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Farmers Market Opens this Weekend

Posted by auroracitizen on May 7, 2010

Reprinted from Cllr Buck’s Blog

On Saturday, May 7th at 8 a.m.

Aurora Farmers Market starts anew.

The Season is new but that’s not all.

The Market, for the first time, will chart its own course.

They will be independent of the town.

Free of exploitation.

They will show us their wares and cry;

Who will buy …. Who will buy!

We will hear their cry,

And gather there for the sheer fun of it.

17 Responses to “Farmers Market Opens this Weekend”

  1. phil said

    This a great market and a hidden gem in our community. I enjoy the trips to to get the stuff i need and one can feel the passion for what the vendors do. So far i have enjoyed the honey from andre, tomatoe plants from shirley at natures rainbow, Kerrie’s jewelry (made my wife happy), mushrooms and asparagus from top tomato farm, jan has amazing jams and the banana one was fantastic, and Forno Rustico that has a wood oven making an excellent Breakfast Pizza. I really believe in supporting locally. Now i still have other items to buy from the other vendors and we have meats, flowers, bagels, coffee, other craft vendors and bacon sandwiches. I never get smiles when i shop at Metro but i do at this Market at the Town Park.

    I see no reason why with the use of the stage we have an opportunity to showcase some local talent that we cannot put it to use. Kids and adults also are looking to be entertained. Of course the regular shoppers will always get in and out and buy what they need and wont stop to listen to music or watch the jugglers but other people might.

    2 weeks ago i was able to listen to music, enjoy my breakfast pizza while listening to music and even had a chat with the mayor on a nice Saturday morning…….a community based event with community minded people….beats going to the mall any day

    • PArkview 7 said

      Well, Phil (or Brian) you had me until “and even had a chat with the mayor”!

      I’d want to:

  2. brian said

    i cannot believe this secret farmers market we have that has created a stir within the foodie and craft community

    there is a guy called Forno Rustico with who makes authenitc wood fired oven pizza. i have never seen this before aND HE MAKES AMAZING MARGHEIRTA AND BREAKFAST PIZZA (BACON and eggs0/ he makes the dough the night before and buys ingredients from the vendors

    jan freedman makes award winning jams

    Andre offer up organic homney from his beehive

    There is fair trade coffee that puts starbucks to shame

    Kerrie and victoria offer up handmade jewelry at reasonable prices

    Kaitlin from sugar district makes the best peanut butter and chocolate cookies

    Need scottish goods to satisfy your inner taste buds…thay have them

    George and Shirley have the best herbs and tomatoe plants for you

    What amazes me is the passion that they all have for what they do

    Support your local farmers, support your local crafts, support those in your community

    i have stopped buying garlic from china, tomatoes from california and asparagus from mexico…why beacause i get them locally and help support those in the community

    and as afar as david heard…i have never ever come across person who is so passionate about his community and the town of aurora. Buy a T shirt and help him support the local community and he can tell u the amazing history we have in our community

    i love Aurora and the great things we have access to and the market is one of them

    • David Heard said

      Thank you for the terrific comment.It has made me more proud to be an Aurora citizen.

      My family has been in Aurora since 1838 but I have met as many people who have been here a short while who passionately love this Town.

      On an off note I am not involved in the promotions and event planning.

      I guess what my Mother and myself do is an event and we plan to concentrate on that.

      The newspaper piece I wrote about the Market in The Auroran stirred up some negative feedback which suprised me all to heck.

      The Market has been a terrific thing for myself and my Mother but it also has been a very very tough ride.

      Again thanks for the positive feedback……Dick would be proud I got a Bouquet.

  3. evelyn.buck said

    The market can be anything we want it to be. I have locally grown strawberries in the frig,,I am looking forward to having later. Supper last night was a beef and onion pie with strawberries for dessert.Green peppers and onions are on hand for a stir fry later in the week.
    I haven’t been to the market yet because I can’t wander at my leisure on my feet. But when the weather is nice I look forwrad to perambulating on my scooter. Gabriel’s eggs and pea-meal bacon for breakfast looked appetising in the picture in last week’s Auroran.

    People who make crafts at home no doubt appreciate the venue for sales at a price they can afford. Who knows people without jobs may find it a way to pay the bills.Who can begrudge them that opportunity. Great businesses have started from such modest beginnings.

    It’s A place to catch up on gossip.

    It might be fun to start a rumour and see how long it takes to come back and how it has changed in its travels.

    My friend, Walt Davis, a former councillor told me once how things used to be on a Fridsay evening in Aurora. People came from miles around to shop They gathered on the sidewalk in groups to chat and exchange news. If a person wanted to get anywhere in a hurry, they had to step off the sidewalk onto the road the crowds were so dense.

    It’s still the same in the place I grew up. People have time to stop and catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives.

    Old-fashoned.?..maybe. Out-of- date? I don’t think so. I think social pppeople need to be in contact with their neighbours. It is missing and missed in our modern sociery.

    I think the market could be allow it to happen again.

    It might even be better than a blog.

