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Granger Shows True Colours

Posted by auroracitizen on August 20, 2009

Councillor Granger has decided to step out from behind Mayor Morris and stand up for his beliefs. However, it seems his beliefs are limited to “Mayor Morris is a fantastic leader and I love working for her”.

The key issue of the day — the firing of the Integrity Commissioner — seems unimportant when compared to trying to repair the damaged reputation of this Council and his leader.

Was this some attempt to get into the good books of the Mayor? Possibly.

Was it done with her approval? We suspect not.

Even she knows that an obvious puff piece that so blatantly praises her would be seen for exactly what it is. Pure rubbish. Give the Mayor her due, she understands the concept of spin. This was so blatant it has backfired. Sorry Councillor, bad move on your part.

Councillor Granger is living in a dream if he thinks Mayor Morris is an open and approachable team leader. He has probably found that out after this attempt to curry favour.

Which Councillor will be next in their letter writing campaign?

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27 Responses to “Granger Shows True Colours”

  1. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    You're welcome Anonymous 1:23 PM whoever you are

  2. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    Apparently everything that needed to be said was in this week's Auroran.
    I noticed 5 responses to Granger's article. That sure put a stop to some serious spinning.

    Now if we could just stop the dizzying antics of Sher St. Kitts we could reclaim our town and get on with our lives

  3. Anonymous said

    someone who loves this town more than politics said…

    "Mr Granger,

    Your article does little to convince me that you are not a "crony" or "follower".
    Perhaps "sycophant" is a more applicable term…."

    Thank you, Christopher Watts.

  4. Anonymous said

    This topic is getting old. Granger is an idiot what else can be said.

  5. White Knight said

    Thank you to Anonymous, Aug 23 4:57
    I guess your response confirms that Granger is a follower and definitely not a leader.
    I would also agree with "Change not soon enough" about the bullying tactics used by some members of council… having been bullied myself by Evelina and others. Evelina uses email though.

  6. Tim the Enchanter said

    "Has Granger ever actually initiated anything?"

    Unintentional laughter.

  7. Anonymous said

    Nigel Kean actually started the market and ran it for over 4 years.
    He also worked the market each morning getting there at 6:30 AM each morning to get the signs and booths set up.
    I know since I was one of the original vendors.
    He also helped sell Hurst's Bakery each Saturday morning with his daughters.
    Granger has kept it going with David Heard getting there early on Saturday.

  8. White Knight said

    I am assuming that Mr. Granger sees himself as a "leader in the community" for repeating his one and only item on council agendas, which is to remind people about the Farmers' Market each Saturday. I know he always claims credit for this market but am I right in thinking that one of his council predecessors intiated it? (I am new to the town so I am not sure about this).
    Has Granger ever actually initiated anything?

  9. Change not soon enough said

    The current state of affairs is very disturbing and the examples of bullying are growing .
    There have been numerous stories working their way into the community of a member of our Council and Mayor bullying citizens and on one occasion an individual selling ice cream in the Town Park .
    I also asked a vendor of the Farmers Market as to how a person can volunteer and how to contact the executive .
    It seems that Councilor Granger is the go to guy on the Farmers Market and it was shared that several members of the elected committee have resigned including a person that Mr.Granger has spoken highly of in the past .
    Why have so many bailed on this executive that is being guided by this councilor .
    It seems the power yielded and its negative force are not being tolerated by citizens as well as Grace Marsh who resigned as Councilor .
    Bullying is the key here I believe , and I find it ironic there is an booth at the Market focusing on this .
    Good for those people who chose to speak up .
    Everyone in Aurora must say "No more "to these school yard tactics being used by the present Council and Mayor .
    Our children ,the future can hear and see whats going on and that is the biggest casualty in this sad state of Aurora .
    We will enjoy a rebirth come next November and lets have a celebration that like The song in OZ , "Ding dong the ….."
    Ok thats bullying and I am choosing change over control .
    Aurora is one great town and it will ,with great leadership ,return to its roots of caring and compassion all around .

  10. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    Mr Granger,

    Your article does little to convince me that you are not a "crony" or "follower".
    Perhaps "sycophant" is a more applicable term.

    You have not assured me that you are an independent thinker because you offer nothing to substantiate this claim. Your voting record speaks otherwise.

    As for being a leader in your community I also see nothing to speak to this.
    Your actions clearly classify you as a follower, not a leader.

    When you speak of individuals discrediting , manipulating or sensationalizing the facts, no matter what Phyllis accomplishes, you have left out what exactly she has accomplished that can avoid such high scrutiny.

    I need not point out your mathematical error regarding a "vast majority", it is obvious that along with English, that math is not one of your strong suits.

