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When Is It Campaigning — and When Isn’t It?

Posted by auroracitizen on July 8, 2010

 The annual Belinda’s BBQ was held last week at the Senior’s Centre. 

This event — sponsored by Belinda Stronach — is a popular (and tasty) fundraiser, with all proceeds going to the Senior’s Centre. 

Of course, Mayor Phyllis Morris was there, waving her Canadian flag, sniffing out the photo ops like only she can do. She even managed to find someone to present a plaque to.

There she was, moving from table to table, pressing the flesh, laughing and joking with people, all the while, dragging along Chris Ballard — Chair of the Economic Development Advisory Committee and recently confirmed candidate for Council (although this walkabout was before his nomination papers were filed).

So here’s the questions.

How does the EDAC committee chair have a role at attending the Seniors fundraiser or was this merely a prelude to announcing his candidacy?

When do “official” duties of the Mayor start to slip into campaigning  — which is very clearly not allowed until nomination papers are filed.

We spoke about this last week Mayor Morris Confuses Many With Her Ethical Choices and continued to be disappointed by the Mayor’s choices. If she plans to run — and we all believe she will — why doesn’t she just do the honourable thing.

Declare and this whole discussion disappears. Campaign away. But our concern is this pretending to do town work — often with town employees in tow — when it really appears she is just campaigning for re-election. Whether it be hanging out at the Farmers Market on frequents Saturday’s or trying to promote a Promenade Study at Yonge and Wellington — when does town work end and campaigning start?

I guess after the Mayor was spotted campaigning at Yonge and Wellington last Friday with Neil Garbe, she decided she needed someone else to accompany her on these very essential Mayoralty duties. 

But taking the Chair of EDAC to a Senior’s BBQ? Really. What would the connection be?

Wonder how an Integrity Commissioner would view these activities.

Quack, quack!!

71 Responses to “When Is It Campaigning — and When Isn’t It?”

  1. Shocking but true said

    The Farmers Market saga hit a new low these past two weekends.

    Vendors were asked by a visiting by-law officer to present permits they only received the week before.

    Then they were told they could not access the park with vehicles to get there wares set up.

    This was due to by-laws prohibiting this.

    The Optimists Club,Sher St.Kitts and her events,and music in the park have all had vehicle access at some period this year.

    The Farmers Market were the only ones harrassed.

    Yes,it is harrassment because the by-laws department was looking at the wrong permit.

    The Market had a right to enter the park with vehicles.

    So Sher and her presentation to council was her usual self in wanting her way or the highway and council and by-laws bit.

    Sadly the Market vendors who have been there for three years are being displaced for the Jazz Festival promoted by

    Sher Goat Gruff (Get outta MY park)

    I actually hope it rains or a history repeats itself and a tornado drops a house on a wicked women.

    There would be no more joy in Jazzville but then again there would be a rainbow over Oz……I mean Aurora.

  2. Tim the Enchanter said

    This topic may well be best discussed in a new post but I’ll take a stab anyway.

    Out of the chaff being spread between Mr. Poppe and other posters including yours truly, I did find one grain of wheat that might do with some clarification.

    GP responded to my earlier post regarding Westhill.

    “If you think it is expensive to fight legal battles (brought by others) wait until you find out the cost of having to remedy water issues for neighboring properties.

    The Town has a choice: ensure proper water and sewage resources from the developer or face further litigation for negligent approval.”

    If I’m reading correctly, GP believes the Mayor’s ‘spend now-save later’ strategy is an example of far-sighted wisdom.
    ie; Aurora should spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to kill a previously approved development because said development MAY damage the water and sewage works of neighbouring properties and IF that damage occurs Aurora MIGHT be on the hook for the costs of repairs and POSSIBLE litigation.

    Since most of us seem to have the more cynical view that this is simply a case of blatant pandering to a special interest group perhaps our more informed readers/posters could enlighten us (at a See Spot Run level please) on the consequences of the worst case scenario.
    If it all goes wrong as some fear is Aurora actually left holding the bag?
    What about Westhill? the Region? the Province?

  3. evelyn.buck said

    I would echo White Knight that real names are not useful in this forum.

    In fact, people who do use their real names should be very sure engaging freely in political dialogue cannot be used against them through their job or through harming an employer.

