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Phyllis Morris Shows Off Her HR Skills — Again!

Posted by auroracitizen on March 21, 2010

It appears that a certain employee came back from vacation to find their office contents in a box, moved to a cubicle, which happens to be located in the Councilors’ office.

This from a Town that trumpets itself as a Character Community, and is reigned over by Phyllis Morris, who loves to tell all about her expertise in HR.

This is despicable and cowardly management (with apologies to real managers), and, would be grounds for dismissal or at least a serious reprimand at any organization with a reputable management. A first year HR student knows that this is totally unprofessional and would cause a ripple of dis-engagement throughout the organizational that would take years to undo.

However, this is just another day in Aurora. And another example of why staff turnover this term is so high.

But wait, this is not the end of the story.

This person was relocated to the Councilors’ offices. The offices that were renovated to the tune of upwards of $60,000 at the start of this term; a project so important that Councilor Al (tax fighter) Wilson allegedly stated was his first priority!

The contradictions are astounding: we have a tax–fighting Councilor, whose initial priority is to renovate what turns out to be a non-essential room, which is now being used as office space for displaced employees who have been treated shabbily by a Character Community employer that is led by a self-proclaimed HR expert.  And, the afore-mentioned Councilor, who at Council meetings has publicly professed his respect for and support of Town employees, says nothing.

Oh, and here’s a thought — WERE councilors consulted in this reallocation of their space? Just curious

19 Responses to “Phyllis Morris Shows Off Her HR Skills — Again!”

  1. Anonymous said

    Seems another Manager was walked out the door this week. The manager overseeing water was relieved of his duties.Its only a matter of time that the former communication manager will meet a similar fate. HR under Phyllis is a joke…just like her resume.

    • Thanks will be Given come October said

      Numerous local businesses display a sign indicating the number of days without a workplace accident.

      They do this to encourage moral and safety and to tell the world about their accomplishment.

      Does the Town Hall have a sign indicating ‘number of days without a staff resignation or firing’?

      Would it need to accomodate more than a single digit number?

  2. evelyn buck said

    The Mayor appointed the Councillor. He is a favorite.

    I learned something else yesterday about that photo I mentioned.

    When the word got out about the photograph, town staff came from all over to be in the picture. There were so many, it was hard to get everybody in.

    Tim cried. It must have been a bitter sweet moment.

    Dick Illingworth used to say; “You don’t have to be crazy to be in politics. But it helps.”

    • Positive 2010 said

      No ,I am talking about the list that excluded some people from volunteering at the Market.

    • evelyn buck said

      That would have to be the Mayor also. Councillor Granger would have no idea of personnae non grata. Somebody would have to give it to him..

  3. Knowledgeable in Aurora said

    What a shame Anonymous (March 23 11:11), but I fear you are correct.

    The attributes of a Character Community (Respect Courage Responsibility Inclusiveness Honesty Fairness Integrity Optimism Compassion Perseverance Initiative) should have no bearing on who may have been involved in starting or promoting the initiative (although I applaud Tim, Tom and Steve) but rather the pride in having a true character community.

    The schools teach it, advertise on their street signs and encourage students to live it. Why not this Mayor?

    It’s another clear demontration of her inability to look beyond herself and her petty grudges against others for the good of this Town. Please remember this come October.

    There was a time when residents could be proud to live in a Character Community, now – not so proud any more.

  4. Junius said

    An interesting article in Monday’s Globe & Mail. In Gwyn Morgan’s column in the business section, he is addressing the failure of the the Greek economy. He lists the “Greek six-step formula for failure”.

    I find the first one particularily relevent: “Accept a downward slide in ethical values and principled behaviour”.

    Apparently, Greece ranks 3.8 out of 10 on Transparency International’s 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index. Canada is at 8.7. More information at

    I wonder where the Town of Aurora would fall?

  5. Thisal Chemist said

    Only six months left.

    • Tim the Enchanter said

      Six months left until what?

      Until most of Aurora’s voters start to care about local politics?
      Until someone decides to run for council with a view to actually changing things?(and no, telling everyone that if elected you’ll do a “better job” isn’t change)

      Otherwise I would expect that any of the current incumbents will be re-elected should they decide to run.

      Such is the way in funny little towns (and funny big towns too)

    • Positive 2010 said

      Tick ,Tick ,Tick .

