts are likely going to continue to act in character and it is highly questionable if either of them will ever see the contradiction in what the Mayor promised the good people of Aurora during the last election verses what she is delivering.

    Is this really a more transparent and civil approach to local government ? I don’t think so.

  10. Anonymous said

    If the “Lady at the Back” is all that Mayor Morris has up her sleeve as the leader of her gang of supporters, then we haven’t got a thing to worry about in the next election. Seriously, just who in their right mind would support this mayor and feel that they are dealing with integrity and the best interests of the town? It’s the same few people that wave Phyllis’ flag, and even they seem to be dropping like the proverbial flys. And Evelina would throw Phyllis over in a minute if it suits her own purposes.
    The Lady at the Back is a simplistic busy-body, and I think Phyllis is getting the message. The Lady at the Back is annoying, but like all attention seeking people, the more attention you give her, the more she will seek it.

  11. said

    Seldom does anything happen in Council which does not have the flavour of pre-orchestraion.

    Were a point of order to be raised at every infraction of the rules, inevitable accusations of obstructing the business of the town would follow.

    Regardless of the merits and precise wording of the Procedure Bylaw, points raised are seldom supported by the chair.

    Ar last week’s meeting, a second person was invited to take the podium; a young woman who has been a leader in the campaign to persuade the Board of Education to make a different decision on the future of Wells Street School.

    The name of Trustee Bill Crothers.former board chairman, was introduced. Statements attributed to the trustee were referenced and Council requested to demand an apology.

    Shades of May 12th came to mind.

    Coincidence? Or may we assume our Council Chamber and Meetings are now to function as a fitting forum for a foray against anyone who may cross swords with Mayor Morris and her friends?

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