    You know;

    “Withdraw that from your publication or I will cancel the seventy-thousand dollar annual advertising contractyou have with us and bring your business crashing down around your ears.

    You think I’m kidding? Well I do kid about some things. But not this.

    Preople can be born missing a toe or with two where there should be one. No great harm done It can be fixed.

    But people who are born without a conscience or a sense of fairness, those you have to fear. . There are no limits to the harm they are willing to cause. They don’t even understand why their conduct is unacceptable.

    I use my own name but think about it. I have no employer or business to protect. I can’t lose my job. My children are grown and sufficiently independent, that no-one can hurt them through me.

    The only person they can get at is me. And I am willing to take that risk because I am confident of my ability to hold my own in a fight.I don’t scare easy. I’ve done it before.

    I am commited to exposing double-dealing wherever I find it in the ranks of people who have been elected to a position of trust in our town.

    There are other things I would rather be doing which would be far more satisfying but if this is the task that keeps presenting , I will do it.

    Yes,we are all free. But some of us are more free than others. And that increases the responsibility of those of us who are completely free.

    Guy Poppe is not one to fear. He’s just having a hard time dealing with the fact he might have been wrong.

    His real battle is with himself.

    • a battle he seems more than capable of losing

    • Guy Poppe said

      Wow. Here’s a councilor who says she did not subscribe to a code of ethics and has the right to say anything she wants because the Charter says so. She even quotes the House of Lords (England) in her support. (Didn’t mention the Lords’ comments about the restrictions)

      Yet, she tells her followers to hide, notwithstanding, according to her, this is your right to speak out with identity.

      I encourage all our citizens to get involved, express their views, question and challenge and vote.

      Some comments here have invigorated my commitment to those principles.

    • Guy,

      I’m glad you find the commentary here invigorating, I do to, all with the exception of yours.

      As for identity on blogs I support people using their names, as well as acronyms so at least one can understand individual viewpoints, anonymous posts are questionable, but still protected by the freedom of speech.

      Councilor Buck didn’t subscribe to a cheesy and shoddily crafted “code of conduct” not a “code of ethics” as you so mistakenly pointed out.

      The “Code of conduct” which is obviously redundant and unnecessary considering one swears an oath of office, and no previous council without the involvement of our current Mayor required.

      Councilor Buck enjoys the same Charter Rights of Freedom including free speech as you or I.

      I saw them being displayed at the Farmers market the week the bylaw officers were sweeping the area, but given that you are a lawyer I guess you are excused from understanding what the Charter entails.

      By all means continue to encourage citizens to get involved, I will do the same.

      That way we definitely see a change in the Mayor and majority of council, which can no doubt move Aurora past the mess that we have witnessed these last 4 years.

  4. Fred said

    Any ideas for the empty industrial plants/warehouses on Edward Street at the top of Dunning?

    • I was wondering the same.

      Look at all the businesses that have closed over the past 3 years, it’s crazy.

      The one’s on Yonge St. are noticed daily, but the ones off the beaten path on Industrial Parkway tend to get ignored.

      Perhaps these are ideal locations to hold “information sessions” regarding economic development and retention, or “citizen involvement drop-ins” for presenting ideas how to plow under the last remaining green-space for “employment lands”.

      There is so much under-utilized or non-utilized space in Aurora, it is scary.

      It speaks volumes as to how inept our Economic Development Advisory Committee has been over this past term of council.

    • Anonymous for a Reason said

      Yes, good questions to ask all the candidates.
      Let’s get this blog back to important issues like this.
      I’d welcome some guest moderation from Elizabeth Bishendon again, but I guess now that she has thrown her hat in Geoffrey Dawe’s camp she is off limits for the duration of the election campaign.
      Who else would be a good guest moderator?

  5. Anonymous Indeed said

    Time for a new post.
    Hmmmm, takes some time to refresh comments. Kinda loses the momentum.
    Just sayin’.

    • anonymous said

      Just agreein’

      (Yes, let’s update/refresh the comments more frequently. Alright, mods?)

  6. White Knight said

    My, my Mr. Poppe really likes to monopolise this blog at the moment(and yes, that is spelled the correct English way so there is no need to diagnose me with dyslexia.) I didn’t realise that you are an MD or have a PhD in psychology too, credentials required to make such a diagnosis.
    He seems to become ruder and more arrogant with every post and I find his manner quite offensive. His fierce defence of our mayor interesting and entertaining considering he has tried very hard in the past to refute that he is one of her supporters.
    I think that rising to his taunts is pointless and suggest that he be simply ignored in the future.