  4. anonymous said

    Perhaps Robert the Bruce could stand at the market and just be negative and that might attract people.
    Come on, get real. We have a person, David Heard, who is a volunteer, trying his hardest to make the market work and all RTB can do is be a critic. Robert, or whoever, perhaps call Dvaid and volunteer and see what you can do since you seem to know it all.

    • Market Spy said

      David may have his work cut out.

      After todays market it seems the Mayor and Granger are not going to let go so easily.

      The exclusionary tactics toward certain members of the market and committee would appear to validate this.

      I do not think Mr.Heard has a snowballs chance because the Mayor clearly is not interested in his passion for the market.

  5. Nigel Kean said

    Regardless of what you try to do you will never please everyone.
    I say, go for it, if that is what the vendors want.I know when I go to the St Jacobs Market there are always people playing instruments during the market. I think that your idea is good especially if it includes Aurora talent.

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Interested Observer said

    What better way to showcase the youth of Aurora than by providing them with an opportunity to entertain while people stroll through the stalls of the Farmer’s Market. If there are people that want to purchase their farm fresh eggs and hurry home to scramble them by all means they have that option. I say great idea, go for it David!

    • David Heard said

      Then please pass the word.

      Word of mouth is the best advert.

      I may have to start with some adult talent to get us rolling and maybe some peer support can help these young people enrich themselves and talents.

      Thanks for the kind words… means a lot and energizes me.

  7. David Heard said

    Thank you for the Farmers Market coverage.

    It sure was windy and cold,however there were many visitors and a very positive energy throughout.

    We are looking for some assistance with providing a friendly and warm aura to the location.

    We thought there must be some terrific young persons who would like to showcase their talents.

    Do you know a Sax player?

    How about a juggler in training?

    Maybe a great acoustic guitar player….soon to be Carlos Santana part 2.

    Please email at

    Hopefully we can fill their community hours and help get them some recognition and our many thanks.

    Also you can drop by the “Step In Time” or “Pioneer Honey”

    Booths for more information.

    This is of course at Mosley and Wells streets 8 1 pm. each Saturday until October end.

    We are also looking for commitee members to create some unique get togethers for the community.

    2010 is going to be an awesome year at the Market.

    SEE YOU THERE AURORA >>>>and abroad.

    • Robert the Bruce said


      No offence but why does a Farmer’s Market need a sax player or a juggler or a Carlos Santana in waiting? Isn’t this a farmer’s market? I think that we are loosing focus of what this is supposed to be. I was critical of the St. Kitts era because she (and her ilk) tried to make it more than what it should be. I want to go there, buy some eggs, fruit and vegetables. If I want to be entertained, there are other venues for that purpose.


    • David Heard said

      Dear Mr.Bruce

      I am reporting to an executive who feel that there could be some old fashioned events to enhance the Market.

      We are NOT focusing on music.

      At many Markets there are busker types that provide some soft background music and this gives individuals a chance to showcase their talents.

      At almost every Market in Ontario there is something to bring more people to the Market.

      At a recent outreach breakfast,several people offered their talents and did it for community.

      The end result was many people who walked in without a smile,then left feeling like they had been part of something.

      Several of those musicians formed a group and now are doing well in the area.

      I recall one was active in looking for work in this tough economic climate.

      He created his employment.

      That is substantial.

      The Market is about produce and getting together to chat about things etc.

      The people make it special.

      In the past there were buskers and people appreciated the moment of that gift.

      Give this New Year a chance as we are not planning to fill the bandshell with events.

      Lets try getting back to basics.

      I also asked about 2 dozen citizens what they liked and they said lets get back to simpler times.

      Thats what I am trying with help of others.

      This is everyones Market.

      Please consider helping if you can.

    • evelyn.buck said

      There was only one reason for the Town to be involvde in the Market. And that was to attract people to the central core.

      When they moved to the park, I don’t believe it was for their advantage or the town’s. I think theywere being exploited.

      I would like to see the Temperance Street parking lot re-configured. With the planing islands removed, the area could be enlarged but more important, the space could be better utilised.

      It was sheer fallacy to suggest moving to the park would continue to benefit the downtown.

      At one time there was talk about asking the Public School Board to allow the use of their parking lot. Fat chance of that happening with this lot on Council.

      Where it’s at though has its advantages. The Town put in power . It might as well be utilised. I’m not sure though, the town agreed to the park being used for vendors. When did that happen? just another little bit of business that bypassed the Council,like so many others.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      Mr. Heard,
      I understand your position on this. I think that talking to people already at the market does nothing to draw in more people. Perhaps you need to seek out those that do not go to the market and find out why. Find out what would get them to come. I think that you will find that buskers and jugglers will not do it. People that I know that have gone to the market don’t go back because they feel it’s not a farmers market. It’s a craft show with some food booths thrown in for good measure. That is what you need to address.


    • Richard Johnson said

      Hi David:

      I would suggest that someone send out a letter to the various dance studios in Aurora. Highland dancers, Irish dancers, Jaymor, Northern Lights Dance Studio etc.

      You could also contact the public schools and see if class choirs may want to come out.

      This is a great idea. Good luck.

    • fed up said

      What is this–a farmer’s market where one can purchase locally grown goodies or “Aurora’s Got Talent” or “Aurora Idol”?

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