    • Positive 2010 said

      There are others who are very interested in change .

      Our downtown core has been a concern for three terms and there are enviornmental issues that are being hushed .

      There is hope if a couple of bright people with respect come forward and that positive energy can convince a couple of fence sitters to see how amazing this “Funny Little Town “can be.

      We have roads that are a mess that need attention but not with 6 studies .Our roads , not regional ones.

      We require people who do not refuse to use organizations because of petty difference.

      I cannot say much because I love Aurora and may support someone or possibly me.

      There is sun on our crest , and on the horizon .

  6. evelyn buck said

    The Councillors Office was never used. I proposed once it be used for employee child care. Most of our employees are young with young children. We are in competition with larger municipalities with larger budgets for professional staff. It occurred to me, one way of keeping our people would be to make ours is the best place to be. The idea went over like a lead balloon in the last council.

    Re-furbishing the Councillors room was the Mayor’s first pronouncement in the Banner.Desks etc. were cast offs from other places.I had a locked desk drawer and no key. Didn’t matter.

    Councillor Wilson took it upon himself to supervise the renovation project. He became quite impatient when he was told it had to wait until approval of the budget..

    A reception desk was added. But also a door with security lock. Not much point in a reception desk when nobody could get in to be received.

    Previously, the Mayor and Council shared an administrative assistant. Cooky Ellis. Cooky was soon gone and two administrative assistants took her place.

    The C.A.O.s administrative assistant and Cookie backed each other up before. Now I have lost track of the numbers of executive and administrative assistants in place. The locked fortress that was the Mayor’s area has expanded to accommodate the multitude.

    Now the Mayor has a speech writer on board. He will be correcting all the mis-information that gets about. He will probably have to attend council meetings.

    It’s all part of the “re-org” ye know with the triple and quadruple- barreled nomenclature.

    • Thanks will be Given come October said

      Apparently the “re-org” extends to new business cards for everyone at Town Hall.

      In what must be an effort to save money on printing though, the slogan “A Character Community” no longer appears.

      Was this desigation dropped on purpose or more likely was it recinded because of the actions of Phyllis and her cronies?

    • Anonymous said

      It could also be that Tim Jones and Steve Hinder are part of the “Character Board ” and The Mayor has made it clear she is not a fan of either .

  7. Junius said

    The mind boggles! Just when you think that things are settling down some other disaster story eminates from town hall.

    I have attended a few Council meetings where I have heard Councilors (not just Councilor Wilson) and the Mayor make public statments about how the Town staff works so hard and how much they are appreciated. Their deeds prove the exact opposite.

    Looks like they can “talk the talk” but they certainly can not “walk the walk”.

    It is truly sad that good people’s careers are being destroyed by the self-righteous pyshcopath in the corner office.

    (For a definition of Psychopath, I refer to an article from the May 27, 2006 edition of the Globe & Mail, which itself is based on on the text “Snakes in Suites: When Psychopaths Go To Work” by Robert Hare & Paul Babiak. It is available at the Library).

  8. Anonymous said

    What alleged transgression has the staff member done to deserve this? How have they run afoul of She Who Must Be Obeyed?

    • evelyn buck said

      Our former Mayor Tim Jones enjoyed the affection of town staff.

      He liked to laugh and say, “I’m a lover, not a fighter” and he was.

      Before he left, a photograph was taken and published of Tim surrounded by the entire town hall staff.

      When Mayor Morris took over, she was quoted as informing staff. “If you work for Aurora, you work for me. Be careful who you choose as your friends.”

      She spoke of a list she had.

      Staff didn’t need to do anything. There was photographic evidence of their fondness for the former Mayor.

    • Positive 2010 said

      Do we now know who put Clr.Granger up to a list for the
      “Farmers Market”

  9. Anonymous indeed said

    I have a concern when town employees are mentioned in this blog. I fear for their jobs, but especially their sanity and struggle to keep it once they’ve been marked for extinction.
    Phyllis reads this blog, and she is notorious for making town employees lives a living hell if she wants them gone. That employee will have an especially difficult time now.
    What I find interesting is how many cubicles still have memos posted from previously despatched employees. Painful daily reminders of the destruction Phyllis has brought to the town hall.

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