    • Fred said

      Agreed. Never feed a bully.

    • Guy Poppe said

      To White Knight

      Polemics is not your strength, JB. Personal insults are.

      Have you been able to persuade someone (anyone) to your point of view?

      Or are your comments a reflection of your fear that our electorate may figure it out?

    • Guy Poppe said

      to Faux Pas

      Your comment about my being ” a silly old lawyer”.

      Frankly, I suspect my wife sometimes agrees with you.

      On the other hand, she keeps saying “why bother, getting involved in this dialogue.”

      I tell her because I care.

      So, for those who have questioned my motives, remember we are
      neighbours, and many of us are all friends.

      We may disagree on how we get better. But our objective is common.

    • Anonymous said

      “But our objective is common.”

      Huh? I’m not trying to get Phyllis Morris re-elected!

    • Guy Poppe said

      To Anonymous:

      Regarding my comment about “our objective is common” and your puzzlement, let me explain, {notwithstanding your leader’s directive of dismissal of anything I write.}

      I believe you want the best leadership for this town. It is what I want. Thus, I believe, we have a common objective. How we get there is the purpose of this blog (I thought).

      To dismiss this goal by personal insult gets us nowhere. At times, I am as much to blame as anyone.

      We live together in a community, and will do so after the election.

      I will tell you that as far as I’m concerned, the Mayor has done an admirable job, notwithstanding that a particular councilor’s agenda of disruption, and distortion.

      So if you call me a friend of the Mayor, and the majority of council, that’s O.K. Like some you profess, I have attended many councils and asked many questions, to the extent that I have been censored by one who exalts free speech.

      If you challenge my motives or integrity, don’t hide. Stand up for what you believe. You know my name; you know how to reach this “silly old lawyer”.

      Guy L. Poppe

    • is there anyone else who believes their “objective is common” with Guy Poppe?

      I sure as hell don’t.

      Perhaps I disagree on how we disagree.

    • Anonymous said

      “We live together in a community, and will do so after the election.

      I will tell you that as far as I’m concerned, the Mayor has done an admirable job”

      We may live in the same town, Guy L. Poppe, but you’re on a different planet! Some Mondo Bizarro World…

    • Broderick Epps said

      Chris. I’m with you.
      BTW. Last I heard, water and sewage was a Regional responsibility and they have given their approval for this development. So not quite sure as usual what Mr. P is talking about.


    • Anonymous said

      “{notwithstanding your leader’s directive of dismissal of anything I write.}”

      Another ‘Huh?” I’m afraid, Guy. Who is this ‘leader’ you speak of? It’s not the same person who you promote and “run interference for,” is it? Nah! Never! She’s rather short on leadership, as we’ve all discovered to our cost.

    • White Knight said

      To Mr.Poppe
      Whether polemics are my strength or not, I believe I have the same right to express my opinion here as does every other poster.

    • A RESIDENT of Aurora said

      …except Hugo T. Kroon.

      (just to finish your sentence)

    • Anonymous said

      Further to the issue of leadership:

      (Bang-on, Mr Watts!)

    • As For Mr. Puppet’s comment in this thread:

      “I will tell you that as far as I’m concerned, the Mayor has done an admirable job”

      That part is so laughable I will leave it be.

      However the following comment “notwithstanding that a particular councilor’s agenda of disruption, and distortion.” I can only draw the conclusion that he is referring to Councilor Evilina MacHeckron.

  7. fed up said

    This bickering back and forth between the Morris team and the “haters of Morris” team is for one thing, entertaining. However, the poop can hit the fan only so many times and then the blades stop spinning. Her lordship has not declared. Why should she? She is sitting back watching all this crap hit the fan and laughing all the way back into the mayor’s chair. The anti-Morris vote, and it is substantial, will get split three ways, and we will be left smelling the after effects of this for the next four years as she runs up the middle and wins the election. I have been saying this for months now and as Oct 25 gets closer and closer, it looks more and more like that is what is going to happen.

  8. Knock Me Over With A Feather said

    Surprise! Surprise! Tsubouchi upheld last year’s Code of Conduct complaint against Cllr Buck and recommends a reprimand.

