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Deputy Mayor Bob McRoberts has Announced He Won’t Seek Re-election.

Posted by auroracitizen on August 25, 2010

A recent article in the Era Banner (Aug 24, 2010) says it all. Sean Pearce spoke to McRoberts about his decision not to run and summarized the situation as follows.

Staff changes, a councillor’s resignation, a battle over a by-election, a controversial code of conduct, an integrity commissioner hired and fired and a legal battle among councillors were among the factors that led to a less than cordial atmosphere.

McRoberts as usual took the high ground and refused to elaborate.

You will recall, Grace Marsh initially also declined to comment — it was only after Mayor Phyllis Morris made her statements that Grace was compelled to correct the facts.

And this is the strategy that Phyllis and her supporters count on — class.

Whether it be Councillors — or departing staff — Phyllis counts on their silence. Which, since nature abhors a vacuum, she herself can fill.

However, take the time to speak to Mr McRoberts personally and you might hear the real story. If you have the stomach for it.

It hasn’t been easy decision to make, he said, adding he has pondered his options since December. “I’ve been mulling things over for some time just trying to decide if I wanted to aim for the mayor’s position, aim for a councillor position again or aim for no position,” he said.

A man of his character doesn’t consider running for Mayor against this administration because all is well. It’s a reflection on the current state of affairs when a Councillor like Bob McRoberts choses to stand aside. It is a tremendous loss to the town.

Let’s hope Bob does share with his more than 7300 supporters the true reasons for his departure. They deserve it. And the town deserves it.

21 Responses to “Deputy Mayor Bob McRoberts has Announced He Won’t Seek Re-election.”

  1. noseeum said

    Bob’s a classy guy. I think he got tired of the pettiness in arguments presented. For an “on off” guy he handled himself pretty decently. “Grey” material especially when its presented odiously is soemthing I’d shy away from too.

  2. Anonymous said

    There is not one registered council candidate at this point that I will vote for. I was also rather disappointed to read Ron Wallace’s comments this week where he felt sorry for the mayor because of negative comments directed at her. I would not feel sorry for her Mr. Wallace. She was the first to hurl abuse that contributed to Ms. Marsh’s resignation and at the last council meeting couldn’t wait to plough into Councillors McRoberts and Collins-Mrakas. If derogatory comments are being launched in her direction, let’s just say that she is reaping what she has sown. I have not lived here long but I hear often that she has been a piece of work throughout her political life and has made tremendous efforts to destroy the reputations of others, including the former mayor. She can sling it too. No, don’t feel the least bit sorry for her, Mr. Wallace!

    • anonymous said

      If Ms. Morris is the victim of anything its the old saying “what goes around comes around” or better “karma has way of coming back to get you”. Either applies to the beleagured Mayor who while councillor as Anonymous points out “has been a piece of work throughout her political life and has made tremendous efforts to destroy the reputations of others, including the former mayor.” Now she pleads poor me. Actually she deserves the scorn of all. For further proof review her resume on the Town Website especially the HR part. Mr. wallace ceased to have any credibility when he published the patently Anti-Semetic (Jews killed Christ) letter of town wackjob H. Stoeklin.

    • outraged said

      Poor old mare!

    • Broderick epps said

      Interesting ad in the Auroran.. Councillors Wanted.
      Two of the criteria a) Independant thinker and b) Good Listener-open to new ideas would disqualify Wendy Gaertner,Al Wilson and Steven Granger. With regards to point a) above thinker of any sort would automatically disqualify Gaertner and Granger. Add independant to thinker and there goes Wilson.
      The voters have their work cut out for them.

  3. Anonymous for a Reason said

    What a shame. Bob is the least political politician in this town in the many decades I’ve lived here. He truly thought of the town first.

  4. Anonymous said

    Wilson is running again. He registered today.

  5. Matt Maddocks said

    After the final act (?) played out in the “Code of Rightousness” circus at the last council meeting, I sent an email to Councilor Buck, Councilor Collins-Mrakas, and Counclior McRoberts, thanking them for showing that integrity comes from within, not from a bureaucrat’s ruling.

    The Mayor and every other Councilor failed to deliver on what they committed to, when they stated, “if elected”. Evelyn, Alison, and Bob never lost focus, and kept their word.

    Thanks for your committed service Bob.

  6. Geoff Dawe said

    It is most unfortunate that Councillor Bob McRoberts has decided not let his name stand for election this fall.

    I have always found Councillor McRoberts to be a person of sincere intent and very respectful. In fact, when I was considering my own run for Mayor I spoke to Bob to seek his advice. I found him to be insightful, helpful and supportive, and I was looking forward to future discussions.

