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Question: Majority vs. Minority

Posted by auroracitizen on April 21, 2011

Many people believe this election is about whether to give Mr. Harper a majority mandate or continue with a minority government. In your opinion, is it in the best interest of Canadians to have a majority or a minority government in Ottawa?

2 Responses to “Question: Majority vs. Minority”

  1. Anonymous said

    I feel no need to have a majority government, especially one led by Stephen Harper and his bullies.
    I will vote in as many elections as there happen to be because I live in a free country where I can vote so I will never complain about having to.
    Minority governments may be found all over the world and they can function well. The problem with what we have had here for the last 5 years is a prime minister who does not tolerate different opinions from his own and his determiniation not to play ball with anyone else.
    If we could get rid of him and find a conservative leader who has some collaboration and cooperation skills, I think it could work but it won’t work with the likes of Harper, Baird, Flaherty and Clement in the inner circle.

  2. Daniel said

    I sympathize with people who want to vote Tory for the sake of having a majority government and not having so many elections… but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason. Would you feel the same way if the Communist/Christian Heritage/Marijuana/Pirate/Libertarian/(insert name of other party you don’t agree with here) was on the verge of a majority? The problem is how Parliament works, not the people who get to fill its seats.

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