    Congratulations to councillors McRoberts and Collins-Mrakas for walking away from the table, as they clearly didn’t want to be parties to the “wholly political” farce. That didn’t stop Morris from expounding and pontificating about the IC report – even though she DIDN’T have a quorum! (Buck had left and MacEachern declared a conflict – the subject of a second IC report?).

    Politicking? Campaigning? Anything but doing any real good for the town and its residents…

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      Couldn’t be campaigning, she hasn’t declared!

      Maybe we should run a little pool, the winner picks the day out of the only 104 remaining before October 25th when Morris does the honorable thing, stands on her own two feet and stops using town staff and resources for personal gain and declares her intentions.

    • anonymous said

      I challenge all of you to read the post and the 32 replies as of the time of my writing this, all at one fell swoop.

      It all seems childish to me, particularly the Kroon-a-tune Poppe-duo. Both very much off key.

      Can anyone list five good things about each of the three so-far declared mayoralty candidates?

      It’s time to start looking for positive things!

    • Knowledgeable in Aurora said

      If Morris is in campaign mode, it didn’t come out very well Tuesday night. I haven’t made my way all through the meeting video yet, but I’ll tell you the first hour was a joke.

      Morris still doesn’t know her own procedural rules. Alison was bang on with her point of order and subsequent challenge. Morris didn’t realize that she was to rule on whether she should be talking, not on what she said. She has been interjecting after every Councillor since the term started, she rephrases, and often reworks completely what was articulated. It’s not the role of the chair. Never has been. It was time someone called her out on it. But of course to no positive end. Wilson, Grainger, Gaertner and MacEachern just vote with her. It was pretty clear Grainger nor Wilson had any idea what they were voting on, but blindly follow her lead.

      Then she speaks out to Geoffrey Dawe in the audience with a cheesy comment about how hard the job is, but makes a big fuss when Evelyn looks to her daughter in the audience for an assist. Always one set of rules for Morris and a different set for others.

      She purposely interrupts Bob to throw him off his train of thought.

      She allows MacEachern to speak about items when she started the meeting with a conflict on them. What’s up with that? If you have a conflict you back away from the table and be quiet, not MacEachern, there is also a different set of rules for her.

      The Clerk in his efforts to please Morris gets himself caught in lie. Sad to see.

      I had to give up watching just as St. Kitts once again takes the podium for her own self promotion. Seems she now is having trouble sharing the great big park with the Farmer’s Market. Oh boo hoo! Get over yourself.

      Wow I can hardly wait to have time to watch hours 2…..3….NOT!

      Sorry – I digressed from the subjet of this posting. IF it’s campaigning, it’s not winning me over. Keep it up Phyllis.

    • Faux Pas said

      Don’t play Guy Poppe’s childish games. The majority of you have great potential and he fears it.

      Just get on with the job of cleaning up Aurora.

      You don’t need his foolish distractions, his mindless twaddle.

      Ignore him. That he can’t handle.

      Silly old lawyer. So sad

    • Guy Poppe said

      To Faux Pas

      Your brilliant retort has been noted.

      Do you want a forum for debate or consensus?

      I think the answer is obvious to those you try to engage in a meaningful discussion.

      But then again you think that’s “childish”.

    • Areopagitica said

      “Do you want a forum for debate or consensus?”

      Another good question that you may very well ask of your friend, the mayor. She is, after all, such a well-known consensus builder and eager to hear from all sides.

      Oh, no, I was thinking of someone else. Your friend the mayor is the one who brooks no opinions contrary to her own, tries to quash dissent and limit free speech, and is fond of issuing edicts from on high. Phew, now I’ve got it straight.

  9. evelyn.buck said

    How a Mayor or Councillor conduct themselves in a previous term will always be a consideration in an election. An inncumbent has an advantage or otherwise for that reason.

    The focus of the current occupant of the Mayor’s chair never strays from the next election.

    That has been true since her entry into politics.

    No council decision is made by the block without first calculating its value in terms of potential votes garnered.

    The outcome of the next election will hinge upon the accuracy of the calculations.

    Are the voters persuaded as Ms. Morris believes ,the function of a Council is to fulfill the demands of individuals at the expense of the community at large, no matter how high the expense?

