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Claiming “Offended” is Offensive

Posted by auroracitizen on July 28, 2009

The following was posted by Kevin Burns – Author and Attitude Adjuster, on his blog about leadership and corporate cultures. We thought is was worth sharing.

There is nothing that offends me more than someone who plays the “offended” card and claims righteous indignation. You can’t even have an attempt at humor around these people. Have a little fun and you can see that sour look coming over their faces and looking down their nose at you.

Worse yet are the people who feign offended when it serves to advance their own agenda. Politicians are really good at this one. In fact, in Canada today, there are a whole bunch of politicians pretending to be offended at what another politician supposedly said and turning it into a media circus. It’s cheap politics and it’s as transparent as bottled water.

People who claim to be offended are manipulators, plain and simple. Claiming to be offended is an act that people of poor self-worth pull when they want to get attention. It’s the equivalent to a child’s temper-tantrum, only supposedly more refined.

Their offended-act is a ploy to make the offender seem as though they are not as smart and refined as the one who claims to be offended. It’s childish. It’s counter-productive. And it will alienate and divide a good staff.

It makes the issue all about the person claiming to be offended and not about the issue itself. That’s selfish and offensive.

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9 Responses to “Claiming “Offended” is Offensive”

  1. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    Kevin burns has another good article that applies to Aurora's leadership that may have been overlooked

    "Trying to convince people that by simply following a few rules makes you a leader is perhaps the biggest thing wrong with Corporate North America today. That is not authentic leadership. That's artificial leadership – a fake, a sham, a lie. Leadership is not something you achieve – it is an Attitude."

    so what kind of boob is our mayor?

  2. Anonymous said

    To July 29-11:47
    I lve your opening statement that people who regularly use this blog could take a lesson from this article.
    Sounds as if you didn't learn or do you not use the blog?
    I don't think so.

  3. Anonymous said

    We can always use another John in Aurora

  4. John said

    The people who regularly populate this blog could take a lesson from this article. Just about everything you find here is about righteous indignation and being offended about something.

    Like a child's temper tantrum indeed, except it never ends.

  5. Anonymous said

    Finally, common ground for Buck and Morris! They have long shared a common trait — no button they can resist pushing, no loose thread they can resist yanking. And of course, each considers herself the moral authority on every issue.

    And to think it took a professional Attitude Adjuster to point this out. Maybe the town should hire him as a consultant. (I assume his work for the AC was gratis.)

  6. Anonymous said

    I agree with 10:51 p.m sounds like Evelyn Buck!!!!

  7. Anonymous said

    C'mon. Buck just says what she thinks. She tells it as it is. She's done that her entire political carerr if anybody cares to ask the others who have enjoyed working with her. She's the opposite of the manipulative, calculated self absorbed and agenda driven Morris and MacEachern. The rest of the pleebs…they're just followers, incapable of speaking for themselves. Want proof? Just listen to the drivel that comes out of their mouths. Only when they are handed the script from Morris do they speak with any conviction.

  8. Anonymous said

    I would say that it better describes Morris and MacEarhen.

  9. Anonymous said

    Excellent description of Evelyn Buck!

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