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Dorian Baxter: Progressive Canadian Party Candidate, Newmarket – Aurora

Posted by auroracitizen on April 21, 2011

We have established this post to allow readers to ask Dorian questions directly — it will be up to Dorian whether to take the opportunity to respond.

His website is:

Moderators will review the questions to ensure they are really questions and not simply an attempt to promote another candidate/party in the guise of a question. Anonymous comments will face a higher standard 🙂

4 Responses to “Dorian Baxter: Progressive Canadian Party Candidate, Newmarket – Aurora”

  1. KA-NON said

    Mr. Baxter, Could you please explain your reasoning behind running in the Vaughan riding recently (against Mr. Fantino, who you described as a new “best” friend last night). Are you interested in representing Newmarket-Aurora, or are you just interested in getting elected anywhere?

    • JOHN H SARGENT said

      Also.. Mr Baxter although you provided a entertaining night, i do think you used the words Progressive Conservative a couple times in the debate –Is your party name P Canadian party OR P Conservative Party or did the courts award Sinclare Stevens the right to use both ?? Is that democratic or just meant to deceive:)

    • I am surprised that the resident Social Media maven has not picked up on how bad Mr Baxter’s web site is. There are dead links, password requests and horror of horrors, it lists Aurora’s Mayor as Phyllis Morris!

      To Ka-Non; as far as Mr Baxter running in other ridings, is this any different than Elizabeth May running in different ridings every election? For Mr Baxter’s rationale, I wonder if it is not “… interested in getting elected anywhere?” but more like flying the flag of the party in more than one riding.

      To: Mr Sargent. I think the latter is applicable in your question. At the provincial level, there is still a Progressive Conservative party. The confusion caused between them, the federal Conservative and Mr Baxter’s party is not an accident.


    • First of all I must sincerely apologize for not responding sooner…remarkably I only just a few seconds ago stumbled on this Aurora Citizen News! Let me seek to answer this question from you KA-NON immediately.

      I am primarily interested in representing Newmarket/Aurora where I have lived for approximately 15 years. However, due to the fact few people are aware that our Party Leader the Hon. Sinclair Stevens won his lawsuit against the Reform/Alliance disguising itself as Conservative Party in the fraudulent merger back on December 7th., 2003 I have seized opportunities to remind Canadians that the real PC (Progressive Canadian) Party is alive and well.

      Hence my purpose in running in the Vaughan By-election and my current purpose in planning to run in the march 19th., 2012 By-election in Toronto/Danforth Riding previously occupied by Jack Layton.

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