    Are the voters persuaded their hard-earned taxes should have been used to retain lawyers to destroy political opponents?

    Are the Mayor and Councillor McEachern correct in their judgement only they can judge what the voters want? They can’t change tactics now.

    Only an election, with a viable alternative will answer the question with certainty.

    I do believe the Mayor is panicking but that’s not new.

    A bid by Councillor MacEachern for the top job will confirm she suspects the Mayor is not home safe.

    Any more candidates and the race will be a crap shoot.The it will be which candidate works hardest and mounts the best campaign.

    It would certainly be no worse than three candidates, with two splitting the anti-Morris vote. She would romp over the finish line if that were to happen.

  10. Horrified said

    Could any more time be wasted discussing what every single incumbent in the history of politics has done in advance of the next election?

    Indeed, what a waste of time this forum has become. If there’s a legitimate movement to challenge the completely underwhelming track record of Phyllis Morris as Mayor, it ain’t here.

    This seems to be a place where anybody whose petunias were watered by Phyllis’ dog 30 years ago can come back and extract their revenge in increasingly bizarre ways.

    Trespassing? Hard hats? And now we hear she was actually waving a Canadian Flag? Bring back the death penalty.

  11. Guy Poppe said

    It’s amazing that none of your group commented on the illegal acts of Westhill-only the pictures of the mayor in the Star.

    It says it all to me and many others

    • Broderick Epps said

      Mr. Poppe, Mr. Poop, or whatever, I don’t know who you are and don’t want to, but I do know that a) Phyllis was trespassing, b) if there were votes to be had Phyllis would be on Westhill’s side, c) the charges against Westhill are retribution for fighting our esteemed
      (in her eyes) Mayor, and d) this personal fight of Ms. Morris is nothing but a vote getter and a financial drain on the taxpayers. All the approvals are in place, the courts have ruled 5X in favour of Westhill, yet the fight and retribution continues. Only the Town’s unevenly applied tree bylaws have been contravened. This is nothing but posturing and a cause that gets on the news and free name recognition in the run up to the pending election.Of course as a Morris syncophant you already knew that.

    • fed up said

      Read Anon Anon’s reply, Mr. Poppe

    • Tim the Enchanter said


      WTF dude?

      There are all kinds of comments on this site and granted, some are solely at the expense of the mayor and council but many are legitimate criticisms and/or ideas about how this town is, or should be governed.

      In this particular case Westhill cut down trees on their own property in preparation for a development that will almost certainly go ahead with OMB approval.

      Comments have been made regarding the Mayor’s oh-so-obvious attempt to equate the loss of a few trees to a they’re-clear-cutting-the-Amazon environmental disaster.
      Perhaps her warship hopes we’ll be so busy worrying about the trees that we’ll forget about the untold thousands of dollars that have gone up in smoke filing repeated and futile appeals with the OMB on this issue.

      The contributors to this site don’t always agree – you know, free speech and all that, but why don’t you try telling us your viewpoint on some of these issues instead of sounding like you’ve caught us all smoking?

      If the mayor/council is being criticised by all means offer up a counter-argument which to my mind doesn’t include “But what have YOU done for the town?”
      What? I have to prove that I’m doing something “useful” before I get to criticize?
      How very Grade Four of you.
      But as it happens I am doing something.
      I’m paying a big horse-choking tax bill every year.
      For all you know I may also be responsible for keeping Aurora free of killer bees but that’s hardly relevant to the current discussion, now is it?

      I also like to think I’m helping in a very small way to promote a bit of political discourse seeing as the election is in October and many residents don’t even know who the mayor is.

      So by all means disagree but enough with the “I’m telling Mom when she gets home!” admonishments.

      And no, a nom de plume doesn’t invalidate a comment.
      Real names come in quite handy when sending dinner invitations or obtaining firearms but are not necessary here.


    • M'Lud said

      So, you’ve already convicted them of “illegal acts,” Mr Poppe? I think I’ll first wait to see a judgement from a court of law (if it even goes that far), if you don’t mind.

      I take it you didn’t practise criminal law, then.

    • Hugo T. Kroon said

      Mr Epps,

      Please be informed that civilized people do not stoop to making fun of other people’s names to get their point across.
      Even though there may be ample opportunity with a handle like yours, cultured persons such as myself and Mr. Poppe are above that sort of behaviour.
      What sorts of abuse you endured on the schoolyard as a young child is best left to our imaginations and to your re-occuring nightmares, but will not be raised here.