    I ensure you that I am very wary about the sensationalism that I am exposed to and ALWAYS consider the political motivation of those I am hearing. That, along with this blatant article of spin is why I will not be voting for you should you chose to run for re-election next year.

    As for our mayor's integrity, and your own, there is a reason that people are suspect.

    Actions speak louder than words, but in respect to your record I would suggest you refrain from both.

  11. Anonymous said

    Was it not Councillor Granger who promised to give Aurora a Ward System?

    Was it not our current citizen of the year who took out a large ad stating who to vote for?

    There is only one person on council I would vote for again but after the last few terms what sane person would want this job?

    Something has to change and change quickly.

  12. Anonymous said

    What made me smile … “I assure you that I am an independent thinker, opinionated and a leader in the community.”

  13. Anonymous said

    Lets not forget that Councillor Gallo also disrespected the Election system and the people who voted with his approach of Councillor Buck after he lost and Councillor Buck was elected. I wonder did he approach Councillor Wilson since he was the last one to beat him out.

  14. White Knight said

    … and please don't vote in Gallo for the first time in 2010. After all he is only a councillor by appointment and not through the by-election that Aurora taxpayers wanted.

  15. Anonymous said

    stephen granger is not worth the effort it takes to type

    he had nothing to say and nothing to offer our community

    His very sad used car salesman smile is the very epitome of the cliche politician…

    No offense people, but – while phyllis is an incompetent nincompoop – granger, wilson and especially that odious woman MacEachern are the real reasons this council is a joke. Make sure that NONE of these people EVER get elected again!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Aurora Citizen said

    For some reason the letter has not been publish online at this point. If it is, we will provide a link.

  17. Anonymous said

    There have been a couple of references on this blog to a recent letter to the Era Banner by Sher St Kitts. I can't seem to find it on the site. Is this available online? If so, can someone provide the link?

  18. Anonymous said

    "Was it done with her approval? We suspect not."

    Sorry, I don't agree with this statement. The true narcissist that she is would not be able to see beyond the self promotion. And Granger has difficulty stringing six coherent words together – PM likely wrote the letter!

  19. White Knight said

    Regardless of the votes for Morris, I would like to know who in their right mind voted for Granger?

  20. Anonymous said

    To Anonymous Aug 20 at 9:14

    While I agree with most of your statements I feel that councillor Granger is trying to get on the good side of the voters who still think that this mayor is doing a good job so that "God Forbid" he gets re-elcted.
    He has lost all creditability that he had when he got elected so now he is doing the best he can to hold on.
    I saw a letter from honourary citizen St Kitts in the banner that made Aurorans sound as if they had no pride in Aurora. It sounds as if she is the only person who loves Aurora.
    Was that letter dictated by our great mayor as well?

  21. Anonymous said

    A voice! To little to late!

  22. Council Cop said

    The difference that decided the 2006 mayoral election amounted to less than 1.7 per cent of all of the votes cast. Clearly a vast majority in a small mind.

    Over 2,000 more votes were cast for the two alternative candidates than the mayor received, but given the split, she came up the middle.

    Clearly there was a vote for change and we were promised a new form of government but little did we know that meant a new form of math as well as a new form of logic.

  23. Anonymous said

    The Lone Granger strikes (out) again…

    What can you say about that letter to the editor in the Auroran other than he must be the G6's numbers man.

    Apparently the Mayor won by a "vast majority " so we should all just accept what ever our town's "chosen leader" says, even at the expense of clear logic. Unreal.

  24. Anonymous said

    Granger actually usd crayons to write the letter that the mayor dictated. I cannot believe that he actually was smart enough to write the letter. This comes from a man who has told a person who teaches politics that the person would not understand politics. This comes from a man who races across the field at the Farmers Market to chase her away for selling ice cream. This from a man who can start a discussion and convince himself that he was wrong.
    This man is a mental midget and it is good to see that he supports this mayor. She deserves his support.

  25. Anonymous said

    Yup, if only 206 people had voted the other way!

  26. Anonymous said

    He also said Ms Morris was elected in "by a vast majority of voters"
    A 410 vote difference over the approx 13K votes cast hardly constitutes a vast majority. But then again Mr Granger who has yet to articulate a compelling well thought out question or discussion point can't be expected to be accurate. All the more reason to consider his letter nothing but spin.

  27. Anonymous said

    Councillor Granger also speaks of discussions with the Mayor on topics and they agree on most. Aren't these the discussions that should take place in the Councillor Chamber where all have a chance to discuss? Opinions are not supposed to be formed until everyone has had a chance to discuss as a team. Everyone has ideas, opinions, facts to offer to the discussion, but clearly Councillor Granger and the Mayor seem to feel the best place to do this is in her office just the TWO of them. Interesting!

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