    You may recall the whole “Selection not Election” debate, when Council, despite overwhelming public input for a By-Election, selected the replacement for resigned Councillor Grace Marsh.

    Councillor McRoberts strenuously opposed this process and argued his position very eloquently and respectfully. (Compare this to the Mayor’s recent snide comment of “typical” when told that Councillor Buck had fallen when exiting a Council meeting).

    Yet, despite this opposition, Councillor McRoberts was the first, and I believe, the only Councillor to offer congratulations to Mr. Gallo.

    This is a prime example of the Class, Respect and Leadership that will be sorely missed without Bob McRoberts at the Council table.

    Thank you Bob for your service to the Town.

  7. Anonymous said

    It’s a shame the bullies have taken over council and are winning. Whenever anyone stands up to Mayor Morris and the rest of her posse (and that includes another councillor or town citizen during the public forum)and said something they don’t agree with, the eyes roll, the mouths turn up in a sneer and the phfft’s are heard. EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion and opinions are neither right nor wrong, they just are!! A classy mayor and council would sit quietly and allow another person their say without making faces, cutting them off in mid-sentence, etc.

    I for one am truly ashamed to call Aurora my home especially after the waste of time and taxpayers money over something so ridiculous as this Evelyn Buck/Integrity Commissioner debacle. God Bless Evelyn for she truly cares about this town. Council could use a lot more people like her, Bob McRoberts and Alison Collins-Mrakas!!!

  8. Richard Johnson said

    So far, four of the nine councillor elected in 2006 are on the “outs” with the Mayor. One quit, one and likely two will not run again. One has filed a law suit against the Mayor and her crew.

    There appears to be significant turn-over of senior managers and the first integrity commissioner was fired. He also felt compelled to file a cease and desist order against our Mayor.

    The local media and residents have had to file Freedom of Information requests in order to get simple answers and closed door meetings appear to be more frequent this term than the previous two terms, despite the Mayor’s promises to bring a higher level of accountability, more civil and considerate dialog and more transparency to our government.

    The code of conduct does not appear to be fairly and evenly applied and some have suggested that it has been used to suit solely political purposes.

    In spite of all of this, on page six of this week’s Auroran Sher St. Kitts is quoted as suggesting we should “sound the horns of victory” because “higher ground has been reached”. Go figure. I can only surmise that Sher knows who butters her proverbial bread.

    • Anonymous said

      I was stupid enough to canvass for the mayor last election. Once elected I received a couple of emails captioned “From the desk of Mayor Phyllis Morris.” This was supposedly a strategy to support the new “openness and transparency.” That lasted about 3 months and then… nothing! The same thing happened with the mayor’s bulletin in the Auroran (or perhaps it was the Banner, I don’t remember. I think she posted maybe 2 columns.
      I think I see a pattern her… sharing information and being open and transparent just simply isn’t in her nature. I wish I had realised that before casting my vote and trudging around the neighbourhood on cold rainy evenings and weekends.

    • Richard Johnson said

      My recollection is that the Mayor wrote two or three columns for the Auroran and then she took exceptation to some coverage at which point she stopped writing. She noted at one point that she does not even read the paper. Amazing but true. The Mayor of our town is on record as not reading the Auroran.

    • Or the Aurora Citizen 🙂

  9. Anonymous Indeed said

    Very unfortunate indeed.

  10. Anonymous said

    Losing Councillor McRoberts as a candidate is a huge loss. He has always stood head and shoulders above 6 members of council as far as character, principles and integrity are concerned. They aren’t fit to lick his boots.

  11. For a fistful of dollars said

    As the S.S. Aurora founders on the rocks, we are faced with an unusual situation.

    It is the decent people who are abandoning ship; the rats are staying on board.

  12. Luckywife said

    I am very sad to see that Mr. McRoberts won’t be running again and am especially sad for the Town of Aurora. He is such an excellent example of what this town needs and deserves from a Municipal representative. Deeply principled, thoughtful and intelligent. Always professional and measured with his responses in very difficult circumstances. If integrity has a scent then Mr. McRoberts reeks of it, which may explain why so may of his council colleagues don’t dare to stand to close.

    • Anonymous said

      That’s exactly it, Bob is leaving because he HAS integrity and that integrity will not alow him to be part of this group.

    • Broderick Epps said

      I bet Guy Poppe stays away from this one.His “what proof do you have Ms Morris was a major part of the reason McRoberts isn’t running isn’t forthcoming because Bob has too much class to air his grievances” response or any other obfuscation will not be tolerated.

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