      What I will comment on however is your assertion that “…I do know that …Phyllis was trespassing…”.

      Do you really?

      I might suggets that you do not in fact “know” that.
      And is entirely plausable this may not be the only thing you do not “know” anything about…

      What the circumstances were surrounding her visit to that site are known only to her, town staff, and/or the owners/agents of the site. None of whom are required to share such information with you. And as is evidenced by your “relationship” with the mayor and her office, and your apparent complete lack of willingness/ability to do any sort of verifiable research, I am sure that the Westhill folks were not approched by you for any information/clarification either.
      What I can see is that you have not a basic understanding about what is permissable and possible under the Trespass Act, and you appear to be similary aquainted with what is restricted or not permitted.

      In a word you are clueless.

      Please sir, in future do everyone a favour and find a new place to spread your ignorance and childish hate, this forum should of had enough of the likes of you by now.

      In that vein, I do find myself in agreement with “Horrified”, who opines that “…Indeed, what a waste of time this forum has become. If there’s a legitimate movement to challenge the completely underwhelming track record of Phyllis Morris as Mayor, it ain’t here.”


      As I said before, this blog has had the potential to do some good for Aurora, but I fear that opportunity is quickly slipping away.

      If it is not already gone…

    • Guy Poppe said

      To Fed Up:

      Read the time of my note and Anon Anon’s response.

    • Guy Poppe said

      To Tim The Enhancer

      Do you always make up quotations and attribute them to others?

      If you look at the fight with Westhill, the fundamental concern is over the water and sewers.

      If you think it is expensive to fight legal battles (brought by others) wait until you find out the cost of having to remedy water issues for neighboring properties.

      The Town has a choice: ensure proper water and sewage resources from the developer or face further litigation for negligent approval.

    • Guy Poppe said

      To Mr. Epps (from wherever you are, as I believe your name is fake)

      Keep dreaming. You can’t even spell someone’s name.

      Dyslexia can be treated.

    • Guy Poppe said

      To Tim the Enchanter

      Re your use of a nom de plume, how do I know you are even from Aurora, and not Maple?

      Perhaps you are Mr. Lebovic’s brother, or Tim’s, Steve, Bill’s, or Evelyn’s in cognito’s front man?

      Just Curious

    • He's Poppin' Off said

      “Perhaps you are Mr. Lebovic’s brother, or Tim’s, Steve, Bill’s, or Evelyn’s in cognito’s front man?”

      Well, Mr Poppe, you’ve just confirmed your friend, the mayor’s ‘*hit list’: Messrs Jones, Hinder and Hogg, it would seem.

    • Guy Poppe said

      To M’Lud.

      You’re right, I really didn’t practice much criminal law: I only taught to my articling students. I also taught them Charter rights.

      Sorry for my ignorance.

    • Broderick Epps said

      Mr. Kroon.

      Sorry to hear things are slow and boring in Whitechurch-Stouffvile. Your phony pretentious my S##% don’t stink response certainly made my day. No I was not bullied nor was I a bully during my childhood. I’m not sure if the same could be said for you. As for the tenor of my response to Mr. Poppe if you had taken any time to do any RESEARCH, you would have found the so called offensive part of my response was very similar to a response of Mr. Poppe to me. As for the trespassing issue, do you really believe the Lebovics after being stone walled and charged by Aurora Council would have granted Ms Morris access to their property, to self promote and justify her actions.Also given this past year the Lebovic’s donated zero dollars for the Arts in Aurora, do you think they may pissed off.From my so called uneducated perspective, I think its safe to assume no permission was given and she was trespassing.That Mr. Kroon in case you were unaware is free speech. If anything what is offensive is an out of towner like yourself telling a resident of Aurora they can’t comment on the affairs of Aurora. Who appointed you censor?

    • Hugo T. Kroon said

      Mr. Epps,

      Please wipe the spittle from your keyboard and take the time to enjoy a cool refreshing beverage. Methinks it’s a little too hot for that kind of heated vitriol these days.

      Yes, things are slow over here in the Promised Land, but fortunately are anything but boring. Mostly because we have our westerly neighbours to keep us entertained.

