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Did you see the weekend Toronto Star

Posted by auroracitizen on January 5, 2009

Seems we are not the only community that has experienced Code of Conduct issues. We couldn’t resist. Happy New Year!

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8 Responses to “Did you see the weekend Toronto Star”

  1. Anonymous said

    I think that from now on I will put my “Edit-find” feature on and scan the comments for ones with the word “grapes” so that I can avoid reading Phyllis/Evelina’s same old same old comments…

  2. Anonymous said

    Some scaredy cat above commented “Makes fun of Evelyn Buck who refuses to sign on.
    Sad to target an 80-year old lady in her declining years.”

    I like to think Evelyn Buck is just getting warmed up. Declining? I dare you to say THAT to her face!

  3. Anonymous said

    I volunteer and am required to do a a police check.
    I prefer that volunteers are carefully vetted.
    Please explain why this is a problem.
    My personal experience has to do with those who assume anyone volunteering to “help kids” should be welcomed with open arms, then sit back smugly as those “good, caring” volunteers exploit those children for their own needs.
    We should be clear about why someone volunteers, what his/her bias is.
    It’s clear to me that we must be vigilant about volunteers.
    I care little about Evelyn Buck who looks for any way to claim some limelight ( always has).
    Sure she’s a pain but a very insignificant one.
    For me it’s all about the volunteers and their special agendas, as the jargon goes.

  4. Aurora Citizen said

    To Anonymous of Jan 6 at 7:58,

    We would welcome your new ideas.

    Please direct your comments to the comments address ( OR if you prefer to remain hidden, simply post them as another anonymous comment and we will copy and paste them unchanged as a post.

    We look forward to seeing your new ideas!

  5. Anonymous said

    I do not think that this is the jist of the cartoon but I guess for anonymous 3:17 PM blindness is at times your saving grace. Mrs Buck is not the only person not to sign as there are many citizens on committees who also have not signed on. This was another shot that the mayor tried to embarass Buck but instead has embarassed herself. Resident volunteer committee members have also resigned due to this document. These were non partial folks who actually just wanted to help Aurora.Instead the mayor has lost some great people on committees. All this so she can show how great and powerful she is in trying to destroy Councillor Buck.
    She should instead not have signed the document herself as she has already broken the intended contents by getting her campaign chief Whitehurst a $120,000.00 part time job. She actually thinks that this was OK. Oh well perhaps she did not read the contents herself before she signed it.

  6. Goodie two shoes said

    Makes fun of Evelyn or those who signed it. Seems to me those who signed it didn’t have to read it or be nice to their colleges, and the one who didn’t sign it just gets to carry on with life as he lives it. Of course Evelyn always has a pen for the worth while stuff (Oath of Office). I think you might like to go back and read that cartoon again.
    As for the bad start, I think you might like to rethink your comment and ask yourself if you are really the good or the bad here.

  7. Anonymous said

    Bad start to a new year. But right on target for the people who run this blog. New year but same old story.
    Too bad.
    Makes fun of Evelyn Buck who refuses to sign on.
    Sad to target an 80-year old lady in her declining years.

  8. Anonymous said

    Old news for Aurora.
    Tiresome in fact. Can this site ever be forward looking?
    Old, tired, grapes.
    It’s a new year already.
    How about some new ideas.
    Whoever sets the agenda here, I’m beginning to understand why it’s a secret: you want to hide behind your tired old ideas.

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