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Activities for families

Posted by elizabethbishenden on October 28, 2009

Here’s an excerpt from an email sent to me by a reader.  I’d been thinking the same thing… what is the “best of the best” of the many activities available for families in the Aurora area?

“I am always on the look out for special events and things to do, fall, spring & winter fairs, etc around York Region. I know there are a number of websites that have such listings but perhaps some of the contributors would have other suggestions, recommendations etc. for such things as best hiking trails, best parks around Aurora, local sporting events, seasonal events not to miss, local fishing holes, concerts, kids shows, events and perhaps some entertainment that is family oriented and is not going to cost an arm and a leg. (i.e. taking in a Leafs game).

If everyone thinks that Aurora is a great place to live, perhaps we can add some substance as to what’s happening around us to enjoy the place some more!”

I’m hoping that this weekend’s hockey schedule will leave us enough time to head to our neighbours to the west and pick some apples at Pine Farms Orchards. 

One thing I love about Aurora is how active my family is… hockey games, running, cycling, more hockey games, and then our very favourite… Capture the Flag with friends!

What about your family?

3 Responses to “Activities for families”

  1. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    Check out Brooks Farms in Mount Albert next year

    They have an enlarged Sand Box, Duck & pig Races, Bouncing Pony play Area, Train Rides, Aliens, Farm Animals, Zip Lines, Playhouse & in the summer Alien Slides and a Water Play area.

    Also we learned that they plan to include Maple Syrup for the 2010 season starting in March.

    They held their annual Pumpkin Smash Nov 1st and it was a lot of fun!

  2. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    My daughter love Big Al’s! It is a weekly activity for us and a hidden treasure in Newmarket.

  3. Richard Johnson said

    Big Al’s fish store located on Davis Drvie, just one bock east of Yonge Street has a really cool fish tank with a shark that the kids think is really cool, as do I.

    We also love the apple orchard idea in addition to cutting down our own Christmas tree at Horton’s tree farm located on Kennedy.

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