      Have you ever had the opportunity to sit on your porch with a beer in hand and observe the antics of the one crazy dysfunctional family that every block seems to have? You know the one, with all the yelling and screaming, slamming doors and squealing tires, unruly unkempt and ugly children running around the yard, the derelict appliances on the front yard, several dogs and at least one Camaro rusting in to the weeds and other detritus, the constant and consistent welfare check parties courtesy of that group of drunken inbred rednecks who are most likely to be featured on an episode of “Cops”?
      Well that’s kind of what its like over here, watching you folks over there.

      If I was certain what you meant by “S##%”, I might be able to determine whether or not it “don’t stink”. I suspect what you may mean by it, and if I am correct, I will leave the job of sticking a nose in it to you, you seem to enjoy it.


      As for the trespassing issue, I stand by assertion that you do not have a clue of what you speak.
      I believe you are in dire need of an education, and suggest that you edify yourself beginning with a thorough reading of the Trespass Act, and then the other applicable provincial statues and finally the provisions in the Municipal Act pertaining to powers of Municipalities and their agents regarding access to property.

      I suggest that, but believe it unlikely you would, considering your proclivity to wallow in your self-directed ignorance.
      What is or is not trespassing is based on the law, not uniformed assumptions.

      As for your statement about free speech, you are correct, it is free speech. It’s nonsense and wrong, but it is free. And, in your case, certainly worth every penny.

      And no, asking you to refrain from spewing your claptrap is not censorship.
      It’s simply an act of mercy for the readers of this blog.

      And finally, there are “…arts in Aurora…”??

      When did that happen?

  12. fed up said

    free advertising for her lordship in the star this morning

  13. Anonymous said–developer-charged-in-razing-of-118-moraine-trees?bn=1

    (Um, isn’t the mayor trespassing in this photo?)

    • Anon Anon said

      Sure looks like she is on private property, although Phyllis is Queen of all she surveys…
      I have great difficulty with the costs of the legal fights with WestHill, but this action by the Lebovics just boils my blood. Sheer bloody arrogance.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      I thought exactly the same thing… not only that, it appears that this is a construction site. Should she not be wearing steel-toe work boots and a hardhat? It’s a violation of the Works Comp rules – as an HR expert, she should know that!


    • walt said

      Just where exactly is the site of the tree cutting? I’d like to see this

    • fed up said

      I’m sure Mr. Lebovic gave her permission to tramp all over his property LOL

    • Something Fishy in Aurora..... said

      To Walt….

      It is 1796 Bloomington Road

      Go to google maps and enter +43° 58′ 37.55″, -79° 24′ 5.24″

      I drive by this location daily, I’m pretty sure most of what was done was cleared out last year. Not last month. Timely on the part of the city perhaps to do something now?

    • Guy Poppe said

      To Walt.

      Something Fishy in Aurora is in error re location of tree cutting. It is at the end of Bovair Road, which is two streets north of Bloomington, off Leslie.

      I was there Monday, as was Rogers TV.

      Hope this helps

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      Just driving by Mr. Poppe or did Phyllis give you a lift?

    • Something Fishy in Aurora..... said

      So the town is putting incorrect information in the media release then?

  14. Anonymous said

    How is this different than Lois Brown walking around Town Park before she was elected every time there was a concert in the park?

  15. Broderick Epps said

    Putting Mayor Morris and ethics in the same sentence is an oxymoron at best. She is obviously pushing the envelope getting a head start on campaigning prior to declaring.The rules change considerably once she declares. Being the crafty devious immoral person that she is, don’t look for her nomination papers to be filed soon. Look to early September before she files. History has way of repeating itself.

    • Guy Poppe said

      Calling someone “immoraL, or “devious”, Mr. Epps tells me more about you than you want me to know.

      Are you trying to make this town better, or have another agenda?

    • One of "Many Others" said

      “Are you trying to make this town better, or have another agenda?”

      You may well pose that very question to your friend, the mayor. You know, she of the scores to settle and the vendettas to wage – and all at taxpayer expense, of course.

  16. Anonymous said

    The Mayor is telling anybody who asks that she is running. So, I guess you’re not “declaring” until you sign the papers? C’mon Phyllis, you can’t have it both ways. Quit using the system to work for you. Oh wait…she’s been doing it for 3 and a half years. Enough of this woman. She sickens me.

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